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  1. Been awhile how’s everyone doing 😃

  2. I’ve seen your new fusion but Holy hell what happened to the sable that you had to strip it out and put it on a flat bed? Engine blow?
  3. This was a few days ago but I had to get a new driver door. :/ picked it up from a salvaged 2012 SS with the window and wiring. Edge of the door a bit chipped but I’ll get some touch up paint and cover that up with some door guards on my day off this week.
  4. Valvoline is crap. Lol. Valvolines racing oil is okay though brian - coyote?
  5. got all the lifters replaced...ordered myself a diablosport tuner to disable active fuel management
  6. Maybe. Maybe not. I looked to see if the car was under GM warranty. Factory warranty actually ended a few weeks before the car was traded in.
  7. Well car broke lmfao....llifter collapsed on cylinder 4 due to the stupid active fuel management system...since we gotta tear apart the motor I’m going to due a active fuel management delete kit with ls7 lifters and unsure of what cam to get...will probably just get a ls9 cam. pfa
  8. Don’t have many pictures yet but I got myself a 2013 Camaro 2SS. Bought the car with the windows tinted and the mufflers are deleted... will be getting a catback, intake, wheels, tune and maybe headers. real fun to drive.
  9. levels intercooler is 700 def not cheap lol
  10. thats a clean sable josh that ice blue is a great color any plans for it?
  11. throwback haha...i eneded up extracting the bolts at a shop for real cheap
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