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  1. Tested the coil pack and found a bad tower to the #1 cylinder. Replaced the coil pack, disconnected the battery for a few minutes to reset the check engine light, and all is well. Thanks for your help guys, we're all done here.
  2. Thank you. I found some info online regarding how to test the coil and troubleshoot the problem. I think I have a handle on it now. Appreciate the help. Herb
  3. Can anyone help? I have a 2003 Mercury Sable. Yesterday the engine began running very rough and the check engine light began flashing. I had a shop read the OBD II codes, and got 3 different ones, P0301, P0316, and P0351. I've done some reading and from what I've been able to understand, if it is a coil problem, then more than 1 cylinder would have a misfire since the coil runs 2 spark plugs. The plugs and wires are less than a year old, I replaced them about 8 months ago. I also had the injectors cleaned about the same time. What should I look at as the most likely culprit?
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