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  1. Who told you to look at the 4Runners again ;). I havent been in one of the newer generation trucks but its a solid vehicle, its got the right amount of tech but also old school back bone with the 4.0L V6 and 5 speed trans. You'll have that for a long time. There is pretty good aftermarket for the 4Runners too, first thing I would do if you plan to go off road is get a set of 17 or 18 inch rims with some meatier tires and sell the 20s. And speaking of 4 Low, we had our first really good snow on Wednesday, I measured a solid 9 inches in our yard. I was reasonably impressed with the F150s performance in 4 wheel drive on the open roads, I had to turn traction control off though, it just messed things up and fought against me plus the damn ABS pump or whatever limits engine power under the hood makes so much noise. The truck is essentially useless in 2wd even with the rear diff locked and extra weight, but put it in 4 wheel drive and it pulls through anything. So after getting onto some unplowed back roads with curves and hills I wanted to see what it could really do and dropped it in 4low with the rear differential locked. Wow is all I have to say, the Ecoboost is a pure beast in 4low, your going 15mph with the engine turning 2500rpm or so and if you even tap the throttle its just solid torque and your thrown back. I let the truck shift on its own but I was surprised it didn't hunt for gears, it looked like Ford actually programed the 6R80 to stay in a low gear and hold the revs high, the fastest I went was right around 20mph and it stayed in 3rd gear holding revs right around 2800rpm. The little off road truck app changes too, the rear diff shows a big "X" for locked and the transfer case lights up purple instead of green, on top of 4 other warning/information lights that come on. Which may have been a bit over the top. I was also really happy I bought a truck with the 4x4 automatic mode, I have been running in that mode since Wednesday since a lot of roads are still slick with packed snow, its just that 2wd is so useless and when making a turn or trying to accelerate it just does nothing. Instead of having to shift in and out of 4 high and waiting for the front hubs to lock and unlock every time before taking off from a slick spot or on an incline its so much nicer to leave the whole drive line locked and let the clutch or whatever in the transfer case send power to where its needed.
  2. All the newer half ton pickups are super nice to drive, very comfortable, lots of power, and besides the size they probably give you the best visibility of any vehicle on the road today. All newer cars are shift happy and want to lug, that's how all the manufactures are going to get their fuel economy numbers, using 8 and 10 speed transmissions.
  3. So today I got to drive a 2016 Ram 2500 with the 6.4L hemi. This is the first big V8 I have driven in a while, not including the 5.3L GM V8 which doesn't count in this comparison. I'm thinking big truck, big 6.4L V8 power and torque, this thing will really move. Needless to say the Ecoboost really does spoil you, this huge V8 just didn't feel to have the same amount of power and motivation. I know for a fact the power is there, this engine is FCAs bread and butter in terms of power. Its just so weird how different a large displacement V8 responds and applies its power compared to that twin turbo V6.
  4. Looks like someone ran it over its bent so bad, and those motorcraft filters are pretty sturdy. I don't blame you Jeff, when I buy an oil filter I always inspect it in the box before I commit to buying it. If its got one dent from being dropped I put it back and move onto the next one. This is why I think I will be the only one changing the oil on the F150. Its somewhat of a complex oil change with having to remove a huge splash shield, a rubber cover/plug, and opening up a little flap behind the bumper to reach the filter. There are way too many moving parts to that oil change and anyone who is in a rush (99% of guys doing oil changes) will cut corners. The automakers/entire auto industry and their obscenely long oil change intervals is another topic of conversation. I reset to 50% oil life on the F150 every time.
  5. Took the front end off a Jeep today. These old Cherokees are so easy to work on. This little truck was defiantly worth saving from the scrap yard. The body is still in decent shape for a 18 year old Wisconsin Jeep. When were done with it, its going to have a whole new front end, nice big steel bumper (so the next deer bounces off), and be riding a few inches higher. I also found out today that you really do have to let the pressure out of your tires after pumping them up for towing. I never got the time or forgot to drop the pressure from my tires when towing the jeep seen above, that was ~44psi at 25 degrees. Well it was 60 degrees today so those tires were rocks and it was one of the most uncomfortable drives with the F150 at 70mph on the highway, it felt like the back of the truck wasn't on the road. Needless to say I had to stop and let over 15psi out of the rear tires.
