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  1. Well, it was bound to happen, Candy had her first and second Mods today. With just over 2000 miles on her, sheis starting to get the caressing and attention due the heir of the Red Wagon legacy. The first is a simple try, something that I am going to continue to perfect till it looks just right. A little highlight on the cowl section of her hood. These are just vinyl cut outs and can be easily changed as I try for the right look. Right now, these are very subtle and direct just a little attention to the cowl. Most who have seen it already like the effect. The next mod is more dramatic. Today in her early life, Candy had a butt enhancment. I found a SHO style spoiler on Ebay, painted and shipped for $110. The color match is great and it was very easy to mount. There is nothing sexier than a nice firm tail that you can set your beer on while caressing it to a high shine.
  2. Well, to start this off this is the issue that brought the end to the Red Wagon. This week I have talked with the service manager, my friend who is a Ford pard guy for almost 30 years and searching on the net for answers. No one has all the answers as to what was happening and why, but put everything togeather and this makes some sense. PROBLEM. 3.0 Duratec Back in December I was having trouble with misfire and stalling issues. Since I had the original coil and wires in the wagon, I changed those first, problems continued so I changed the plugs*, crank and cam position sensors and the DPFE sensor. This seemed to solve the problem. * = I did notice fouled plugs, some oil residue but didnt think much about it since I was getting misfire codes. Just a couple weeks ago, these issues started to crop back up as well as the engine would not idle down from highway speed right away, almost as if the throttle was sticking. I took the car to the dealer since I was out of ideas as to what was wrong. Well, at first they were even stumped by this, doing and induction cleaning, MAF cleaning, new plugs (fouled again & misfire code) and a new coil pack. The thought the throttle issue was due to a bad PCM and recomended changing that. When the car left the dealer that day, it ran worse (sticking throttle) than when I took it in. They agreed to test the car & find the issues. After contacting the Ford help line, they were directed to do a propane test and found multiple gasket issues and a faulty OIL SEPARATOR / PCV valve issue. The service manager said this would be a $2000 - $3000 fix on my 9 year old 100K mile wagon and they werent 100% sure of the fix, so that when I parted ways with the wagon. To replace the oil separator you must remove the rear head (against the firewall) of the duratec. The oil separator is just that, it separates the engine oil from the air/gasses inside the engine before the crank case pressure goes to the PCV valve. The oil separator is part of the PCV valve system. I found out there is a small screen between the 2 and this screen will sometimes become blocked. When this happens the pressure in the crank case will build and cause some gaskets to blow out due to the pressure. depending on how bad the gasket failure, this will also cause hot gas to rush through and can cause damage the the block, heads or other mateing surfaces. (think of space shuttle o-ring falure on a smaller scale). This is a RARE problem with the duratec motor since alot of service techs havent seen it often, but looking on the net, I see alot of issues in other Ford vehicles with the oil separator. I really dont know of a 100% sure way of checking this problem, but it is something to keep in mind for strange performance issues. My friend in the parts department suggested making sure you keep up on oil changes and the use of QUALITY filters to keep dirt & sludge out of these motors as a possible way to prevent this. I hope this can help others save their car before you have the major issues that I ran into. BTW, I always kept up on my oil changes, but I used a variety of filters, fram, motorcraft, STP, or what ever was on the autozone special at that time. From now on, I will be sticking with a Motorcraft filter no matter what.
  3. I have long lists of things that can be done now that you have a wagon........
  4. DLC360

    Now This Is Just Evil.

