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  1. Hello all, long-story short i've acquired a spectacular 96 bull w/ 26k miles. I bought a PIE FRDR-AUX off of eBay and upon arrival today, there's no harness included that allows me to connect it to the RCU. The seller is adamant that the harness didn't come with the unit in the first place, but I find that hard to believe. Can anybody confirm this before I make a case with eBay and PayPal??? TIA!
  2. Hey All! I've been looking to get a car on and off for a while now. Found this sable today and would like some thoughts, maybe things to check for? I know rust in the wheel wells and floor pans are a big problem, but I'm guessing with the low miles it was grannied a bit? I might go look at it next week- I'd have my mechanic look it over too. Thanks in advance. http://cleveland.craigslist.org/cto/5314297306.html
  3. Thanks for the input Stocker; Found another of his adds, has some more pics. http://cleveland.craigslist.org/cto/4973776626.html
  4. http://akroncanton.craigslist.org/cto/5007555466.html Ran into this guy the other day as I was looking at the truck, talked to him for a bit and he said it was for sale. Not extremely hard pressed for a truck at the moment, but if this will hold up for a long time and the price works out, I might not be able to help my self. Thoughts/Opinions Appreciated. Thanks
  5. Thing I did/ wanted to do to mine AVS Shades plasti dip 04-05 tails silverstars white gauge clusters platinum trim mach w/ new speakers - cost me less than 100 SHO seats new sable badging
  6. Found another, better looking bull, added link to original post. Thanks for thoughts
  7. I'm looking to get a beater to bring back with me to school in January, thoughts on this find? http://cleveland.craigslist.org/cto/4775173239.html http://cleveland.craigslist.org/cto/4753794565.html
  8. Thought this was funny and I thought I'd share.
  9. I miss my Sable...

    1. TaurusKev


      I know the feeling. The pain sucks, but somewhere out there, is another car that'll bring you another joy. For me, the 95 Taurus helped me get over my 95 Contour.

    2. ShelbyRacer78


      I miss my silver frost queen at times, but black beauty though.....the DOHC power!!!

  10. I've got some stuff that i took from my Sable before she was crushed if anyones interested. I'll throw in the cargo net to whoever wants it. Wireless Keypad Entry - $50 OEM Mercury Winter floor mats - $50 AVS Shade for Sable - $40 Homelink sun visors - $40 These are all older pictures , PM If interested. Shipping from 44011
  11. Died at 169,329. Tranny died but the car still started up and rode great.
  12. Obviously I'd love another bull but the impala seems like it will be fun, and its rust free. I think it has the 3.8l v6 so a bit more oomphm than the Vulcan. Rust on my passenger side was getting bad and I don't want to even think what the floor boards looked like.
  13. Looks like i had the last ride in the Sable yesterday. Was waiting at a red light, hit the gas to go and didn't move. Got it towed and the shop thinks its the transmission. They also said that something was letting coolant gush everywhere and that a ball joint and a tie rod needs replacing. Estimate is 3-5 thousand. Best financial decision is to replace it, 7 months until college and i wouldn't have been taking the Sable with me. Sable had almost 170k miles on it, and wasn't maintained well from 0 - 150. I'm going to get some stuff from it on Monday and then she'll be taken away. I wanted to
  14. The tranny in my Sable died =(

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    2. Josh_GL_Limited


      Please tell me you are getting this repaired?

    3. DuraBull
    4. Brian_05_SEL


      Stop breaking your cars, people! :o

  15. Saw some yellow/green spots in the snow coming from my Sable, Anything to worry about?

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    2. -chart-
    3. Jeff


      Lol @ squirrel pee. And from chart too makes it great lol

    4. Bull Geek
  16. Yeah if its cold enough out mine will freeze. My drivers door froze today. Ill just unlock and lock the doors until the door shuts.
  17. So I guess this app is allowing stock trading without brokerage fees early next year. https://www.robinhood.io/?ref=grFfyy

    1. The White Falcon

      The White Falcon

      Something tells me the SEC won't like that.

  18. I think my grandma's 95 has lighted cruise control, so it's possible that the 96 could as well.
  19. Bought these on accident, anybody want? $30 + shipping from 44011.
  20. Would a 3157 bulb work in place of a 3457?

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    2. -chart-


      3157 and 3457 are the same thing. Wedge base S-8, double fil 400-500 Lumens.


    3. Brian_05_SEL


      I think the only difference of note is that one could have double filaments (Hi/Lo) for flashers and parking lamps.

    4. -chart-


      I will stick the bulb list in charts tips today.


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