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  1. Can I request an exhaust vid? Modded Duratec exhausts are hard to find.
  2. I'm SHOhopefull obviously LOL I'm not that big into racing games anymore, I'm more Borderlands 2, Minecraft, Halo, etc...
  3. Keep in mind, Phoenix started with an LX Gen 4, so he had a bit less stuff to fool with, but it was still a lot. IIRC, a good bit of fabbing
  4. LOL... Bull Geek, I had plans to go, but We've had so many medical issues here this last month, all my saved money is gone. I do wish y'all were closer...
  5. The one I want to see is the 1st Gen Probe/SHO
  6. shohopefull


    Blame the Chinese... for becoming an industrialized nation.
  7. Rod Bearings on a V8? What am I missing? I'm kinda digging the Flat-black look
  8. Hell, for $2200 you can have a good running Gen 2 SHO LOL. The Duratec swap would be cool.
  9. Was this his son's car? Forgive me, my SHO memory is failing me at the moment.
  10. It sure LOOKS like he Pitted you, that's for sure... Good luck man, glad you're ok and the car did it's job.
  11. So in other words, Chrysler is keeping true to form then
  12. My choice, if I had the money and wanted a big car, would be the EB Flex. It's just more useable to me. I think the '13 Tauri look a lot better than the previous ones.
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