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  1. Ok, thank u. I think i will try and replace the tensioner i cant think of what else it wld be i have replaced everthing else
  2. How would one align them if that was the problem
  3. Ok i will check that and i am sure that will fix the problem. Now i have one more ? . My car also has this terrible squeak on the passenger side. I replaced the altornator harmonic balancer and crankshaft pulley and the idler pulley it stopped pretty much after the idler pulley but it still does it slightly. Any other suggestions
  4. So that would explain my terrible gas mileage too then right. The support on this forum is great thank u all really.
  5. Hello i am new here and have some ?s i have a 03 taurus 3.0 ohc v6. When i start the car it will move forward and it will idle high and when i am at a stop sign i can let off the gas pedel and it will accellerate on it own. When i am driving i put the car in neutral to see what happens and the car will rev up. Any suggestion? Thank u
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