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  1. Will It Fit?

    I have hauled 4x8 sheets plywood and drywall. It only fits between the widest part of the opening so only a few sheets will go in. The hatch will not close. I use rope from the rack to the hitch and back to keep the hatch partly closed. But: there is a hardboard product that looks like 4' wide but it is a inch or so over. it will not go in. Best of luck with that.
  2. As with any car I get, I want to know any use of oil or coolant. Been 1,200 miles since my oil/filter change. In my garage, cold, I check and note about 1/16" above the top dimple. I check along the way and see no change but at this miles I took the pic. Maybe down 1/16" so no future worries unless I see a drip under and since in the garage with cardboard under I should see that. Coolant was not to the full line when I bought the car last Jan, I topped it off. But failed to note if it was hot or cold. It is recovery tank and not pressure tank so I can add hot or cold. Now note, hot right on Full, cold down about 1/8th inch. Recovery tank can evaporate since no seal cap. And for this old coot, I fail to see the need for a pressure tank anyway. I have had several, never had a leak, but 2 caps fail, one full on dump of the tank. Buick uses the pressure cap right on a riser on the engine. Different concept for coolant pressure. When I got this from the Buick garage service, and home, the oil was way overfilled, maybe 5/8" over and a bit dark. I tried to drain out a Quart in a container but messed up and lost too much so I just changed it, and put in the spec 4.0 Q with filter. Oil change range decided by the car computer. History looks like ~4500 miles. My trips are short, average 13 miles per day, average speed ~25 mph. And as a side note: the wife decided she would not drive it any more. She is now out in the '03 Wagon for the first time. Buick as most newer sedans have poor visibility all around. When I switch to the wagon, easy to see the huge difference in visibility.
  3. There comes a time to let it go. Unsafe at any speed. -chart-
  4. Thanks. My '01, '03, '03wagon all came with 7 spoke but they are different. Some polished face on the spokes, others painted. Center caps different. All my 7 spoke wheel corroded and one leaked around the valve stem. Others just leaked around the bead, even when treated. These JY wheels are really nice for no corrosion. There were 2 more in the yard like the fronts but not quite as nice as these fronts. New Mics X-Tour on the front wheels yesterday. Should last the life of the car.
  5. Volts seem good. I would redo the grounds as a routine maint. See pic, this is the ground strap from the engine to the body at the cowl, PCM ground below and corroded. Note, they bolt the power strap over paint, and it corrodes. I sanded the paint off, scrubbed the corrosion off the terminals and put electric joint compound on them. Fixed an wandering idle speed. The TPS showed erratic volts on the ground/return post. It goes direct back to the terminal in the picture. Engine off it was steady, once started the ground terminal had variable volts vs the body. -chart-
  6. Done with Ford

    Ford stock: while this is happening the S&P500 is up ~45%. Somebody there has to do something. I am not a fan of Ford or any other company. I buy what fits my family needs. I have 2 Sables '03. Sedan daughter and her son drive 7 days a week and it works for them. My wagon is my hauler. Family car is '11 Buick Lucerne. Buick has column shift which is our needs for seat belt fastening. When my Sable sedan gets too far down the road, rust or high miles, I will go south for another like kind. Low miles no rust will cost $$ but it meets family needs. Cheap reliable transport. -chart-
  7. Got my JY wheels on. Rears nearly new GY tires, fronts brand x and worn out. Will get new tires on them real soon. And I noticed after I got the last 2, they do not match the rears. Both 5 spoke as easily seen but they are different for whatever reason. Anyone care to post what they are. Now I have 6 spare wheels/tires and 4 are going to recycling early next month. So my wagon will stay with 7 spoke wheels and the sedan will stay with the 5 spoke ones. I need to clean off the bottom of the doors. I put rust proofing inside the doors through the drain holes last fall. Some leaked out and made them black on the bottoms. It wipes off with mineral spirits. -chart-
  8. Front camber?

    My experience with MOOG as in the pic. they are on top of each other, dowel to align the left, bottom aligned with a square and they you can see in the center where the MOOG rubs the sub frame, arrow and note. It rubs hard and I ordered a AC from RA and it fits like the OE. I only replaced the right side so the bad part was only one side issue. I also have a pic of the binding of the MOOG on the sub frame opening if anyone is interested. -chart-
  9. 4g Alternator noise after rebuild

    A single bad diode will make a "whine" high pitch mostly at idle. Higher rpm the whine gets above the hearing range. Small decrease in maximum output. -chart-
  10. Front camber?

    I have 4 extra tires mounted on 7 spoke alloys. I switched out better ones on the '03 sedan for inspection yesterday. Sears did a courtesy alignment printout. All 4 corners are on the limit for negative camber. All is tight on the car, 170K miles. I like the front toe to be half turn toe in compared to specs. They drive better in my op and tire wear is not my concern. I keep 32# all the time. Outside on the tire in the pic is to the left. No idea about miles as I switch wheels between my two '03's to keep the best on the sedan. Some toe in will compensate for small excess negative camber. As for the half turn toe added, if the steering is straight, I try to take a quarter on each side. Otherwise all on the side to make the it more centered. Just my take. On my 7th and 8th Bulls, never had to fix a camber issue. -chart-
  11. And I go and trade my Lin in on a Buick. But I am old and it is comfortable, quiet, powerful. -chart-
  12. Experienced used car friend told me you never get rid of broken glass. In the pic the top glass gone, and windshield in countless tiny needles. That was 7 years ago this month. Car is in my drive for getting ready for inspection now. 90K miles later no stray glass found now. I removed the seats and blew it out with leaf blower, and used shop vac. Removed def vent cover and the individual climate outlet grilles. Used compressed air and shop vac through out and got 99% of it. Compressed air on the seat cushions in the yard. Lots of effort but it can be done. Top glass is little squares and is relatively harmless. Windshield is another story. -chart-
  13. GM 3.9 uses 4.0 Q. As in my Lucerne. But: What do they know? -chart-
  14. Been to the JY as the snow has melted and new ones are being placed. '04 Sable listed Friday, Monday sunny and ~45F. Took 3 trips as I forgot my 15mm socket. Got 2 tires/wheels, GY 8/32 tread and 5 spoke wheels, 90% perfect condition. $30 per and that includes tax, no core. Got rotors/drums as they are nearly new, surface grinding still showing. Also got the console shifter indicator flag as they tend to break. Very nice clean car, seats like new but I have a spare and not my color anyway. Head lights were not good enough to take. Mud on the tires and rotors and I washed them free of mud. Rotors drilled but no name I can find. Drums Bosch, paint still good. Drums pulled off easily so I did not need my plastic hammer I took. Of course this car nearly as far from the office as possible. Wheels were off the car and on the special rack in the office, so no effort. I looked for the other 2 but someone beat me to it. Daughter borrowed my camera so no pics yet. Got 2 '03 Sables on the road, 4 drivers in the herd.