    I don't see a problem with that, unless you want to change the spark plugs....
  5. OK, I was really good when I had the 03 Red Wagon, that was the longest I had ever owned a car. Then I went and got Candy (2012 Taurus) and only a year later I traded her in on the Benz C300. In the meantime, I brought Lil Red home (1987 Porsche 924S). Well, I still have the Benz C300, that's my "winter ride" and also the family car. I had a lot of fun with the Porsche, but as I was warned, it was a big money pit. Not because of factory issues, but previous owner issues. Like any used car, you really don't usually have a good history and when its never driven and no paperwork, your taking a chance and that chance bit me big time. I had fun with Lil Red, and even got a show trophy with her, but the joy of Porsche ownership was slowly fading. The final straw was when she was hit by a piece of steel that fell off a truck. The resulting $2600 damage helped freshen up the paint work on the front and pushed my decision to try another ride. So, I parted ways with my little Porsche and now have a new toy to play with, and to the applause of my co-workers I now have an American hot rod. I now have a C4 1985 Corvette, and she's far from stock. I am the 3rd owner, and she is originally from Tenn. The first owner installed a brand new crate LT1 350 C.I. motor in late '92 with an updated ECU & chip along with an upgraded transmission. The second owner had a complete tear down and GM dealer refinish and paint job to original factory quality. The car runs very strong, since almost all of the emission equipment has been tuned out of the ECU and removed from the car. Its breathing through a 58mm throttle body with tuned port injection and has a stainless magnaflow duel stainless exhaust out the back. The best part about this car, is I have documentation on almost everything ever done to this car, the stack of papers is bigger than a phone book. So, now for the pictures......
  6. LMAO @ Red...... I cant fit anywhere near as much, but now that I only have to go to the corner to get my yuengling, I don't have to worry. 2000_gold.... Thanks i'll look into that. Im slowly getting stuff cleaned (to my standards..LOL) and figuring this ride out. Its been quite a while since ive had a chevy V8 to play with.
  7. LMAO @ Brian.... Those Bloomington people have no idea what to expect with me around... njackson580... Yea, I love the options for wheels. I have the stock 16x8.5 rims now, but looking to go to 17x9.5 in the spring. Double-neg..... Yea, I still miss the wagon and the things I did with it. I loved going to shows with something completely different. This is a real cop magnet too, loud and fast with some show..LOL Kev.... I'll get you a pic of the dash in all its Christmas tree glory.. I added a few new pics up top, since I started cleaning the motor up today. Next weekend I attack the engine bay, it wont be a like the wagon, but it may eventually be close. LOL Thanks everybody for the comments, I know im going to have some fun with this one.
  8. Yes, the 2011 C300 Sport has 4matic. The wifes CLK430 convertible only has 72k on her and wont see snow so its fine without it. The C300 is my winter car and everyday family car.
  9. Well, it was bound to happen. I can not sit around and see a stock taurus anymore. I knew I would be working to bring Candy up to the level of the Old Red Wagon, though it will take some time i'm sure. So, I have been planning on a new grill for Candy, I found this polished stainless grill on Ebay. I like the looks of the stock top grill, and I do have an idea for that anyways. The bottom grill opening has been driving me nuts till I found this. Everyone said the after market grills wouldnt fit 2012 models, well guess what, they do, you just have to modify the old grill a little more to accept the new addition. OK, so now for the new look of Candy.
  10. HEY, I still make it in here once in a while....... More due to work issues than anything. Now that I work a rotating 12 hour 5 day work schedule its hard to even know what day it is. Yes, we are a 2 Benz family with a Porsche as a summer fun car. Hers, 2003 CLK430 Cabriolet Mine, 2011 C300 Sport Summer fun car, 1987 Porsche 924S OK, now for the original question, what is the measurements for those hood spear decals. If I remember right, they were about 1 1/4 tall at the back and around 24 inches long. The ones on Ebay are the same and unless you have someone that deals with the vinyl decals, that's the easiest way to get them.
  11. So, today I went down to Akron to look for parts for the 924S, and as usual no luck. With old habits hard to die, I headed over to the Ford section to snoop around. I ended up coming up with something I have never seen before, a pair of GENUINE FORD molded rear splash guards. They are in almost perfect condition with a small area of scuff un the bottom of the right rear guard. They will clean up great and look good on any Gen4 sedan out there. They have the Ford oval molded on each guard also. I am asking $30 SHIPPING INCLUDED USPS Priority mail. Alaska, Hawaii and Canada may cost more for postage, well have to see for those.
  12. OK, since we have nothing better to do at work, we were talking about cars today. The resident tunner expert of the shop (who drives a minivan) was talking about one of his friends cars today. He was talking about his fancy home made CAI system, you know, the cone filter under the hood. Well with the normal HAI / CAI discussion he said his friend is working on new system that will be much better. His idea is to make a ram air system with the intake being in the lower grill opening of his bumper. He plans to use a flat panel filter in a box set up. All this sounds good, but the really strange thing is he wants to install an intercooler between the grill and the filter box. His idea is to cool the air before the filter and he says that he will get enough air flow for this to work. I dont think this will give him the performance boost he thinks, but i'm not sure thats why I am tossing this out to the group. Is this kid on drugs & just trying to blow money, or does he have a workable idea ???
  13. DLC360

