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  1. I like my mustang. . . I also like my Electric Focus... I like all the SUVs and trucks. My mom loves her C-Max. I like the new Focus Active too. I'll probably buy another mustang in the future. Looking into selling the electric car and buying a 2017 fusion energi platinum. I like them a lot and they're so inexpensive used... If you are in the market for a midsize sedan Ford isn't for you anymore I guess. We'll see what the future holds.
  2. Except Kevin, sometimes the beer you don't pay for is just god awful.
  3. Its mark. His image doesn't mean anything. He is the ***** destroyer. But #racesable does have one great sounding exhaust.
  4. My dad did that once with his Toyota Minivan. Too funny.
  5. I'll be there In the Focus ST Ugly stickers and mudflaps but it ain't my car. Dyno's at 240HP 305LB-FT torque. Thing is quick. First gear is useless... Taboo here but if you want a TCCA shirt, I'll have them, PM me.
  6. Don't buy a gen 5. Great motor. Great transmission. Great highway fuel economy and super roomy. The rest of it sucks.

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    2. TaurusKev


      Built Ford Tough! And by that, it means tough to work on and tough to maintain! :P

    3. breeves002


      Actually my car really isn't that bad to work on. I find most jobs aren't that bad if you know what you are doing.

    4. Jeff


      At least the parts are cheap (relatively) compared to other cars....

  7. Make sure to have clear tubing going into the fresh fluid bucket to be sure it's actually pulling fluid in. My trans hoses are in a weird spot and there wasn't enough vacuum to pull in new fluid. I ended up just dumping fluid in the filler through a funnel as it emptied. My dipstick filler is in the front and vertical which makes it way easier then the gen 4's position. I did get 11 QT's changed and it didn't take long at all. Old fluid wasn't that bad just a reddish brown color and didn't smell that bad. New fluid does look better though!
  8. METAL DEATH BOX! Good luck. Seriously. Good luck. Roll over - dead. Full front - dead. Side - probably dead. Small overlap or normal overlap - definitely dead as a doornail.
  9. Going to do a trans fluid change today. Just going to pull both cooler lines off and put one into an empty drain pan and one into a bucket full of new ATF. Let the pump do all the work! Easy.
  10. Need to replace all of that on my sisters 1997. Once its mine I'll slowly fix it up to its former glory. Needs a lot of interior love too. The body is rusty (but not awful), and it has a huge oil leak I haven't gotten around to fixing yet. Luckily its not an awful fix. Someone stole my floor jack though so I have to buy a new one and thats annoying. I can't remember if I posted about this last week but I got they 1997 to run again. Pulled the ignition switch and steering column. I then drilled out the rod where it connects to the key cylinder and jammed it into the run position. So you
  11. Get rid of the appearance cover and put hood struts on ford!
  12. I literally did this lAst night!! I want to gut and extended length one, separate the driver and passenger compartments, and turn it into a limo lol. Could be really awesome.
  13. Cruise control is so cheap to add these days it comes standard on almost everything. Seriously. Costs a few bucks for the buttons and wiring, thats it. Its all computer programming.
  14. I had one of my rear springs break in the 08. Other one is fine. One front one is missing some coating and the other one looks fine... Not worried about it puncturing the tire. Theres a huge catcher on it. My 2000 had all original springs at 125k when I changed the front two with quick struts. Rear springs were OEM when I sold it at 145k. P.S. It'sthatcar - they use a beet juice brine mixture. SO its salt water. Not nearly as bad as regular salt but you still get a tad of it.
  15. I ended up getting it towed home. I'm going to have to drill out the lock cylinder or replace the steering column or both...
  16. Been trying... To no avail. Will keep trying tomorrow. May have to break the cylinder out and replace it.
  17. The 1997 Grand Marquis won't let the key turn I think the key is just so worn down. I'm hoping I can get it to turn so I don't have to spend a ton of money to have a new key cut or replace the entire steering column.... Either way cross your fingers I can just find the key code!
  18. They are if you do special modifications Plenty of people have done it for more power. Seen a flex with 550hp to the wheels running on E85.
  19. I really like that cluster. Minimalistic but beautiful.
  20. I personally think the K&N panel filters are stupid. I remember someone doing testing finding that new paper filters have better flow then the K&N's do. You just have to replace them on the correct intervals. I replaced the filter when I bought the car and just recently replaced it again. So I've spent about $22 on filters in 2 years. Will take 5 changes to equal the cost of a K&N. I probably will be getting rid of this car about then. Fram's cheapest stuff stinks. Their low end oil filters you should avoid. Their higher end ones are fine - you get what you pay for. I just use
  21. Googled "duratec imrc gasket" and first link was TOSC, linked here: http://filestore321.com/download.php?id=d00ccd9c don't click on the link of course. This REALLY is a BIG issue and compromises the site. Google may blacklist it eventually. Lowers SEO every day. I reported it as spamdexing to google. Install the chrome extension for reporting web spam if you want to just tell them about every single link. Or just go report it. More reports the more likely they are to do something to fix it. Report here: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/spamreportform?hl=en
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