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  1. Shelbyracer78's 2002 Mercury Sable Ls Premium (Allison)

    I think I've got another mod in the works for this old thing.
  2. Shelbyracer78's 2002 Mercury Sable Ls Premium (Allison)

    Finally the Volvo 17s are back on the car after being in winter storage since November!
  3. You'll still find glass in the car somehow.
  4. As someone who had to road test a 2018 SVT raptor. holy sh!t those 3.5TTs fly. Btw, I work for a ford dealership now....
  5. Shelbyracer78's 2002 Mercury Sable Ls Premium (Allison)

    I might be able to find someone.
  6. Oh please, imagine what happens when you let a 24v DOHC V6 free....
  7. Shelbyracer78's 2002 Mercury Sable Ls Premium (Allison)

    Did something dangerous the other day. Washed it.... Also found a needed snew teering wheel finally and you can see my double din radio that replaced the mach audio a couple months ago. If you know this screen then you know what has happened... No more limiters on this #RaceSable.... I ended getting Sam Reeve's old XCAL3 for a good price and a tune for a good price.
  8. DTC P0740

    Until I shut the car off...
  9. DTC P0740

    Flashed at me on saturday. TC unlocking and locking as it should be, even when the light is flashing in the cluster.
  10. DTC P0740

    I did a pan drop with fluid change and it's still happening randomly.
  11. DTC P0740

    The thing is... The convertor is still locking and unlocking as it should be! Even when the transaxle light is flashing at me!!
  12. DTC P0740

    Does anyone have any tips or knowledge about this code? The stupid transaxle light goes off and flashes at me about it and the car seems completely fine about it. I have been told to try "power flushing" the transmission via the cooler lines but I don't have the proper tools to this procedure myself. Any knowledge would be great. If my pile of crap AX4N is about to go then, I guess I'll have to look into either replacing it or *gulp* replace the car....
  13. they are leds, you get new switches when they go out.
  14. you have to run wires from the rcu location to where you want the switch.