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  1. Yeah. I'm going to go a few different places and see what they say. Without a doubt they'll laugh. It is a Taurus, after all :laugh:
  2. It's a good looking car.. but I don't like the tail lights. Too ricey for me. I also agree that you should leave the stock head unit in. It looks great,
  3. Is this just a muffler? Like I said.. completely clueless on exhaust
  4. Hello all. As many of you may know, I was contemplating getting rid of my 2001 Taurus SES after my dad backed it in to my uncles F-150. After talking to my parents yesterday, they agree to fix all of the little things wrong with it due to the fact that they do not wish to purchase another vehicle. This entails new suspension, a repainted rear bumper, and anything else that needs fixing. SInce i'm keeping it, I wish to continue modding it. The next mod I plan on is exhaust. What I want to know from you guys is what is good to put on these cars? I'm clueless. Any help would be great!
  5. Why would you ruin a car like that...
  6. "I only roll from like 50 because my gear ratio." LOOL
  7. Welp.. looks like my bull will be getting an overhaul. Rear bumper repainted... new suspension.. and other stuff if needed.

    1. blackout


      And new exhaust?

    2. breeves002


      Man how much $$$ has gone into this car recently??

    3. Shade


      well, considering the fact that he has a rare car... (no rust whatsoever) :P

  8. My father backed my car into my uncles F-150. Might be getting rid of it

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    2. ILivermore43


      This time it's looking pretty serious. Something is wrong with the tranny. Suspension is gone. There's a lot that would need to be fixed.

    3. The White Falcon

      The White Falcon

      How did backing it into a truck mess up the transaxle?

    4. Shade


      it didnt, this happened over time. ive been following it

  9. My father backed my car into my uncles F-150. Might be getting rid of it

  10. Oh. and they need to be 16in. I don't want to replace my tires
  11. I would like 5 spoke black wheels. But anything would be considered. I'm just looking for what will fit
  12. Hello all. I am in the process of "blacking out" my 2001 Taurus SES. It's Toreador Red, and I'm getting rid of all of the chrome. Currently, I have centennial headlights, black tint, a black front spear, and PlastiDipped 5-spoke SES wheels. I'd really like the get some new black wheels. I'd like to know, what wheels would fit on my car? Any suggestions for good 16 in rims would be good.
  13. Has anyone ever painted spears? What did you use?

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    2. ILivermore43


      I wouldn't spray over that. Too much Ford pride.

    3. TaurusDailyDriver
    4. Thub


      You can check my garage too, i have a few pics.

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