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  1. Some automakers use smaller suppliers for parts as it makes cost and quality controllable. The big brands like BWD are just a label on the box, they purchase the parts from the smaller supplier and resell it. Others import it from someplace far far away. It's a whole subcontracting and re-labeling thing. It's kind of like, for example, store brand potato chips. Except BWD does it without being a store brand. I remember back when I could buy a Goodyear belt at the local parts stores. Or even Bosch brake parts. I miss that.
  2. In a way it's nice the mechanic told you, but in a way it sucks because of that instilled fear. I've seen mechanics use it as a scare tactic. If there is a hole I'd start looking for a new subframe or replacing the car. But i wouldn't pawn the car off on someone else in that condition. And I certainly would ignore book value. I'm all about how I feel with a car. But you also should consider the cost of a "new used" or new car vs a repair you may need to make or may not. A $1,500 repair vs a $17,000 hole in your wallet, might be worth it. And you can always tell the mechanic, look here is y
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