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  1. Sorry to hear of the accident, but glad you are all right. What does the driver side look like? I see mainly sheetmetal damage from the pics (of course that is just an observation)
  2. I paid $2.63 yesterday...
  3. Cool site, Chart. Thanks for posting.
  4. Good to know, thanks bud. Still not sure. I can get the plug and play factor replacement for 35 bucks, so maybe just do that for now. I dunno.
  5. I think I may, I think I might...
  6. How in-depth was the install?
  7. When they start actually improving the roads, I'll start paying taxes You should see the mess we have down here.
  8. As of Halloween 2013, yes indeed!
  9. My horn died, and I've been toying with the idea to replace with 4note Caddy. Just wondering how much work it will be.
  10. Speaking of horns, who was the one on here who put the four note Caddy horns on their bull?
  11. Mine got a half tank.
  12. I might. My bull isn't exactly fit for a car show, though.
  13. ha well the rears are the old Kellys but they are around 7/32 center.
  14. Pair of used slicers to mount snow tires for the winter. Other than that, nothing else has been done besides weight reduction by way of rust. Hoping to get through one more winter, then get it all cut out and new metal next year.