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  1. When I'm driving normally in the city I have no problem, but when I get on the highway at around 70, I notice a vibration in, I think the left front tire. If I turn the wheel left it vibrates a little more, but when I turn it to the right, it fine. Any ideas?
  2. I've just noticed a slight drip coming from the side up near the front of the fender well. It's not coming from the engine compartment. So I know it's definitely not the radiator or any of the attached hoses. I'm thinking coolant jug. Any ideas?
  3. There are some going from the Taurus car club of America, I thought about it, but I have since had some hip problems, so medical bills have prevented me from going this year.
  4. I recently got a really good deal on a tire, I'd like to put it on the drive wheel, I'd like to know which front wheel is the main drive wheel. All my tires have good tread, it's just that this one is practically brand new, so I'd like to get it where it's most useful.
  5. My 2003 Centennial has about 157,000 miles on it right now. I'm wondering if or possibly when my alternator might give out. I'm planning on a few trips this fall and a trip to the Nationals next year, I don't want to be stranded somewhere, in a strange place, waiting for an alternator.
  6. OK, so I went to the yards yesterday, found two black trim moldings with chrome inserts, I managed to get them off using my trusty trim removal tools. Unfortunately one was badly scratched (higher model Sable) , the other was was really faded (SEL Premium Taurus) so guess I'm on to the next yard.
  7. Thanks guys, guess I'll be heading to the sporting goods section at Walmart before I visit the yards this weekend. Being a holiday weekend, they might just have a few more Bulls and Sables in the yard.
  8. OK I replaced my rear drivers side door due to a small accident. But the problem is, I removed the trim molding and noticed after I got it off, it is badly scraped up. I used a heat gun to remove it, but I can't really use one in the junkyard. So how do I go about removing it?
  9. I'd say check your local yards, there's plenty of Bulls around, you'll probably find what you're looking for.
  10. I managed to save a few things from the '97 , well actually just two. The full JBL system including the RCU, subwoofer with the wiring, the rear deck speakers, front door speakers, and tweeter with covers (all are labeled JBL) and the CD player with 3 extra magazines, I also have the rear deck shelf with the subwoofer cutouts . I also have a set of the clear corners (which will fit any gen 3 Taurus) I find now are hard to get. I'm putting them on eBay, but I was going to give all here a chance first. I'm pricing the corners at 45.00 and the JBL system at 200.00 (seems high, but it's for the FU
  11. Congratulations, Sean. I look forward to serving you as one of the moderators I hope that I can live up to your expectations. ..
  12. Just realized, some idiot scratched the plastic on my rear side bumper. It seems to be scratched through the black, as I can feel some of it scraped away. Is there some way to repair the plastic, or do I just cover it with the right body color paint. I think it's KW , the Centennial black.
  13. I've seen the Dale Earnhardt edition around here. I like it much better, plus it's probably way more valuable than this one. I agree Gordon sucks!
  14. OK, I'll PM him I see on Facebook you guys are on the way down now. I'll Facebook message him in the morning. To get an idea, just measure the rear Taurus door and compare the size . I'll talk to the yard tomorrow about it. Either way, I'll get it paid for, and either you guys take it back or I'll have him ship it up here. Thanks Devin for offering BTW
  15. Are Motorcraft OEM the ceramic pads? They're available from rockauto. Otherwise I'll go with ceramic pads. My cold weather driving consists of work trip about a mile,as I work third shift, I see no traffic,so stopping isn't a problem. I'm thinking of getting the pad hold back springs too, that hold the pads off the rotors. Very little wear on the rotors from the current ceramic pads after 2 years of use, including the trip across the country to be bring it home.
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