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  1. https://www.carlisleevents.com/events/events-detail/index?id=ford+nationals 25th Anniversary this year. Hope to see you there !
  2. Follow up Through one of my parts vendors found a module for sale at a reasonable price. Got it installed and all is right with the world....until the next thing decides to crap out.
  3. Just had all the fluids changed out. Brake fluid is where it should be. Parking brake is released fully. The brake light comes on intermittently when the ABS light comes on. It will stay on for 15-20 mins, sometimes then it goes off. Other times it stays on. When I'm back from vacation will haul it back to the shop. Ka-ching !
  4. Now the red brake light has come on as well. I'm not happy about lights coming on that shouldn't ! Must fix ! Meanwhile, will continue to rely on hydraulic brakes. They've never let me know.
  5. I spoke too soon. Light is coming on again.😢 When I'm back from vacation, am going to have this fixed. Ford part is obsolete. Unless I can find it from one of my Ford dealers, will go aftermarket and have it fixed. I'm not comfortable riding around not knowing if the light is on because of bad sensor, or if my brakes really do have a problem.
  6. All is well. Historic ABS sensor code for a new ABS module. Shop says not to do anything unless it comes up again. They cleared the code, car drives just fine. I did some back road sudden stops to see if anything felt odd,but it didn't. She still stops on a dime !
  7. Thanks Zach. Shop will check out sensor when I take it in on Friday. So far it's driving OK, and light has only come on once more. Still, I want to get it checked out and fixed before winter comes.
  8. First time I've seen this come on other than at startup. I know it could be anything from a bad bulb to a bad wire or solenoid. 😲 I pulled off the road. Stopped the car. Waited about 5 mins. Started up as usual with the lights flashing as they should at startup. Drove home and no ABS lights came on. Bull is going into the shop on Thursday for some other work and I'll have them look at it. I'm wondering if there's anything I can do before then to check this out.
  9. In anticipation of winter (bah humbug) , have an appt at my mechanic to change out fluids. I thought I did this 2 years ago but it's been 5 years. Time flies when you're having fun or don't know what you're doing....
  10. It was suspension time for Third Bull this spring. New tires, struts, swaybar links, and for good measure, a new timing belt. Rolled over to 134k not too long ago. She's still comfy to drive, and fast. ("oooh hello officer ! Do you really think this old lady in a Taurus was going that fast ?")
  11. Nothing exciting. Oil change. Will go back during the week to do safety inspection, check front end (hit a pothole in the snow), maybe replace the blend door actuator. Not getting any air movement on the left side. Either rodentia has gotten in and plugged up something over the winter or it's just time to replace it.
  12. Third Bull is still doing well. (Knock on wood). At 124K miles I'm hoping to get a bit more life out of it. Major tuneup coming up so we'll see if anything shows up.
  13. Saw a red white & silver Flex today. I'd love to have one. Completely inappropriate for a single person who doesn't haul anything more than car cleaning supplies and snow covers. Too bad they don't make them about half as big ! But it sure was pretty
  14. The pink license plate holder has to go ! Otherwise it's a wicked mean looking car ! Congrats.
  15. Just cleaned off 5" snow and sleet off TB. No easy feat with only one hand. (Broke my other one in a stupid fall.) Still sleeting but i got the snow off and windshields cleaned and covered. The next time I say something asinine like "oh I don't mind snow" some one just slap me. Today reinforces my plan to retire out West.
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