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  1. Hey guys, I'm not an active member on this forum much but saturday changed it My '03 that just hit 91k took a nasty hit.... Long story short, I was clipped by a careless truck driver that ended up putting my front end into a concrete jersey wall The car is completely totaled I damn loved that thing, I've put over 25k on it in a couple years and It just feel empty but I'm happy it happened in the old bull and not some Civic because I walked away with nothing but a neck sprain Watch out my friends, please be safe on the highway and keep an eye out for those truckers be
  2. Hey guys Last night I got a check engine light and ran the codes today, got a P1000, P0146(See P2272, p2273), and a P0156 I saw that online those codes are the O2 sensors but I'm not sure which ones, Also how hard are they to change?
  3. Stang at a local shop DB5 my friend saw in London My bull and a r8 This Ford at a local dealer CLS 63 AMG Skyline import at a local meet
  4. Don't use belt conditioner, it'll just make things worse. Buy some brake parts cleaner and spray that. Then if it's just water, you can drive it for a couple hundred miles until it all gets out. Otherwise a new belt is only $25 for a dayco and it isn't hard to put in.
  5. Bought all leather interior and 4.5 gen tails Pick A Part in fredricksburg is a Taurus heaven
  6. My problem is that the muffler is already slightly higher than the Taurus exhaust piping, I'll have to bend it all upward to get it to fit better. I'll get a turndown tip online to be able to work with it more
  7. Nothing like those side exhaust Previas...
  8. Here are a few shots of the muffler
  9. I put on a pypes m80 muffler onto my gen 4(sounds pretty nice) but because of the way the piping is on the taurus, the muffler hangs low and I'm not trying to attract police attention (exhaust mods aren't legal in virginia ). What could I do around the rear bumper to hide it or make it look less visible? I was thinking something similar to a black trim below the bumper. Any Ideas?
  10. I got sick of just trying to makeshift it and took off my doorpanels, sanded down where the vinyls would go and used liquid weld on it. One of the sides has started to bubble up but isn't falling off but the other is only hanging in right in the center so I've just stuffed small pieces of paper in the crevices to hold it in, they aren't too visible and they're a good temporary fix
  11. I'll pull the switch tomorrow morning but I greatly appreciate the detail buddy. I'm good with more general stuff but the more detailed car specific work, not so much.
  12. ABS does have a yellow light. I'm trying to figure out fuse to pull for the ebrake right now
  13. I don't have traction control so Thats good. I'll pull the fuse for the parking brake and see if that does anything. In reference to the abs test by looking for an open circuit, not exactly sure how to do that...
  14. The fluid is fine, and the ebrake isn't slightly pressed at all. The light arbitrarily comes on. And yes, I do have abs.
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