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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Thanks man, and I guess that gives me some good re-assurance! haha It has both passenger and driver front airbags as well as side curtain air bags.
  3. Well the legal limit is 35% on the front doors and anything on the back, so I'll probably do 20% on all the rears and then 35% on the doors, that way it looks nice but is still legal, ya know? - and don't compare it to the cavalier! haha it's way better than that hunk of junk. Even my buddys were making fun of me for getting a Cobalt and then they rode in it/drove it and now they like it.
  4. Thanks for all the nice comments guys, I appreciate it! I like the rims a lot as well, their factory believe it or not and I don't think im going to even change them out, I like them.. and their 5 lug
  5. I feel like your saying that as a bad thing haha
  6. Well gentleman, the day came that I had to trade in my 97 Bull, she was falling apart slowly little by little and I just didnt have the sort of money to be throwing at it so I decided to trade it in (I got $1,400 for it) and purchased a 2009 Chevy Cobalt LT Coupe. I will still be on here frequently and trying to help answer questions that any may ask, and I want to thank all of you for your countless efforts to help me and answer my questions sense I've been a member here. Here is a rundown and some photos of the new car: - 2009 Chevy Cobalt LT Coupe - 2.2L LAP Ecotec Engine - 16", 5 lug, a
  7. Does the alternator have to be removed and bench tested? or can it be tested while still on the car?
  8. I don't mean to hijack the thread, but i've posted a few times about my car having some issues where the turn signals would go haywire and my radio does cut in and out like the first person stated, it will just shut off at random times and then come back on. My car also seems to sputter or lose power at times... could it be my alternator?
  9. I know! I was just about to say "Good job Taurus!" and pat it on the dashboard and then it died, and i said "FAIL!" out loud ha. but thanks man!
  10. Today while driving to work at 5:45am, my car rolled over and hit 100,000 Miles and as i snapped a picture with my phone... it ran out of gas. I knew i was low, and that my gas light was on, but i figured i had enough to get to work atleast... I've done it before. And so my car sputtered to a halt on the side of the road and a nice fellow stopped and drove me to get some gas and bring it back! and I was only 20 minutes late for work! ha
  11. Yeah i ended up calling the companies tech support and they told me that theres an orange and an orange w/ white stripe wire and they run the interior lights for dimming etc... and if they touched at some point during installation (which im sure they did) they could have shorted something out... i pulled every fuse and found one blown and it was for the auto headlights so i replaced it and the gauge lights still dont work, the rest of the instruments illuminate just not the gauges.. and the dimming funciton does not work when i move the slider..... the guy said maybe i shorted out the circuit
  12. After i take those off, arnt there things that i have to tape off or avoid spraying? or just soak both of them with the spray let them dry and put them back in?
  13. Yeah, i mean the air has gotten drastically colder where im at lately and i guess the colder the better for the car so i guess that explains it. I also want to clean my MAF and TB before winter... is there a write up somewhere?
  14. Haha was that sarcastic? I can't tell.
  15. Just installed a new Alpine head unit and Kenwood speakers all around in my brothers 95 Grand Cherokee Limited for his birthday. Everything is installed and works/sounds good but now i realized the lights behind his gauges dont work. I couldnt have crossed a wire because the only wires i dealt with were strictly in the radio harness and the cars wiring harness which is ONLY for the radio and the power antenna... could I have blown a fuse or something in the splicing process?
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