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  1. 1 hour ago, Thub said:

    Run a RWD 3.5 EB at WOT and then we'll talk about dangerous, your lucky to keep the thing going straight. And thats in a vehicle that weighs more than two of those Fiestas. Just remember Matt...respect the power.


    Vulcanator, I think the salt brine is as bad if not worse than regular rock salt, the dust it creates gets on and inside of everything.

    As someone who had to road test a 2018 SVT raptor. holy sh!t those 3.5TTs fly. Btw, I work for a ford dealership now....

  2. 48 minutes ago, Angrod said:

    Got the Fiesta to touch triple digits on Thursday morning. I was late for work, traffic wasn't letting me merge onto I-70 and the Transit van waiting behind me kept creeping ever closer to my bumper. Once I had an opening I let it rip to redline in 1st, 2nd and 3rd, then went to fifth and kept it pinned until I reached 100. I then coasted for a mile until I caught up with traffic in front of me. Never saw the van again and I felt a little better. The car was surprisingly composed for being so small and light.

    Moral of the story: Don't get in my way when I'm mad and running late. I do dangerous things.

    Oh please, imagine what happens when you let a 24v DOHC V6 free.... 

  3. 29 minutes ago, Thub said:

    Nice Charger Jeff, of all the FCA vehicles I think the Charger is one of the best. Too bad the Fusion did pan out for you, its a decent car but I really don't fully put all my faith in that 1.5/1.6L platform.


    It has reached the point where everyone has pretty much said goodbye to the Gen 4 cars. I would have kept mine longer, it was running great, it was just at the point where I would have driven it into the ground and let it rot out. If things had panned out a little different in my life I probably would have kept that Forester and drove it until it blew up (the head gaskets would have gone again or the timing belt). Really I was driving that thing around 300 miles a week and it was reliable.

    I really like the F150 though, its super comfortable, powerful as hell, and drives down the road effortlessly. I just wish it was a little better on fuel.


    Uhhhhh what now? 

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  4. 12 hours ago, Kodachrome Wolf said:

    Wonder if the solenoid is faulty or there's some communication issue. I'm wondering what the internal parameters are for it to set the code.

    How long does it blink at you?

    Until I shut the car off... 

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