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  1. It's been a Year since I put my quick struts in and I ended up replacing the springs that the Monroe's came with for the Moog CC859 springs just about a month ago. I have to say they are pretty amazing. I can have people sitting in the back of my car without it bottoming out it has also improved the over all ride of my Taurus and I get less kick back when accelerating I defiantly regret not putting them in sooner.
  2. All that matters in the end is I saved a s**tload of money switching to amazon.
  3. Really ? they just gave me free shipping and handling on perchase over 30$ I just spent about 250$ so everything I ordered is be shipped free.
  4. that's what i thought I'm just that guy that needs to make sure then double check then make sure again. that's why i'm checking first and why I also check the Moog site. Amazon is doing ok with the automotive section but they've cluster F before This is good to know i'll be ordering the parts later thanks for the help
  5. defiantly very informitive. now the amazon part finder is say that those MOOG cargo coils will not fit my car (2001 ford taurus SE). I shot over to the Moog site as well put my car in there system and the didnt appear either. But I will ask would there be a problem?
  6. I been looking for the longest lasting priced good quick srtuts. I've found to brands i like monroe and moog right now there on sale on Amazon.com I know the monroe econ-struts are not good but there top line the sensa track I hear are good (part number 171616). Those are the ones i'm leaning on right now. On the other hand Moog has thier top line for 62% off but it sounds too good to be true. was going to perchase tomorrow. if anybody has intell on what to buy and what not to buy I'd like to know. thanks monroe link : http://www.amazon.com/Monroe-171616-Quick-Strut-Complete-Asse
  7. flipping plate smoke screen right now my freind say I should put a caltrop dropper in but i'm aiming for none leathel. Childish I know but I think it would be cool and it's in my means to do such things designing the control consule for everything right now.
  8. been doing the hoses one by one. trying to find more time the vaccum line for the vents keeps breaking though getting annoying just did the coolant on the weekend havent done the tranny yet cuase i have a small leak i have to find first once my buddy let me use his lift did not know about the factory rad cap i'll have to see about that
  9. Right now I'm gathering interior parts and waiting till it a little warmer. While I have the parts in my house I’ve been working away moding them to be a little custom. I’ve taking the wood grain trim from countless junked sables I just have to have wood trim. I am also wiring in hidden purple/UV LED lights for an ominous glow to come from the vents and under the dash and possibly the seats speakers as well I did this to a Taurus I've own previously and it became known as the ghost edition to everyone To add to the creepiness i made sure to silence it so no one could hear me driving up. H
  10. Thank you switching I'm still looking for this last seat. Havent given up and not going to either.
  11. Thank you for all the informmation your all very informitive. Now I with the information And possibly a little luck I can find it if not i beleive I can have one made at an upolstry shop. thank you all.
  12. To make a long story short I have just traded my Bronco for a black 2001 Ford Taurus it's a great car. The interior I didn’t really like all grey bland seats so I went to the local junk yard and picked up some really nice seats out of a Sable. Here is where my trouble begins I removed the rear and the passenger seat with no problem but the driver’s seat was powered so I needed to go get a jumper box to move it to get the last bolt out. On my return to the junk yard they crushed the car even though they knew I was coming back for the last seat. They told me they give the man in the back free ra
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