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  1. Please tell me the back window rolls down.
  2. 80% of my t-shirts are from Blipshift
  3. Couple years ago the thermostat piping failed on me when the port for the return line broke off. I replaced it back then with the Dorman part..... 40/10 DO NOT RECOMMEND. (you'll see soon enough) I finally got my hands on the proper motorcraft unit which included a new thermostat housing. Also had a chance today to replace said unit. Here's the pics from the job. Wonderful new Motorcraft unit. POS dorman removed Motorcraft installed went and got some worm gear hose clamps to replace the grenade spring clamps. This is why you shouldn't cheap out on part. I really tried to take the dorman out in one piece.... That didn't happen... All the plastic turned brittle, the hoses were able to be torn apart by hand and the return line snapped off as soon as I touched it. And of course, you all know i keep the car looking good... Might, could have a super rare mod coming in the mail soon for the car....
  4. could have piped it into the intake and had a supercharger!!
  5. if anyone one has the google chrome browser, you'll want this: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/photobucket-embed-fix/naolkcpnnlofnnghnmfegnfnflicjjgj/related?hl=en
  6. Anyone know an easy way to make the driver's power seat work better? Pretty sure mine is dying...



      New actuator maybe ? We've had to replace them in the company cars because of all the people using them and moving the seat . (2008 Impalas and Cobalts). 

  7. Also got a proper subwoofer and box. 10in kenwood with a carpeted and sealed box
  8. forgot to post in here that i got the power passenger seat
  9. @Jaybrooks Wiring was a breeze. Getting that seat from the donor car without all the proper tools... that was a challenge!
  10. Got the last option my sable didn't come with from the factory. Power Passenger seat! Got to wire it all in using the OEM connectors. Even pinned the same connector the heated seat stuff.
  11. One for each bank of cylinders and the 3rd to keep the EAP happy. You can delete the 3rd cat and have no issues. along no CEL plus gain some throttle response.
  12. Welp, last week and last weekend I filled that 6x9 hole in the rear deck of the sable. I tried wiring in JBL rcu with an aftermarket amp and subwoofer but that didn't work. Went with a line-out converter on the mach rcu to make me happy. Rockville 6x9 subwoofer and a Rockford Fosgate amp with a 4awg KnuKoncepts amp wiring kit. replaced that spacer with a smaller one so it'll fit under the parcel shelf I'm sure the wiring could look better but I'm still looking for the proper trunk liner with the home for the CD changer... Overall I'm happy with results filled that missing part of the audio experience I was looking for.
  13. Yeah, after 2004 ford stopped putting rear sway bars on the taurus/sables.
  14. Imgur you can just copy the image address and paste it here and be done....