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  1. Bumblefuckery... excellent word ! Might have to use is now and then.
  2. I was fortunate to not hit any bad weather going home. But a lot of people were driving hell bent for leather to get home before the storm hit. Got home at 4, snow started at 9.
  3. Poor Rex. Gone to the great Taurus afterlife. Rex served you well all these years.
  4. My front yard this morning, and it's still snowing. I'll take the SC snow over this any day...
  5. Made it home safe and sound, and very tired. People were driving like idiots on 81. I guess everyone wants to get home before the snow starts. Called my boss and found out there's no service tomorrow. Buses and company cars are all being put inside for the night and we all get a paid day off. I can sleep and do laundry. As always, it was great to see everyone again. But we have to stop having these meets during weather events. So far we've had flood, hurricane and snow. Can't wait to see what October has in store !
  6. That would be me. Got a new pair of scarlet red ones in the softest leather you can imagine....
  7. 13, maybe 23. You never know who's going to show up for these events.
  8. Very true. When driving down to Nick's, I have to watch it on open stretches. It will get up 80 without even hesitating. I've gone 17 years without a speeding ticket and don't want to start again !!
  9. Saw this sign and was tempted to buy it, but would just get laughed at. The last thing Third Bull is, is fast...
  10. While clearing snow off Third Bull this morning, it finally dawned on me... This is why old people move south. I know we've had a mild winter and I really shouldn't complain, but by god, snow sucks. OK, I'm done whining.
  11. You know i wouldn't miss it !
  12. Welcome to the group. Post pics please ! Would love to see the 87.
  13. I've done my civic duty and dontated. Please Please Please ! Find a few minutes to change the header. It's makin this old lady crazy.
  14. You're lucky you're not sleeping in the back seat of the sable....
  15. So no more rides in the big yeller wagon when I come to SC ?? At least it's in a good home !