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  1. Volvo wheels on a sable
  2. Welp, it happened
  3. Oh and I got some rear disc parts in stock and on order. Can't wait to frisbee the old drums across the yard when I have everything.
  4. Tab modded when i changed out my bad inner tie rods. Air hammering the passenger side spindle back up into place lead to it cracking and breaking. Along with tearing the CV axle boot making me need to replace it. Got a "new" spindle and replaced it. "New" spindle got the few month old timken hub and a new moog ball joint i had in stock. Took me less than 24 hours to do the job. Also soft modded the new spindle to let the strut slid up and down in the spindle easier. Will more than likely do the same to the driver's side when i replace that side's ball joint. BTW, there's no dust shield for the rotor on the passenger side. Didn't survive the removal of the new spindle's OG hub Got a chance to take care of some little things when that stuff broke. I'm happy its all fixed now. Car was slammed when it broke lol. I loved how low it was hahaha
  5. Bumper be like, OOOOOOoooh Hell knawl I'm staying here!!!!
  6. Never knew that
  7. I'd ever recommend getting a larger intercooler
  8. Finally got the pics right. thanks johnny. should interesting at nationals this year!
  9. Bla bla bla bla, volvo wheels, refinished bare metal self etch primer Filler primer and then wet sanded with 600 grit did them all with a black base coat went with a graphite metallic got the volvo center caps wrapped in black with mystichrome lettering
  10. PMed
  11. Little preview of what's coming for @Kodachrome Wolf MGM
  12. those better not be plug and play HIDs....
  13. HID projectors MILES better than any reflector halogens, I'm always around to talk about retrofits and if anyone needs help deciding on components or help with installs.
  14. Welp, I fixed the blend door issue today and after 200.5xxx miles the what I suspect is the factory A/C compressor has finally died. Looking for recommendations as to what brand to get as a replacement.
  15. Yup I have that same exact issue.