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  1. Got the a/c service done today. First time the a/c has ever needed work. Then took it in for wash n wax. Of course it rained later but at least the inside is clean. Week after next will get the tear in the driver seat fixed. It's being done by the company that repairs our bus seats. I had to pass on leather - 75 cents an inch ! He's got vinyl that matches the side panel. Good enough for me. Went for a long back roads drive before the storm came in.
  2. I'll be there as long as my hip holds out ... planning on surgery in late October.
  3. WHAT NOT TO DO WITH YOUR TAURUS WAGON: http://www.pennlive.com/nation-world/2017/07/oregon_woman_arrested_for_towi.html#incart_river_home Just when you think you've seen the dumbest thing in the world, someone comes along and out does it....
  4. " I was caning through some back roads in the SHO" Caning ? Is that Southern speak for speeding like a madman and hoping there's no trooper lurking behind a billboard ?
  5. " Then I noticed that it wasn't the compressor leaking, but the fittings on top! " Sucks how a nickle and dime part can cause big problems. . We've had a $400,000 bus out of service for 2 days waiting on $8.00 of specialty fittings for a coolant hose. $8.00 for parts, $19.00 courier service. (we only have 2 of these luxury coaches so don't stock a lot of parts for them like we do for the other 90 buses in the fleet).
  6. 3,000 Mile oil change. Nothing else to be done at this time to Third Bull other than fix the upholstery tear in the driver seat.
  7. It was good to see everyone Saturday night at Chili's. God willing and my hip survives, I'll be there next year as usual !
  8. As I mentioned earlier, my participation would depend on my back pain status. I'm doing a little better, but it's day to day. Currently waiting to hear if we're talking hip replacement. If I don't show up on Saturday, I'd still like to join you all for dinner somewhere. Just text me or call. If someone wants my number, PM me. Thanks so much !
  9. I 'm cautious in Va. Troopers are lurking every and there's no talking your way out of a ticket, even for an old lady like me😀
  10. Got my registration today. Here's the map: http://www.carlisleevents.com/pdf/Ford-Map.pdf
  11. I think you have to go to a shop that's licensed and has the right equipment to recover. It's not one of those DIY things. Now if you want to buy a recovery unit, Robinair makes a nice one for around $4K (Just bought one for our shop last year.)
  12. Drove down to Staunton, Virginia today. Third bull certainly does love a wide open road and a 70 mph limit.😀
  13. It's spring hunting season for turkey as well as mating season. Males are on the lookout for hens and oblivious to minor things like cars that are about to run them down !
  14. Cam shop straightened out the header fabric, but couldn't cover up the hole. I'm going to search around for a small plastic face plate I can stick in there.
  15. "Back this bitch out?" Please, the name is Red Turd, not Bitch ! "Where's reverse?" and smoking in the shop ? That's a big no-no up here. Very entertaining !