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  1. Nothing exciting. Oil change. Will go back during the week to do safety inspection, check front end (hit a pothole in the snow), maybe replace the blend door actuator. Not getting any air movement on the left side. Either rodentia has gotten in and plugged up something over the winter or it's just time to replace it.
  2. Third Bull is still doing well. (Knock on wood). At 124K miles I'm hoping to get a bit more life out of it. Major tuneup coming up so we'll see if anything shows up.
  3. Saw a red white & silver Flex today. I'd love to have one. Completely inappropriate for a single person who doesn't haul anything more than car cleaning supplies and snow covers. Too bad they don't make them about half as big ! But it sure was pretty
  4. The pink license plate holder has to go ! Otherwise it's a wicked mean looking car ! Congrats.
  5. Just cleaned off 5" snow and sleet off TB. No easy feat with only one hand. (Broke my other one in a stupid fall.) Still sleeting but i got the snow off and windshields cleaned and covered. The next time I say something asinine like "oh I don't mind snow" some one just slap me. Today reinforces my plan to retire out West.
  6. Brushed off snow from Third Bull and took it to the pharmacy for drugs today. No matter what flu shots I get every year, (including pneumonia and xtra strength old people's shots) I still manage to get one good upper respiratory infection. Nice way to spend a 4 day holiday. The good new is Bull started up at first crank, despite the 10 degree weather and not being driven for 3 days. The blower motor always puts out a few odd cold weather noises but nothing that doesn't go away. Hope you all have a good New Years !
  7. Merry Christmas to everyone. Be safe out there traveling over the river and through the woods to be with friends and family.
  8. I had my mechanic check all of Third Bull's hoses last summer, and I think this is one that he replaced. I know there was a fair share of polite grumbling about how back assward the assembly was in the Duratec. I'd rather listen to his grumbling and have a new hose installed than end up somewhere on 81, miles from civilization with Third Bull smoking.
  9. Parking area needs to be repainted - NO PARKING EXCEPT TAURUS WAGONS
  10. The trucks are a serious problem on 81 around here. They're working to widen 81 to 3 lanes. If the trucks would just slow down a bit, things might be better. Unfortunately the drivers are bound to schedules that are set for optimum road conditions and don't allow for delays. The end customer is the problem as well. Places like Walmart, Lowes, etc. set appointment times. If a driver is 10 mins late, he risks being refused. I'm glad I'm out of that part of logistics and supply chain. I didn't get to SC this fall for a meet since it was cancelled - lack of interest. Hopefully things will pick up and we'll be able to meet in March.
  11. Forgot to add that I had a new rear windshield installed. about 80% of defroster wires quit working this past year. I'm not going to spend time chipping off ice at oh-dark hundred when I leave for gym/work anymore. $240 at local glass dealer (Not Safelight ) includes pick up and delivery service .
  12. This is my last week at home on medical leave. Back to reality on Monday so figured I'd take care of Third Bull. No snow or ice in immediate sight, but I know it will happen. Winter service at the garage - check all filters, fluids, hoses, rotate tires, oil change. Put away camp chairs & umbrellas. Got out snow shovel, de-icer spray, scraper. Cleaned inside, put down heavy duty mats. Had the outside hand waxed. (I'm still limited as far as bending over, stooping etc for 3 more months. )
  13. I donated my 95 when there were just too many things going bad at 171K. I didn't have a good mechanic at the time, and even less money and was starting a new job and needed reliable transportation. It was worthless as a trade in and I would have felt guilty selling it to a private party.
  14. "[rant] Backup cameras are stupid imo. I wish car manufacturers would quit adding this pointless tech to cars. The mirrors exist for a reason. We are losing our situational awareness as people since we keep relying on computers to pay attention for us. [/rant]" Couldn't agree with you more ! I hate that cars can park themselves, warn you when you lane drift, tell you when to brake etc. Isn't that what the driver is responsible for doing ? Maybe it's compensation for people who spend their drive time texting, setting GPS etc. instead of driving !
  15. But is your wife happy ?? And let's hope it doesn't leak. Some big rain starting tonight our way. (Though they're only calling for 1-2" up here.)
  16. Got my new hip replacement last week and am doing well. Can't wait to ditch the old lady walker, and move on to just a cane. Don't know yet when I can drive again. Poor Third Bull is just sitting out there in the parking lot all sad and lonely.
  17. The worst parking jobs I see are where I work. I guess the drivers are so used to a 40' bus that they can't manage a normal size car. ( though in consideration of what we spend in body shop repairs for driver caused accidents, some can't manage a bus either . My favorites are the ones who take up 4 spaces - so their Escalade tank doesn't get hit. These are the same one who complain about not enough parking and being underpaid.
  18. Thanks for the confirmation. Wasn't sure if Dave's comment was just a flippant remark or the real deal.
  19. I just checked my records and find I'm on year 4 of a 4 year battery. I think I'll get a new one put in this week just to be ahead of the game. Nothing sucks more than coming out of a vacation hotel to find a dead battery... So looking forward to SC next month.
  20. It's going to be 3-4 weeks before they let me drive after hip surgery. Can Third Bull sit this long without being started ? Should I have a friend go out and start it periodically ? Thanks as always !
  21. Early morning shoot out next to busland yesterday. I couldn't get in the back gate to the shop so had to go around. Got on the 6 pm crime news video. My one second of fame. Don't let that nice office building fool you. The neighborhood is a real crime pit.
  22. congrats! Nothing like a short commute. Hope all goes well for you.
  23. Vacation Days are a approved. Surgery scheduled for end of October. Going to get in one more road trip to SC (With a side stop in Roanoke at Salvage Dawgs).
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