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  1. So im moving back to driving a car...

  2. Busy week. Replaced windshield. Plastidip grille. Ran cb cable through the cab. Installed the red floor lights out of my taurus. Added amber LED flashers. Repaired running boards that came with it. Painted them with bedliner. And put them back on! And of course, a good wash and vacuum.
  3. Got to sit and watch my ram get towed tonight.... So it's back to Taurus! For now.

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    2. mh488


      Oddly enough my new neighbors have two dodge minivans, a stratus sedan, and a neon.

    3. TaurusKev


      Lol, Neon. Shocked it is still working

    4. mh488


      I wonder how long any of those cars will still be running. Looks like an elderly couple and family, probably don't drive them much.

  4. Bought a 96 Ram (Sort of a project) Taurus is still staying in the family so nobody worry!
  5. I also bought Minnesota "Support our troops" plates for it.
  6. Replaced wiper blades with Bosch icon, Added ford decals to the real windows, and took this nifty picture
    1. jcampbell


      Poor thing has just been abused

    2. The White Falcon

      The White Falcon

      How could you live with yourself, having done that to the car?

  7. Some rags. A emergency kit. Field trauma kit. And an old work jacket. Some various tools that won't fit in my toolbox too.
  8. I'm looking to buy a truck. And while I prefer the fun and reliability of manuals, I can't drive them. My left knee is completely surgically repaired and it's just something I can't do. So my vote goes to automatic here!
  9. Started the second job today... Well see how long these 14 hour days are worth it.

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    2. TaurusKev


      Man, I've been working O/T at work almost every day, doing 60 hours a week minimum for the last 4 weeks. Love making that paper. Helping with the T-Bird's restoration <3

    3. mh488


      I think 12hrs in a day is enough. Im working between 40 and 60 hrs a week, wishing it was only 40. The older I get the fewer hours I want to work but the bills keep coming thanks to my aging Taurus. Lol

    4. Shade


      the pay will make it worth the time. always does :)

  10. All I do is work but this bank account ain't getting bigger!

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    2. TaurusKev


      I know the feeling.

    3. mh488


      Everything keeps going up except the paycheck.

      The Taurus was designed for 100k, now it needs everything replaced...including it.

    4. Brian_05_SEL


      Yeah, that feeling gets old real fast.

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