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  1. Sean, Try taking your wheels off for your next wash. I suggest spraying them down with either Purple Power or Simple Green, let sit for about a minute or two and spray off... If the wheel is still caked with dirt, spray again and use a scrub brush/cloth to clean the rest of the dirt off... Dry completely and then use wax (apply and take off like you do on your paint) then re-install the wheels. The wax will help the brake dust to "slide off" and not be so prominent. Hope this helps!
  2. Adio, if you haven't already replaced your strut assemblies, it's possible that your strut mount could be making the popping noise.
  3. The only thing that's different between 92 and 93 is that the connector for the air bag is swapped around. I put a black leather steering wheel from a 93 in my old 92 SHO and that's all I had to do to get it to work.
  4. Hm, you really need to find a higher power and repent your sins. You seem so unhappy with yourself that you like to take it out on me I'm flattered though, that I'm the one that can get you riled up without even doing anything Gosh, you're special.
  5. When I started working on the Taurus, it didn't have rust and didn't have many other issues other than cosmetic. Really, a KBB value on my car nets around $550 and I can't really say an older one would have much more than that. Guess no one likes to hear opinions other than their own anymore.
  6. Yeah you can get rid of me I don't give two s**ts. Rust is the #1 enemy of vehicular objects in the snow belt areas. He was asking opinions, so I gave mine... Is that so rediculous? Sometimes other peoples opinions aren't what others want to hear but he asked for it. If he doesn't even need the car any more, why keep it?? Get rid of it, move on. The only value an older Taurus carries is emotional. I was thinking from a financial stand point if you're going to spend ~$1100 to fix rust, plus whatever else an older car might need at this stage in its life, why not put that into the current driver or a new car? You really always have to be an asshole, don't you?
  7. You can have a slow leak in your a/c system with missing caps though. A cap acts as a seal.
  8. Well then they make a carpet paint I believe... Spray yours black.
  9. Chris, you know that you can order a brand new carpet in any color you want? And they're not really that expensive.
  10. You want to look into exhaust is you're doing any engine work. I love my Magnaflow catalytic converter... The car actually flows and breathes better (plus I get slightly better gas mileage than before [+1 or +2])
  11. lol, thank you. But also to be fair, a lot of people (at least in my store) come in thinking they know everything but when, in reality, they know nothing. We get it from both sides here, guys.
  12. Bubba Gump? Do I look like a Bubba Gump to you? And Kaze, there is nothing wrong with Advance because I work there.
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