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  1. want some lowering springs, and/or a 24/26 sway bar combo?
  2. should have done something with those cobra wheels and some ventus V12 evo2s....
  3. Finally the Volvo 17s are back on the car after being in winter storage since November!
  4. As someone who had to road test a 2018 SVT raptor. holy sh!t those 3.5TTs fly. Btw, I work for a ford dealership now....
  5. Oh please, imagine what happens when you let a 24v DOHC V6 free....
  6. Did something dangerous the other day. Washed it.... Also found a needed snew teering wheel finally and you can see my double din radio that replaced the mach audio a couple months ago. If you know this screen then you know what has happened... No more limiters on this #RaceSable.... I ended getting Sam Reeve's old XCAL3 for a good price and a tune for a good price.
  7. Flashed at me on saturday. TC unlocking and locking as it should be, even when the light is flashing in the cluster.
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