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  1. I didn't make it clear that I have not attempted to apply the adhesive yet. I was only trying to remove the tab. I got the tab out by pressing the center of the plastic and pulling on the tab. It took some force, but my problem's resolved now.
  2. One of my window defrosters fell off, and now I'm using an adhesive kit to put it back on. I'm trying to remove the tab off the wire to keep the wire from ripping it off while the adhesive cures, but it looks like the tab is wrapped around the wire. What can I do to make sure that the tab or the plastic housing doesn't break?
  3. I entered a Ford sweepstakes several months ago and unexpectedly received these brochures in the mail, although not as elaborate as you posted. I chose these three cars to receive offers, but I thought these would be sent via e-mail only. Oh well, I guess that is what I get for giving my address for the sweepstakes.
  4. I don't think the the technician made the spill himself. It looked dry, and I did not see any moving fluid when he revealed it with a flashlight. Even after driving my car yesterday I didn't see any fluid dripping either. I thought the dried fluid came from a previous issue that was fixed, but I'd think a shop would remove that when replacing the MC. I'll watch for leaks around the MC today since I'm going on a small day trip. If I don't see anything then I'll take 2000_gold_taurus's advice and take my Bull to another mechanic later.
  5. I went to Budget Brakes yesterday to get my brakes checked yesterday. I replaced the pads and rotors since both were under legal standards, and it came out to just over $300 (also got my drums cleaned, but they offered it free with a coupon). One thing they also found was the master cylinder, which they said was prone to fail. The technician showed me the dried brake fluid around the master cylinder, but never explained anything else about my car (he claimed it was a common issue on Taurus; he had a '96 with the same problem) other than the symptoms of a bad master cylinder (spongy pedal,
  6. **Posts about video** **Off-topic pertaining to Josh's problem** Now to be back on topic. I've been subscribed to him for several weeks since I discovered his review on the Miata. Most of his reviews are hilarious, but some are more creative and follow a sort of plot (look up his reviews on the Delorean and Fiero to see what I mean). He pumps out a video nearly every week, so definitely worth subscribing to.
  7. Found this at http://www.v1800reg.org/pages/irv_gordon.htm : I also read in an article a few years (guessing when he turned 3 mil. miles) that he's overhauled the engine two times on his Volvo.
  8. I still have the tire pressure information on my driver door, so that's why I've left that out. I'll see if I find any tire-specific info, since the tires on my car are labeled as USED. I'm also going to add Cabin Air Filter to the filters list (just found out I had one). I just pulled mine out, and it was dirty with some leaves and dirt collected in that area.
  9. I've been busy all this week with schoolwork, so I haven't had enough time to finish this project. Here's what I have so far:
  10. Washed my car Saturday and cleaned the interior as well. Today I cleaned the back seats and some bird poop off the bumper, then I noticed this: It looks like a bubble in the clearcoat on my hood. There's another nearby, but smaller.
  11. Can't think of it off the top of my head, but it's a 16mm or similar. I don't know if I have an OEM oil plug either. I change my oil with my dad and he says it's one of the toughest bolts he's had to loosen.
  12. Photoshoot! Made for my signature. Thought I had to post it here to put it in my signature, but I discovered how to link it from my Skydrive OneDrive
  13. I was going to compile a "quick reference" of info to put in the glove box for my Taurus because I'm tired of consulting my owner's manual for information. This way, it would be handy to access for general maintenance and in situations, for example, a headlight burns out while traveling. I've thought of some categories to put in this reference below. Maybe you guys have more suggestions on what to add. -- Bulb types -- Socket sizes for headlights, taillights, etc. -- oil/air filter sizes -- fluid types
  14. I'd like a wagon as my next car if my Taurus isn't feasible; not waiting for it to die, but I want to keep it as long as possible. I like the idea of popping the trunk with the remote and sitting down, which is what I liked to do on my first car (alas, I don't have a remote right now). Nearly contradictory, but made me for a moment. I don't see mileage verifications often in listings since the seller is a surplus firm.
  15. ^ ^ ^ Two cables I wish I had. Many months ago I was searching for a Dreamcast VGA box and I couldn't find a decently priced one. I thought a third party company stopped making them, since all of them (IIRC) were around $50+ on eBay. Here's one on amazon, what a relief: http://www.amazon.com/VGA-S-Video-Adapter-RETROBIT-Sega-Dreamcast/dp/B000SL4IIG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1393000196&sr=8-1&keywords=dreamcast+vga Not bad, but a quick search on eBay found some below $50.
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