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  1. There are a few stragglers yet, lol.
  2. Nice Charger Jeff, of all the FCA vehicles I think the Charger is one of the best. Too bad the Fusion did pan out for you, its a decent car but I really don't fully put all my faith in that 1.5/1.6L platform. It has reached the point where everyone has pretty much said goodbye to the Gen 4 cars. I would have kept mine longer, it was running great, it was just at the point where I would have driven it into the ground and let it rot out. If things had panned out a little different in my life I probably would have kept that Forester and drove it until it blew up (the head gaskets would have gone again or the timing belt). Really I was driving that thing around 300 miles a week and it was reliable. I really like the F150 though, its super comfortable, powerful as hell, and drives down the road effortlessly. I just wish it was a little better on fuel.
  3. How does the little 3 Cyl turbo move? I'm sure that thing is amazing on gas, I just don't know how people drive those super small cars. That's what happens when you buy a vehicle that has interior proportions similar to that of a small room...you get spoiled.
  4. They give you a lot of room under the hood of that Buick since it also had to fit the Northstar V8 in there. DOHC V8 takes up alot of space.
  5. They tell you whats wrong or just give you a bunch of BS? I just don't understand how these dealers can't repair problems on cars in a timely manner, its kinda crazy they fall that far behind in repairs and have to push work out 1 or 2 weeks. I was satisfied with how Broadway Ford in Green Bay handled the F150, they called me late in the afternoon and told me that both the IWEs were bad and that they had already started to replace them and it should be ready some time tomorrow, followed by asking me if I need a loaner car for the next morning. When I went to pick the truck up the next day it had been washed and was all ready to go. I just had to pay my $100 deductible. I did talk to the service advisor and she told me that the IWE failure is fairly common on the F150 particular in the northern climates where it gets well below freezing and snow/ice can build up and hang on the back side of the hub and around the axle for extended periods of time. To me that basically means Ford uses a part that cannot withstand the elements and results in failure. There's the driver side new IWE.
  6. Call from the dealer today about the F150 confirmed my suspicions. Took them most of the day to get it to act up but both IWEs have failed and need to be replaced, good thing those are covered under the CPO warranty. I'm going to have a little chat with the dealer tomorrow about how and why this seems to happen so often (well documented issue with the F150) and if Ford has given any direction besides to just throw parts at it.
  7. I'd have to agree with you that if the computer on the car says its out of time, then its probably out of time, or some sensor is bad. I just really don't understand how it can be so difficult to repair some of these engines. There are dozens of engines that require the timing belt to be removed to have the water pump replaced, it shouldn't be rocket science.
  8. Reading both of your posts Jeff I am quite surprised Ford had such a hard time getting the parts for an engine that they put in how many tens of thousands of cars every year. And then they can't put the timing belt back on correctly...sounds like a setup to me. I'd be pissed if it took 2 weeks to replace a water pump and then come to find out they messed up the job. I really thought the 1.5/1.6 Ecoboost drove well and had plenty of power but I remember telling my ex-girlfriend when she bought that Fusion "That 1.6 is a nice engine but its complicated and will have problems and be expensive to repair if you keep it as long as your planning, I'd go with the old school simple 2.5 if you can find one it won't have any issues for as long as you own it". Hopefully she remembers I told her that when it comes time for some major repair, lol. That 2.5L is a little trooper of an engine, you've driven it. Its nothing exciting but there is nothing to go wrong on it. My dads '10 Fusion has 125k on it and all he has done is oil changes, spark plugs, and a coolant flush/exchange.
  9. So today I saw my trucks twin but in King Ranch trim, and I noticed a few things which of course I prefer over my Lariat trim. 2013 Lariat grill with or without Chrome Package. Shown is chrome package, note the tow hooks are chrome. My truck is configured like this except for the addition of 2 tone paint, all Lariats have the chrome grill surround though. 2013 King Ranch without chrome package...bare tow hooks. KR without Chrome package has body color grill surround, KR with Chrome package has chrome grill surround. Now I want that blue grill surround and mirror skull caps!!
  10. That's gotta be quite the job on that 1.5/1.6 EB, that timing belt is oil bathed and the whole works. That's what's scary about all these new cars, they still have normal problems like a failing or faulty water pump but all the repairs are so intense because everything on the engine is so complex. Jeff you should really inquire how much that repair costs, some of the repairs that these cars will all likely face in the future are astronomical in cost. Like the $1300 rear window replacement on my F150, although that's not a normal repair I did feel that it was a bit expensive. I wouldn't have paid for it if I was out of warranty. Speaking of warranty work...I think I have a failing or beginning to fail IWE on the F150, random groaning and grinding noises from the front end when turning at speed, I'm sure that's gotta be close to a grand to replace an entire front hub and IWE actuator, next time I have the truck in for a free tire rotation I'm having the dealer check the front hubs and axle over. I really hope Ford has replaced that silly reverse vacuum system with something better on the new F150s, their system of having to apply vacuum to disengage the hubs is backwards and stupid. There are just too many variables that can cause something to go wrong. I'm sure my truck is also one of the 1.4 million trucks being considered for recall due to the 6R80s one major flaw.
