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  1. FYI, Ford stopped making them for the 2004 (I don't know the entire year range). I had to order mine from a dealer in kalamazoo, mi. Regards
  2. Whatever floats their boat. I see the for sale sign, good luck with that .
  3. Thank you, In my infinite wisdom I decided to put the hose behind the booster and forgot about it . If I had a penny for ever time I screwed myself I would be a very rich man. Thanks to everybody for the help. Regards
  4. Thanks but got that covered along with the EGR and PCV valve. The pics in the OEM book show nothing on it but sucking in unfiltered air just doesn't seem right.
  5. There is a pic in my first post. Can anybody else see the pic? I have the nipple circled in red.
  6. I did and there's no hoses left . Maybe it's just a plug for vacuum tests and I misplaced the plug?
  7. I started on this car a while ago, between family and work just now getting back to her. I cant for the life of me figure out what the hell this connects to. I've looked in the OEM and Chilton manual to no avail. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the reply, no bolts though. That would be my fault for not stating the year and make though. Regards
  9. Took off the right side drive shaft to ease the install of the y-pipe. When I went to put the shaft back it was a no go, the circlip has been reused to many times. I need to start the engine to start bleeding fluids. I have cleaned the shaft, seal and applied a little grease to the seal. I have the shaft hanging right now on a piece of wire installed back into the tranny. Can I start the engine with out putting it into gear to bleed the fluids? Thanks
  10. My better half told me were going home Friday morning to start probate for FIL , So no go this time gentlemen. I'd have to bring down the Dodge anyway and I don't want to show you guys up (Wouldn't be the best way to meet everybody).
  11. I hear on the rust belt, I grew up in the UP of Michigan and we got 350+ inches of snow a year. The most important thing is to make sure the rotor face and rim are as clean as possible(wire brush followed by steel wool). Then take a little bit anti seize and smear it on both faces with a latex glove. When I get new rotors I always painted the inside of the vents with caliper spray . Regards
  12. Anti seize does wonders for keeping the flange from doing that. I would wash the underneath of my truck with a pressure washer all the time. That comes from 12 years of running 4x4 trucks thru crap at every possible moment.
  13. I'm getting a t-shirt with that picture, that's fricken hilarious .
  14. Sounds like a case of Slick 50 Teflon. Take a look at this link http://www.ctbrakes....p#description3. More info then most people will ever want to know about brakes.
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