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  1. The tach is still acting weird, but the stumbling/missing is resolved. Replaced the entire intake manifold. There was hissing from the rear of the engine compartment and the Scotty Kilmer smoke test reveled leakage. I could not verify exactly where the leak was, but confirmed it was not coming from the vacuum hoses. After the new manifold was replaced, she purred like a kitten and roared like a ...well, Sable. But the new (junkyard) manifold did the trick. The tach still acts strangely sometimes, but it does not seem to affect anything at all.
  2. Recently purchased a 2000 Mercury Sable LS Premium Wagon 143K. Did the following to get it roadworthy: Cosmetic stuff, Rear brakes, front ball joints, inner/outer tie rods, alignment, replaced PS pulley, water pump, S-Belt, spark plugs, intake manifold gasket, PCV valve, several coils, AC Compressor/liquid line/orifice tube/condenser. Today, at Bull Geeks suggestion, today I replaced the crankshaft position sensor in reaction to the car not starting after a short ride on a blazing hot day. The car cranked up perfectly after the installation. Purred like a kitten. But when I revved the mo
  3. Hi Guys- I'm new here, but have been a member at TCCA for a long time. I see some familiar faces (screen names?) here, namely Bull Geek (hi, Nick). My trusty Bull has groaning ball joints for the second time in the past two years. Shame on me for trusting the $25 dreck sold at AZ. This time I want to be sure the ball joints last a really long time. I'm considering Moog K8687, or maybe Motorcraft. I found something that appears intriguing: Motorcraft makes (made?) a control arm with a ball joint already attached, P/N MCSOE76. I'm assuming it is discontinued and being sold everywhere as
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