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  1. Wow I can't see why they wouldn't bring the Focus Active here. The Town and Country cost a little over $100 to fill the other day and gas is expected to go to around $2.00/L in BC. I couldn't imagine trying to run a pickup now.
  2. The new trim on the Stang looks sharp We got our old 4Runner back a little while ago. The wifes friend we sold it to moved and couldn't take it with her. It needs a front hub and cv axles to drive again and I've been cutting rusty sections from the wheel wells. It should be a good winter beater/camping rig again when it's done.
  3. Salt sure does make working on cars horrible. Just getting my winter wheels off I usually need a block of wood and a BFH, sometimes heat is needed as well. They started using the brine this winter so that will be nice I'm sure.
  4. I started cutting the rusty rocker panels and other pieces out last weekend. That was going to be continued these days off but winter came back my first day and now I'm having back pain today so thats kaiboshed. Maybe next week I can get something done.
  5. Yes it's the pentastar. It was throwing a code for the pump and put the van in limp mode. The shop did an oil change and cleared the code which came back pretty soon after. Now the code went away a couple days ago and all seems fine again. I really hope it stays that way, I really don't wanna half ass fix the bull right now.
  6. Well we're pretty sure the damn oil pump on the TnC. It will be close to 1000 bux to get fixed even with my wifes discount. It wouldn't be bad if I just got the parts through them but I just don't have time to it myself. Looks like the ol Taurus is getting revived to pick up the slack again as usual.
  7. Thats a nice looking Charger, that red is nice. My Town and Country with the 3.6 is surprisingly quick, who would've thought a minivan could chirp the tires on a downshift lol.
  8. That Mustang is a sweet daily driver for sure congrats! The Fiesta looks pretty nice. I'd like to get one or something similar to boot to work with in a year or two. I had a caliper seize on the G6 heading to work which was awesome and smelled great. So I gotta fix that tomorrow but my wife works the front counter at a shop part time and gets parts at their cost. I kinda like the look of the ugly steel wheels without the hubcaps.
  9. I just got an 07 G6 from my wifes grampa. He had it given to him last year but he just bought Ridgeline for a good price and doesn't need it. I've been driving my moms 07 Malibu for a couple weeks now and I like it quite a bit, it gets awesome mileage, rides nice and the 3.5 has a lot more power than a vulcan lol. I think I'll be happy with the G6 since they're basically the same car
  10. I fired up the Taurus for the first time in few months about a week ago and it decides to act up right away. It just wouldnt idle then started backfiring a bunch and won't even try to fire up now. The fuel pump kicks in and I tried a different coil pack. I dunno maybe the syncronizer went☹, damn thing now im borrowing vehicles to get to my new job since i dont get a company vehicle there but way better pay
  11. Thats kind of odd. My moms old 03 had the ring gear wearing out as well. She sold it a couple years ago though and I think it's junked now Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
  12. That looks like a blast [emoji41] . I'd like to try some auto cross, too bad nothing like that ever happens around here Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  13. I rotated the tires on the T&C a few days ago, which ended up being quite an ordeal since the shop that had the wheels off last put them back on way too tight. I tried the useless lug wrench that comex with it and bent the socket end all up. I then broke out the small air compressor and impact and that didn't touch them. Since my proper lug wrench and breaker bar are at my parents house in the taurus I had to improvise. I endef up welding a 3/4" socket to a 1 1/4" wrench. then I had to double that up with another for about 2' of length which I had to pull with all I had to break most of
  14. Looks awesome dude. I'm having a hard time telling on my phone but what did you use to weld it up, it looks good from what I can see. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  15. I loved my frontier,it just wasn't big enough with two young kids. The front seats had to be up so far with the baby seat your knees were touching the dash. The 4x4 worked awesome in it, Nissan did a good job on that Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  16. I hit a nasty bump. Now I have slight shake at highway speed that get worse when I turn left or let off the gas. There's no difference on a right turn , it maybe even goes away some. Yay i love it when this stuff happens
  17. The mother in law hit a highlander that stopped suddenly for a yellow in an intersection
  18. I just got the van back from the shop. Insurance decided to repair despite $18900 in damage plus the rental for 4 weeks. The body shop appears to have done an excellent job, although there are a couple rattles and squeaks now [emoji19]. It was a long day taking the rental back to Calgary and picking up the Chrysler,4 hours each way.
  19. The Chrysler was in an accident on Tuesday and most likely totalled. The driver in front stopped hard for a yellow light when he was nearly in the intersection and the mother in law rear ended him. The kids are ok wife has a bit of whiplash and concussion. Those vans have a nasty airbag in the footwell that pushes the pedals into your legs a messes them pretty bad, they seem kinda stupid for a fairly low speed collision like that was.
  20. I switched to my summer wheels yesterday and replaced a missing bolt on my hitch receiver.
  21. I did my valve cover gaskets a couple days ago and am replacing the back half of the exhaust system. I also get to make up a new throttle cable since mines frayed and about to snap.
  22. The battery in the bull decided to come back to life. It's above freezing the last few days maybe that has something to do with it. Weirdness
  23. The town and country was being pretty touchy off the line like a dead spot when you first touch the gas then she takes off. I turned off the hill start assist now she takes off smooth
  24. The stupid battery is dead again. I will never buy another Canadian tire battery again, that's two last winter now this one. At least it's still under the three year warranty .
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