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  1. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/back-to-the-80s-car-show-tickets-27152612194?aff=erelpanelorg That I believe is the tickets/registration page. Seems their website isn't working but the tickets page is.. Wpuld be quite the drive for you haha
  2. Just wanted to give anyone interested a heads up that there will be a back to the 80s show on June 17th in the cities. I'm going to be there in the Scorpio. Would be cool to see some others there. If you want to show yours 80s vehicle make sure to pre-register soon or the spots will be filled up. I'm sure there will be spectator parking as well so come on out and look over some interesting 80s sheet metal! I can remember the web address but they are also on facebook if you search for it.
  3. This sounds to me like the cat(s) have likely plugged. There is normally a reason this happens. Too much fuel dumped into the exhaust causes them to melt. What kind of codes does the car have? I certainly assume the check engine light is on. One such possibility is that the open egr tube has caused a false reading of the oxygen sensor and it was dumping fuel in seeing a lean condition.
  4. I debated for entirely too long on where to post this but I figured this fit since it will be mostly me talking about all the car changes i have gone through in the last year.. Apparently it has been over 11 months since I last logged on here. Which is absolutely crazy. Life kind of gets away from ya and the whole Facebook group thing has kind of taken me away from all my forums. Its been an interesting year for me that is for sure. I don't really remember where I left off on here anymore. I am going to guess it was probably shortly after I got my Legacy and started driving the Fusion. Ma
  5. Has anybody here ever dealt with a warranty claim through rock auto? I have heard that the coil pack on my old 03 has failed causing a cylinder 5 misfire. And there should be a one year warranty (I purchased the coil 2-21-15) just curious how it works. If I should bother trying to warranty it or if I should just have them order a new pack and be done with it.
  6. Lots going on for me right now. The fusion is at the body shop right now, so far they have the windshield out and have started rust repair on the roof and hood, fenders are in primer. Hopefully another week or two and I will have the car back all fixed up. It is going to be so weird to see this car all in one color. Then the Subaru I have been gathering parts. I went to the dealer and got the updated separator plate and bolts. Picked up fluids and some sealant already. Going to hold off for a few weeks and let my bank account recover from all this spending before I order the rest of the stuff
  7. Bought myself an '00 Legacy GT last night that needs some engine work. It's pretty rusty and basically no paint left on the rear bumper. Interior is really nice, one of the previous owners smoked though and you can definitely tell.. The kid I bought it off of bought it December 11th for $2300 and the next day the headgasket blew on it, started to have a shop fix it but they found a stripped head bolt hole and told him it was time for a new engine. Felt kind of bad giving him basically a 3rd of what he paid just a month and a half ago. Pics in a while when Photobucket decides it wants to work.
  8. Fun fact, the openings that are right in the bumper where the crash bar is actually have ducts going to the radiator and intercooler on the sc
  9. That isn't naturally aspirated. I'm honestly going to guess ranger.
  10. Put almost 350 miles on the fusion today and it did just fine. Had some vibration that I first thought was a wheel bearing but towards the end of my trip I think I pinpointed it to wind buffeting. Not sure where, going to wait to see if the new windshield takes care of it.
  11. Looks pretty easy to fix. Still absolutely crappy that it happened.
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