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  1. Got my registration today. Here's the map: http://www.carlisleevents.com/pdf/Ford-Map.pdf
  2. I think you have to go to a shop that's licensed and has the right equipment to recover. It's not one of those DIY things. Now if you want to buy a recovery unit, Robinair makes a nice one for around $4K (Just bought one for our shop last year.)
  3. Drove down to Staunton, Virginia today. Third bull certainly does love a wide open road and a 70 mph limit.😀
  4. It's spring hunting season for turkey as well as mating season. Males are on the lookout for hens and oblivious to minor things like cars that are about to run them down !
  5. Cam shop straightened out the header fabric, but couldn't cover up the hole. I'm going to search around for a small plastic face plate I can stick in there.
  6. "Back this bitch out?" Please, the name is Red Turd, not Bitch ! "Where's reverse?" and smoking in the shop ? That's a big no-no up here. Very entertaining !
  7. This is the hole Safelite left in the header. Any suggestions as to how I can cover up or repair this ?
  8. I think my saga with Safelite is almost over. All told: tech was an hour late he cut my dash cam cable despite being shown exactly where and what it was he left grease marks on the carpet he screwed up the header and left a hole in it he forgot to reconnect the passenger side wiper arm Got the cam reconnected today. The Safelite manager said to call him and he'd give the shop his credit card. Turns out the shop has to submit the bill in writing and have Safelite reimburse him. This is supposed to happen next week. We'll see.
  9. Broken hose. I was hoping the squirters were just full of pollen. Oh well. Will get some tubing etc tomorrow and try to fix it.
  10. It never ends...This morning after I got done at the gym, I went to run the wipers. Only the driver side worked, not the passenger. So a friend helped me work this out. The Safelite guy had not screwed in the wiper arm. Good thing I carry a socket set with me. Got it fixed. I took off, tried to run the washer fluid, nothing comes out.(and yes, there's fluid in the reservoir). I think the hoses are blocked. Will have to read up on that and go see if I can fix it. Can't be that hard but my patience is running thin with this mess. This is why I have a mechanic fix my car. I have no patience anymore with things that don't work.
  11. And Los Angeles is a bit far to come back to PA for a car show !
  12. This is so me. Spur of the moment decisions ... I was coming home from somewhere last weekend and realized how hard it was to see thru the windshield at night. I could either get the windshield replaced or make sure I don't stay out after dark. Windshield replacement seemed more logical and practical. Ahhh if I only knew then what I know now. The cam shop is a good place and does quality work. I know they can rewire it. I'm hoping they have some kind of plastic face plate they can put over the hole and straighten out the header. If they can't it will be a constant reminder to me to not act in haste ever again.
  13. I am just kicking myself black and blue for doing this. All I wanted was a windshield I could see out of at night. I had no idea this was going to turn into such a mess.
  14. I'm probably not going to do the hotel this time, and only come down on Saturday. That may change if the doctor can get me some relief for my back problem that doesn't involve surgery ! This getting old really sucks !
  15. The glass is OK as far as noise. Had it out on the freeway yesterday and can't complain. What I can complain about is more crap workmanship I discovered today. The shop that did the original cam install left about a 1/4" square opening for wires. It was all nice and neat. Now the opening is at least 1" square and the header is all wrinkled up. I'm so mad at myself for letting Safelite do the repair. I'm hoping the car cam shop can fix this. mess.