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  1. Common issue, I had this with my '03 Sable this week. The "battery saver" should shut the lights off after several minutes. Still have a door switch but need to know which door. When the BS shuts the lights off, open one door and if the interior lights come back on, that door is good. Have to let it rest till the BS shuts the light off. Try a different door. If the door switch is stuck, it will not trigger the BS to re-light the interior. My case was the hatch on the wagon. I will likely pull the trim and disconnect the switch. -chart-
  2. Check blend door motor. -chart-
  3. Did you get the blower, control box, and module for vacuum and such? -chart-
  4. Since the volts are fine when running, highly likely not the charging system. That leaves grounds, and current draw when not running. 0.5A way too much.
  5. Safe independence day to all. This day one year ago I watched the fire works from our patio. Wife was in the hospital. This year no noise here, and wife and I went to dinner with rest of the family. Our first since shutdown. Wife is many times better this year in her health. -chart-
  6. Misfire on 1-5. You have 3 coils in the pack. 1 & 5 share the same coil. Highly likely bad coil, one coil or connection. Fix what is wrong first, then look for other issues. -chart-
  7. Every G-4 of mine had the autolamp fail. The sensor in the center of the defrost panel is the failed part. That is 4 vehicles that had that fail. Fairly easy to replace. For what it worth, the sun load sensor also quits but you will likely not notice, it will just not adjust to sun or shade. -chart-
  8. If looking for a JY head light switch. Note: Sables likely use fog lights as both mine do. Taurus does not. Switches are the same except the Taurus does not have the position for fog lights. -chart-
  9. From RockAuto. RA for short. -chart-
  10. I have done my share, never, NEVER, plan to do a strut only. Assembly with new bearing spring and strut, as in pic from RA, OE part, I have used and they are fine. I have had 9 Bulls, have 3 '03's in my herd now with 6 drivers. Springs break. Just had one break in past December and I had no place to work and much going on and had to have a shop replace them. Spring broke in the middle so I had to limp slowly to a shop. They used Monroe and now the ride height is out of spec high side. I used the ready struts shown on my '03 Sable last Summer and they are fine. Now, these are OE car ride
  11. Great one. White walls important. Maybe 12 mpg on a good day. However my '67 Mercury Montclair got 20 under perfect conditions. 390 2bbl. Buick likely Quadrijet spread bore. Keep the pics online. -chart-
  12. First thing I would check is for broken wire in the accordion to the hatch. I had a backup light wire break and a speaker wire break on my '01 wagon. Of course my hatch gets lots of use. -chart-
  13. Age takes a toll same as miles. Sometimes age is worse. -chart-
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