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  1. PM sent Muffler back up for sale, a member backed out.
  2. Congrats Rusty, exciting news!
  3. Stuff is going in the garbage soon. Seriously people, make an offer and you probably wont be refused. Who doesnt want a spare side mirror housing? or a spare DOHC or TAURUS lettering!?
  4. Loads of odds and ends parts if you want anything you see, pm me. Complete TAURUS SES lettering, a base SJB, 2 s.v.m. housing w/o puddle lamp, 2 side mirrors non heated, 1 set of regular tweeters with speakers, 1 (unfortunately) Mach tweeter cover, 04 taurus black dash cluster, 1 gen4.5 wood trim ICP burl wood w/shifter cover, two straight grain gen 3 icp and light switch wood trim, a gen 4.5 oem 6 disc changer with cartridge and center console mount a flowmasters muffler 1 inlet 2 outlet 2" range, auto dim mirror with cable and mounting harness, traction control button with wiring harness and a partridge in a pair tree.
  5. dsauce

    Nfl 2011

    I feel the negotiation of getting the gauranteed money for rookies lowered is a step in the right direction...
  6. Id guess afraid to say anything as to not provoke certain admins from exercising their complete power and leaving prude ass comments when they think by adding a spoiler they are the bombsquad. ;^) Everything alright down there after these crazy storms?
  7. Thanks Nick! Sill up here Maine freezing our butts off. I will be sure to post b/a pics.
  8. dsauce


    White russians seem to be the drink of choice lately dude. Though really as long as its chilled, game on.
  9. This topic made me think of this article I read the other day... http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/11/your-money/11shortcuts.html?_r=1
  10. What happend to your wagon's light? Im not sure if one of the yards I go to have a gen3 wagon(s). I will check next time I am there for you.
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