  11. Activated fog light DRLs. The previous owner had put some super bright white LEDs in to match the HID headlights.
  12. The Ecoboosts direct injection starts well in the cold weather, I had left the truck sitting outside all day at my dads which is out in open farm land so it was a solid -13 when I went to start, fired right up with just a slightly slower cranking, meanwhile my dads 2005 F150 wouldn't start and had to be put on the battery charger, 10 min later there was just enough juice to get the 5.4 to crank over and start. In sloppy noisy cam phaser 5.4L fashion of course. As I figured the Ecoboost struggled to get up to operating temperature in city driving, I could have driven around for an hour in town and it would have never gotten to 190 degrees, just way too much radiator and that super cold air. Hitting the highway and letting the engine work got it up to where it normally runs right around 200 degrees. The transmission on the other hand, it never seems to get over 130 in this weather and from what I've read online the internal thermostat in the 6R80 doesn't open up until 170 degrees so the fluid isn't even looping though the cooler, it just stays that cool pumping internally. Probably smart thinking on Fords part using that internal thermostat, in conditions like this the transmission would never stand a chance warming up. I guess that's all a sign that they do design these vehicles to handle the extra heat that comes from towing 10,000lbs. Then my sister called me today complaining about the cost to service her 2014 Mazda CX5, first oil change she has had to take care of and they pulled $90 from her for it. 5 quarts of Mazda branded 0W-20 full synthetic oil and an $11.00 oil filter. I told her she could change it herself and it would only cost $30 at most, there was a short pause before she said "you might have to show me how". I could see her doing it too, she's quite the independent young woman and has a pretty strong can-do attitude. Then she told me they wanted $300 to just replace rear rotors on that car and I was speechless. I know Mazda's have some issues with premature brake wear but holy crap then they want a fortune to replace them.
  13. Who told you to look at the 4Runners again ;). I havent been in one of the newer generation trucks but its a solid vehicle, its got the right amount of tech but also old school back bone with the 4.0L V6 and 5 speed trans. You'll have that for a long time. There is pretty good aftermarket for the 4Runners too, first thing I would do if you plan to go off road is get a set of 17 or 18 inch rims with some meatier tires and sell the 20s. And speaking of 4 Low, we had our first really good snow on Wednesday, I measured a solid 9 inches in our yard. I was reasonably impressed with the F150s performance in 4 wheel drive on the open roads, I had to turn traction control off though, it just messed things up and fought against me plus the damn ABS pump or whatever limits engine power under the hood makes so much noise. The truck is essentially useless in 2wd even with the rear diff locked and extra weight, but put it in 4 wheel drive and it pulls through anything. So after getting onto some unplowed back roads with curves and hills I wanted to see what it could really do and dropped it in 4low with the rear differential locked. Wow is all I have to say, the Ecoboost is a pure beast in 4low, your going 15mph with the engine turning 2500rpm or so and if you even tap the throttle its just solid torque and your thrown back. I let the truck shift on its own but I was surprised it didn't hunt for gears, it looked like Ford actually programed the 6R80 to stay in a low gear and hold the revs high, the fastest I went was right around 20mph and it stayed in 3rd gear holding revs right around 2800rpm. The little off road truck app changes too, the rear diff shows a big "X" for locked and the transfer case lights up purple instead of green, on top of 4 other warning/information lights that come on. Which may have been a bit over the top. I was also really happy I bought a truck with the 4x4 automatic mode, I have been running in that mode since Wednesday since a lot of roads are still slick with packed snow, its just that 2wd is so useless and when making a turn or trying to accelerate it just does nothing. Instead of having to shift in and out of 4 high and waiting for the front hubs to lock and unlock every time before taking off from a slick spot or on an incline its so much nicer to leave the whole drive line locked and let the clutch or whatever in the transfer case send power to where its needed.
  14. The Official Dang Near Anything Thread

    All the newer half ton pickups are super nice to drive, very comfortable, lots of power, and besides the size they probably give you the best visibility of any vehicle on the road today. All newer cars are shift happy and want to lug, that's how all the manufactures are going to get their fuel economy numbers, using 8 and 10 speed transmissions.
  15. The Official Dang Near Anything Thread

    So today I got to drive a 2016 Ram 2500 with the 6.4L hemi. This is the first big V8 I have driven in a while, not including the 5.3L GM V8 which doesn't count in this comparison. I'm thinking big truck, big 6.4L V8 power and torque, this thing will really move. Needless to say the Ecoboost really does spoil you, this huge V8 just didn't feel to have the same amount of power and motivation. I know for a fact the power is there, this engine is FCAs bread and butter in terms of power. Its just so weird how different a large displacement V8 responds and applies its power compared to that twin turbo V6.