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  1. BG...thanks,Man.I knew I'd be thrilled with the hunt...The FoMoCo parts geek told me to look for it under the dash on the passenger side.Stalking the wild DLRL module is not for the faint of heart.I already looked under the battery tray,as someone else mentioned...N/G.Wondered about removing the dash to see into the headlight switch area....(it's not in there...) I used to drive,and frequently repair,aircooled VWs of the 60s.This Sable has Germany written all over it,and I'm once again facing the twisted thinking of some overly adventurous rat's nest German designer.....s**t.!!!! .This is tu
  2. I'm hunting for the location of this module...has anyone ever changed one out?The most infomation I've found is that it is located under the car near the left fron bumper mount...anybody got any more info?...thanks,Gar
  3. Virginia,eh?...good thought.I keep looking every now and then....what other states do you know of that don't use salt in the winter?
  4. Well,I think the current is backflowing from the battery when the engine is shut off,because of a diode failure in this thing.I'm sort of compulsive in wanting what's in the car to be working.I'm going to have to leave the fuse out until the new part comes in,but I tend to forget things....got a picture of the fuse panel so I can backtrack.
  5. I found one at Rock Auto...it's located under the battery tray,and partly visible beneath it with the BOSCH trademark stamp showing.Seems like it's a sealed solid state device,and not serviceable....the new one I've ordered is made by Airtex/Wells.
  6. Chart..thanks for the reply.Well,the car does'nt have fog lights,but has daylight running lights.I made a mess of the spelling of the topic,that should read ' DAYLIGHT RUNNING LIGHTS CONTROL MODULE' ,and did'nt know how to correct my error.You've given me a hint as to how better find it.I'll look more closely at the circuit diagram in Chilton's,although it may make me go blind....
  7. OK,I did a little homework to search out this issue.The headlights (Daylight Running Lights...DLRL) remain on after the car is shut off.I' ve temporarily removed the fuse to this circuit in the main fuse box located close to the battery.I understand that the DLRL control module is located underneath the battery tray,but don't have a picture of it or explanation of any replaceable parts for it.There is also made mention of a bad headlight switch that may cause this problem...has anyone stumbled across this one?...Gar
  8. Hey,Breeves002...thanks very much for your helpful thoughts,As mentioned,I replaced w/ new coilpack,Autolite wires & 104 plugs,cleaned the MAF sensor,replaced the DPFE sensor,the O-ring on the manifold back runner valve,checked the PCV'S and all vacuum lines for leaks ( and found none)...and only found the # 1 cylinder fuel injector showing some strange behaviors.In changing out the O2 sensor upstream of bank 1,I found it to be sooty...so I changed it out too.The problem still continued...so we took off the the Ford dealer,who only found the fuel injector problem,as I did.A local shop did
  9. OK,if I'm correct here,then 2.8KPA would equal about 0.395 psi,yes?...Something is screwy here.The car is drivable with a noticeable miss ,but only showing a PO171 (lean bank 1) code....
  10. I've been using an Actron scan tool to try and identify the problem.The fuel rail pressure reads 2.80 KPA ( I don't understand this interms of psi),so I'm not sure in I have a problem with the fuel pump in the tank or the fuel pressure transducer...however as my wife has often driven until the 'low fuel' warning light comes on,I would not be surprised to find the pump is bad.I don't know how to determine fuel pressure with this car ( '04 Taurus OHV V-6,3.0L).Fuel level input pressure shows a reading of 97.6%...so perhaps (hopefully) the pump is good,and the transducer is at fault.How do you ch
  11. gas mileage is around 10 mpg according to the computer.i it can be believed....it seems to be improving from 8.5 with some Seafoam...This sure points to a bad MAF sensor w/o my checking it with a VOM (I've cleaned it twice with sensor cleaner)...but the exhaust does not smell foul.Of course that could be the cats doing their job,but they don't seem to be overheated as would be the case with a rich mixture.That 071/1074 code puzzles he s**t outa me..then the poor gas mileage?...GREMLINS ...
  12. yep...that was among the first few.
  13. I'm getting an 071,lean bank one for the most part...although I've also had an 074,lean both banks,as well as misfire within the first 100 rpm (don't remember the code).I've replaced the coil,wires,DPFE,plugs,O ring on the air valve on the right rear of the intake manifold,air fiter,fuel filter,cleaned the MAF sensor...looked for any signs of a vacuum leak and have'nt found anything beyond a suspiciously sluggish fuel injector at #1 clyinder.There is no visible schrader valve on the fuel rail,so I don't know for sure about the fuel pump pressure yet.I can reset the CEL to go off after reading
  14. Has any one had a bad fuel injector trigger the CEL with a lean code?
  15. I've found that Rustoleum rusty metal primer brushed on liberally,then your choice of topcoat is about all you can do to combat rust setting in.Cleaning as much loose rust out as possible as you inspect helps greatly.I also like Rustmort (phosphoric acid) an additional primary step to the RRMP....
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