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  1. Tire/wheel rotation. Better treads to the sedan, on the left in pic. Two small floor jacks, my trusty clicker ratchet torque wrench = 100#. -chart-
  2. I drove my son's Town and Country with 4.0 OHC and 6 speed. At about 65 the tach showed ~1600 or so. So it could only maintain on level road and on any grade it did not know how to downshift one gear, it went down 2 and then gained speed only to drop back and loose it again. He traded it at 100K when the aftermarket warranty expired, and the water pump was leaking. It was on it's 3rd tranny and he said only the last one shifted in a reasonable way. At least my son's F-150 / 6 speed knew when to shift, did it quick and would maintain set speed. But I am paranoid and like the old school feel of torque. My '03's DOHC will hold any hill here on the interstate at 65-70 without having to downshift. But with a full family on board there is one or two hills it downshifts and it does it well. My Lin Cont does not even notice with a load of 5 of us. It's a keeper for now . On 600 mile NC to NY state run got 25.6 mpg. If they put in 10 speed tranny it might make 26. -chart-
  3. Pic of the last pickup I drove other than my son's recent. Pic borrowed pickup, borrowed trailer, moving my daughter. I did not like driving that junk. I learned to drive in a '48 ford 3/4 ton with 4 speed and no synchronizers. And I got a check in my test for making a slight gear grind one time. Now I have no interest in driving any more pickups, or new technology. I bet I could still double clutch with the best if I did not have bad knees now. And one more thing: that pickup was the easiest thing to parallel park ever. -chart-
  4. I'm bit old school so my Lin Cont just feels like it does it with such ease. My 17 year old grandson driving on permit notes this first time he drove it. Compared to the DOHC Sable he usually drives. I drove my son's new F-150 basic 3.5 with 6 speed. It was OK but I do not care for the constant shifting and lugging to get mpg. Guess I am just old. -chart-
  5. Yesterday my daughter calls and said the Sable would not start. So I have to ask, nothing, grinding, cranking but not starting or what? Nothing. Dash light on with key but nothing when to start. Then she says, it is fine now. Car was not in "P". How does this happen. She did now know. And what gave me a fright: car was out of the shop for a new flex plate as the gear was damaged and would grind on one section of the gear. And this: had my hair cut and the lady said she had a customer call and said she could not drive her car to the shop, the oil light was on. Then called to say a neighbor told her it was the seat belt light, not the oil. Must be awful to get old. Got my cortisone shots in my knees and my shoulder yesterday and am feeling much better. Still can't spell and my typing sucks. It ain't getting better. -chart-
  6. My experience: if you have air in the system, they will pump up. New pads will be a bit soft until they wear flat with the rotors. -chart-
  7. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Ours is today to fit the schedule of the rest of the family. -chart-
  8. My gear was worn in the 3 placed where the starter usually engages. Maybe a lot of starts for the miles. "back in the day" lots of issues with ring gears but today's starters are better. As a DOHC, it uses the same starter as the V-8's. -chart-
  9. All along, especially Chambersburg there are huge truck docking buildings, like Target where they must have at least 100 docks filled with trucks at one time. And then with crossings at PA turnpike and I-70 down the way and it is a transport corridor. Goes from Canada border to near Knoxville where you can get to I-40 & I-75. Now, if they could get a good way to get from Williamsport to Harrisburg it would be nice. Happy motoring. -chart-
  10. Got my '03 sedan (164K) from a local shop. New flex plate and TQ. Starter gear damaged and starter failing to engage. Everything looks good. I put the air dam back on and found a heat shield bit loose and vibrating as speed. Hose clamp around it and it is silent. And I actually found the bolts for the air dam. ? Has any one else had a flex plate gear wear out? Starter was fine. Of course symptoms began when I did the ABS/TC module and upper rad hose assembly. New battery because it was time and it was out. Then the starter which I switched out with my spare and it was no better than the other because it was the ring gear. Getting to the ABS was like, removing lots of stuff and putting it back, then having to do it again to get to the top starter bolt/ground. Ring gear that came off looked bad. And for the good news, I found the ABS/TC module at the JY with ~70K miles and the exact one, $11. Just proves you can't loose them all. -chart
  11. I was through your part of PA last week. Down 22/322 to I-81 and south on Thursday, back Sunday. Been to NC for a wedding. Things have not changed much since the 90's when I traveled to WV on a regular basis. More trucks on I-81 if that is possible. -chart-
  12. Latest trip, maybe something you can see maybe not. I do not travel out of the area more than once every 1-2 years. Highlighted was driven by 17 year old grandson on a permit. I-81 and I-95. Experience in traffic. Data by Carchip, edited by me. -chart-
  13. Been away for a while, messed up my cheat sheet and had the wrong information. Looked back at a very old cheat sheet and found the correct info for my account. So, I'm back. -chart-