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  1. Loud pipes save lives....

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    2. Thub


      Kevin, Ford just started making diesel engines 3 years ago. Those are all Navistar engines, with 2 million engines produced I'd say it was the King of the Hill during its time.

    3. Thub


      Personally I think new diesels stink more, when that urea is injected into the exhaust it has a very distinct unpleasant odor.

    4. TaurusKev


      Diesel in general is unpleasant. In any vehicle, any time I see a Ford Super Duty or school bus, I switch to Max A/C to recirculate the air, otherwise I cannot breathe. Every now and then there's a beat up Isuzu Box Truck that smokes up the whole highway. Yet I can be stuck in traffic with cars running normal, I have no issue with quality of air.

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