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  1. Indeed. A junk yard trans was rebuilt will all new guts shift kit, racing clutch bands and other goodies.
  2. @Jaybrooks I was going to do the same with my 2001 duratec before I fixed my sho. The things to look forward to is a lot. Power train and wiring abs system Dash and wiring. (could just use the cluster but the climate control wiring has to done) seats of course I think the fuel system might be different....
  3. I havent been on here in a while. Lets see what did to my sho is besides the racing trans I replaced that awful alternator.
  4. Ohio comic con was awesome. I sold a lot of work. On the way home i had about a 20 mile drive in the sun on I23 the sun visor done its job. the headlights played it part in the evening. im glad i adjusted the headlights Hids looked great and no blinding. Time to top off the fluids for the fall/winter.
  5. You guys are killing me with this rice stuff. Im going to ohio for a comic con. If I spot something ricey I will let ya know.
  6. Headlights work well after I made cutoffs for them. No more scattered light.
  7. I gotta go check out the headlight glare on my hid projectors.
  8. Im a guest there, http://www.wizardworld.com/geraldmoore.html
  9. I have a comic con in ohio to go to in september. Making sure everything is tip top before I hit I-75.
  10. The box under the hood where the battery was covering up the 150 a breaker and relay for the hid lights. I didnt plug and play I did it right. No melting wires here.
  11. No five speed. Thats the user name that use to have the car.
  12. Todays pictures and repair info. Motor was tuned up cam sensor wires was chewed up. and mass air flow was bad. Replaced both and no more missing and shuting off. Notice the battery is gone. Where is it? The lower trim was hanging down from the rust so I used a small wire to keep it from falling till I get the parts for it. Lifted the rear struts up a bit. Put the v8 badges in the right spots. Replaced missing bulbs and added the red neddles and gray cover face to the gauges and took off the blue color off the faces. Projector ballast replaced and projectors added to the headlights
  13. Updated picture coming soon. I didnt know this used to be v8spdsho car. at dooleys in roseville mi repair the old ballast on the hid lights. more later.
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