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  1. My check once every couple years and when starting out with a used vehicle. I punch a hole in the end of the filter and let it drain out. Cut it off with snips. Look for what settles there. Also cut out a section of the filter and dip it in mineral spirits and put it between paper towel sections to remove the liquid oil. I look at it under 30X magnification and look for what is in the inlet side of the media. Prefer to see no shiny things there. I will guess this one at ~150K when this was done. 169K now and still purring. Engine will outlast the body by ~2X. Just did the Buick Lucerne I bought and it looks cleaner than this filter. -chart-
  2. Seeing rust and expecting the worst. I treated the inside of the wheel well Fall of 2016. Drilled holes in the inner fender and used a wand on tube and coated all inside. Today took the Dremel and sanding drum and knocked off the paint and it is rusting from the outside. No hole. Paint cracked, likely from when the tree fell on it in 2011. I sanded out to clean metal and used a file folder with a hole cut in it as a shield and primed it. Hope to do more when weather warms up. The rusty rocker to dogleg was rusted and treated back in '16 but nothing for cosmetics. Two winters in the north country as a daily driver takes a toll. 15 year old car. 169K miles. It is a survivor. Bought as repro, totaled by tree fall, patched up and it keeps on ticking. -chart-
  3. "many" but not all. My 2 '03 Sables will hopefully be reliable for several more years. Just starting on my '11 Lucerne and it is nice. -chart-
  4. The Official Dang Near Anything Thread

    My daughter has been stopped twice in my cars, driving below the limit, Once for excuse tint too dark, other no reason at all. Her friend got the same thing. Our grandson on permit got stopped with her mother (my daughter) driving right on the limit. Now the other thing. They did not want to see a license or permit. Neighbor retired sheriff dep. told me there is a good reason but it is not public. Anyone can guess. I have not been stopped since 1990. -chart-
  5. Carquest Branded Spark Plug Wires

    I would Ohm any new set first, only takes a few minutes. Our son drove here, ~700 miles in F-150 inline 6 and told me it seems like it ran out of gas briefly under heavy load. I drove it and for sure it had a misfire under load above 4K rpm. I told him best ohm the wires. He said the wires were brand new premium put on just before the trip. He did and one was open. He had the old ones behind the seat and replaced that one and it was fine. Said he would return the set when home. New stuff is not always good. I pulled the ones in the pic from JY as they looked new. Been on my sedan soon to be 5 years and they are fine. Autolite plugs with mis-made top electrodes ruined one wire. -chart-
  6. Found the paint color for the Buick. Buick uses 5 different locations but the Lucerne is only on the bottom of the spare tire cover. Switchblade Silver. Took a pic and put the "service parts id." tag in my computer. May need touchup sometime. Took a sample of coolant for condition. Dealer did no list the things done, just "required service" at each visit. -chart-
  7. Both washed, sunny day for a change. Silver seems to be the way mine happen to be. 2 silver wagons, silver Lin, silver Buick. -chart-
  8. EVAP & CAT Issues

    OBD-II Monitor Exercised Drive Cycle Procedure Drive Cycle Preparation 1. Idle vehicle for 15 seconds. 2 Drive at (40 MPH) until ECT is at least (170 F). (engine coolant temp). 3. Is Inlet Air Temp within (40 to 100 F)? If not stop here. HEGO 4. Cruise at (40 MPH) for Up To 4 minutes. Executes the HEGO monitor. EVAP 5 Cruise at (45 to 65 MPH) for 10 minutes (avoid sharp turns and hills) Gas tank ¼ to ¾ full. Catalyst 6. Drive in stop and go traffic conditions. Include five different constant cruise speeds, ranging from (25 to 45 MPH) over a 10 minute period. Executes the Catalyst Monitor. EGR 7. From a stop, accelerate to (45 MPH) at ½ to ¾ throttle. Repeat 3 times. Executes the EGR Monitor. SEC AIR/CCM (Engine) 8. Bring the vehicle to a stop. Idle with transmission in drive for 2 minutes. Executes the ISC portion of the CCM. CCM (Trans Auto) 9. From a stop and in overdrive, moderately accelerate to (50 MPH) and cruise for at least 15 seconds. Stop vehicle and repeat without overdrive to (40 MPH) cruising for at least 30 seconds. While at (40 MPH), activate overdrive and accelerate to (50 MPH) and cruise for at least 15 seconds. Stop for at least 20 seconds and repeat step 9 five times. Executes the transmission portion of the CCM. Misfire&Fuel Monitors 10. From a stop, accelerate to (65 MPH). Decelerate at closed throttle until (40 MPH) (no brakes). Repeat this 3 times. Allows learning for the misfire monitor. Complete list according to Ford. Tricky one is EAVP, as it needs the gas tank at the right level, overnight rest, and then outside air temp over 40F. Pain to do in winter. -chart-
  9. No need to mess with the tie wrap. The bolt is captive so you have to loosen the bolt and pull the connector down at the same time. Tie wrap must be cut to fix broken wires as in my pic. To replace the door, just pull the connector out and switch the door. -chart-
  10. I think the resistors are all right on the board. But looks like this board has 3 separate light sets. -chart-
  11. Elect is the easy part as in the pic. Then hinges and bracket for the door hold open rod. I am sure it has a name. -chart-
  12. Might I add. The red wire when it is positive the antenna goes up, when it is open the antenna goes down. Just that simple. So if you use a switch to open the red wire, your antenna will stay down. Re connect it and it acts normal. -chart-
  13. PIc of belt access and Alt. DOHC Alt is a real pain. And the worst thing on my '03 Sedan was the ABS/TC module. -chart-
  14. Yep, fits my needs. Wife has had left shoulder replaced and cannot reach behind her to do a pas seat belt, and her right thumb joint has been fused so hard to use the other hand for the seat belt. Only thing that works is open center seating. (no console) hard to find a car that is like that. This works. 2011 with 59K miles, from rust free area, super clean. The 3.9 engine is a good step up from the 3.8 that I had driven a short run. The Lin at 16 years was getting age issues. Rear windows would not go down, climate system was funky, (hot/cold) and it got picky about gas, liked 93 octane and it surged with anything else. Rust was on the way, 6 1/2 winters in the rust belt. Wife was having trouble keeping her right foot off the pedal heavy keeping the TC going around tight bends. Now having to read up on how things work. Lots of options. We are driving about 4K per year and keeping it in the garage. Should last as long as I will be driving. My Sables '03's now at 122K and 166K and doing fine. The under hood access going from the Lin to the Buick, total opposite. Lin is hard on belts and it took me good 2 hours. The Buick will likely be 5-10 minutes. Example. Getting old is a pain but it beats the other option. -chart-