    Highlights From My New Job...

    Ive actually seen a couple of those Econo Rigs at car shows, They are very rare in rust belt states, since the sheetmetal from those days wasn't the greatest. Those things are really nice when fixed up.
  14. I wish i could bs there this year, had a great time when i brought the wagon up a couple years ago. Ill be down the road at the nascar race at mid ohio the same day.
  15. DLC360

    Pats Trick

    I took off the plastic cover on the steering column and mounted the PATs chip as close to the ignition switch as possible. You should test out the placement before you replace the covers to save possible headaches. Then when you put the cover back on, no body knows the key is in place.
  16. DLC360

    Pats Trick

    What you are thinking of doing WILL work. A lot of the shops that install remote start do this trick. The will cut the key so the PATs chip is by itself then ziptie or tape the PATs chip near the ignition switch. I did this with my 2001 explorer. The dealer is who actually told me to do this because when I bought the explorer it only had one PATs key with it. I didn't want to spend the $$$$ to get another key and reprogram them. I bought 3 regular keys for $6 total and taped the PATS key up next to the ignition switch.
  17. DLC360

    4Wd Fun Buggy - Wtf?

    Hey Bob, I can see you driving that in those Michigan winters........
  18. DLC360

    Bulls In The Wild

    I went to the county Fair tonight, for the opening night Demo Derby, and guess what was in the first heat, car 27............ Sorry to say, the first hit from that '78 Town Car took the rear bumper cover right off. The bull lasted to finish 3rd at least, the Grand Marq blew his trans trying to keep the pedal floored and shift between F & R..... At least the Taurus put up a valiant fight before its trans gave out, the back end was completely over the rear wheels when it died......
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    Here's A Nice Wagon!

    OHHHHHHHHH the things I could do to that wagon........
  20. OK, for those that don't know, 2 years ago I sold off my house & moved into a condo so I didn't have to worry about yard work or repairs anymore. Since then, I have loved the freedom of not having to do these things and have more free time for myself & things I like to do. Well, after seeing this article today, I want a house with a huge yard and a new lawn mower.......... http://autos.yahoo.com/blogs/motoramic/honda-fire-spitting-lawnmower-speeds-130-mph-145902373.html
  21. Today I took Lil Red (1987 Porsche 924S) to a Euro Car Show. Now I did expect to see a lot of Porsches, Mercedes, BMWs, Minis & VWs, but what showed up was a real surprise. So, with that said, on with the pictures. First is Lil Red & her sister Bennie (wifes Mercedes 2003 CLK430 Cabriolet)
  22. OK, its that time of the year again. I'll be in Indy next Friday and was wondering if anyone else is planning on going to the any of the races at the speedway next week..........
  23. The sound from that beautiful Jag E-type was like music......... A car that's pushing 50 years old and sounds better than most new cars. I did miss out on the vintage Rolls Royce that was there, as well as a few other exotics. I did have a lot of attention with Red, but I must say that more people were looking at and talking about the wife's car. I have found out that the CLK430 is a rare care around here, and in the condition hers is in the MB fans were all over her car.
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    1980 Mercedes Benz 300Td

    A beautiful classic Benz wagon. Who would think that a 33 year old wagon would still sell for almost $4k ???? I just saw a write up on re-building those old models and making them run like new.