  6. I put the F150 and the Ecoboost to a real test today. My buddy smoked a deer a week or 2 ago and had to go through all the hoops of insurance before he could buy his 1999 Cherokee back since they totaled it out. Radiator was ruptured during the hit so moving the car 175 miles back to Green Bay under its own power where his dad has a heated shop was out of the question. I offered and rented a Uhaul car trailer and we were on our way. I was a little surprised at the weight of the Uhaul car trailer, I couldn't believe it was over 2000 lbs but once I hooked up to it I believed it was, its a pretty hefty trailer. The Cherokee comes it right around 3200lbs so I think I was pulling a solid 5200-5500 lbs, add in the extra few hundred lbs of miscellaneous junk and parts in the bed and I was easily moving an extra 3 tons. The F150 and Ecoboost no doubt have the power to move the extra weight and I was very impressed with how well it handled. Tow/haul held the gears longer and was very eager to drop gears when slowing down to aide in braking. The truck comfortably drove along at 70mph in 6th gear below 2000 rpm. Once I adjusted to driving with that super top heavy load I was good to go. The truck sagged a little bit but it was a pretty tongue heavy load, the 2" drop hitch wasn't the best choice for that trailer once loaded. The only adjustments I made or would have made in the future would have been to use a straight 0 drop hitch and to have better tires on the truck, once we loaded the Jeep I made the immediate decision to air my wimpy P tires (rear only) up to max 44psi. Its hard to tell but the rear tires are bulging out pretty good in the first picture, they were at ~32-35 psi. Those P rated tires are just not built to handle heavy loads, seeing and feeling the response to a real load will help push me to buy LT D load rated tires in the future. Pickup at the dealership, Madison WI. Drop off ~ Abrams Wi Oh yah average fuel economy when towing this load was 13.2 mpg. The 3.5 will pull like a horse but it comes at a cost.
  7. You don't hear of flex plates going bad very often. Only vehicle I know of that has a flex plate issue is the early 99 Ford Super Duties with the 7.3L PSD. They start to rattle and eventually shatter, when my friend had his F250 that was one of the 1st things he replaced, installed a performance billet flex plate in the stock ones place.
  8. Only had to drive 30min to go see this beauty. #99 of 250. Buyer is John Bergstrom, of Bergstorm Automotive, car was on display at Bergstrom Ford of Neenah. Seems he is following though on what Ford wanted with the cars to be shared and let people see them instead of hidden away in some millionaires collection. They had it all over online when it was arriving and could be viewed, no questions asked when I told the guy greeting me at the door I just wanted to see the GT. Funny thing was that this dealership has the rarest most expensive Ford car in production but when I asked to see a Fusion Sport I was told they don't have any, I was a little disappointed.
  9. The Fumoto valve I ordered for the F150 arrived today, now I just have to wait another 10,000 miles before I actually get to use it for an oil change. The setup on the F150 is kinda crappy in that the oil splashes off of the sway bar when draining, plus who doesn't like not having to remove a drain plug every time. I ordered the N series valve so I can push a hose right onto the end of the valve and go straight to a drain pan or jug. They are a neat little drain valve, I'd recommend them to anyone. One of my friends has used one for quite a while with no issues. If they are good enough for heavy equipment they are more than good enough for a passenger car. http://www.fumotousa.com/about-fumoto-valves.php
  10. All transits have the 6R80 transmission, its basically an F150 underneath the van skin and unibody. Very surprising it shifted poorly, the 6R80 is a great unit, shifts quick and firm, its a strong transmission. The programming must be a lot different for the Transit than the F150. The 6R80 was pretty much Ford's bread and butter in terms of RWD transmissions (excluding the HD units) up to this year with the intro of the 10R80. That new 10 speed will be behind all of the truck engines except the new 3.3L which will retain the 6R80. I don't know why everyone rags on the powershift so much, I mean clearly it has documented issues but I thought it shifted just fine, and I logged quite a few miles behind the wheel of a 2013 Focus, enough that I would have noticed a crappy shifting transmission. If memory serves me right I believe the owner of that car told me she had it go in under recall to be replaced or something. The only part I hated was pulling the car forward into a garage, that car did not creep forward like a normal automatic transmission. Pulling that car forward into a garage I felt so scared I was going to hit something. Pulling that little car into a garage was worse than pulling the giant F150 in which is like trying to thread a needle.
  11. Wondering if anyone is interested in the 96 Taurus JBL RCU that I have left over from the SHO. It still worked when I pulled it out but output seemed to be way down. Shoot me a PM.
  12. Those rims were a little chewed up, not bad though. They were good 10 foot wheels, any closer and you could see the blemishes. I had them on the 2002 for a few months before passing them onto Brian. The nice "Ford" center caps went on the Centennial rims that Nick had on the SHO, and made those rims look really good. Speaking of rims, I did sent take my set of SHO Chrommies to the scrap yard. Dropped them off at Alter Metal in Green Bay and got 59 cents a pound, at 77lbs it was a quick $45 in my pocket. Watched them drop them into a big bin of other raw aluminum. I was impressed at the amount of material that they process through that place, it was a non stop line of trucks coming over the scale loaded with scrap. It wasn't really much of a loss, they were in rough shape, leaked air, peeling coating really bad, and one of them was bent. The old Yokohama tires I was able to pawn off onto a used tire store for the price of dismounting them.
  13. I think those rims have had over 10 owners now.
  14. Those rims look familiar...Brian?
  15. I'd stay away from a Jeep with air suspension and all that fancy stuff, its going to cost a fortune if that stuff gives out and I just don't trust Chrysler quality, even though the new Grand Cherokees look amazing. I hate to promote a foreign vehicle but go take a mid to late 2000s 4Runner with the V8 for a spin, you won't be disappointed. That 4.7L V8 is a beast in the lighter 4Runner chassis, and you won't have to worry about the biggest problems with those trucks since you live down south and nothing rusts. Its a real SUV and can do real SUV things, and its got the muscle under the hood. I test drove one last year and I was very impressed with the handling and power, and to be honest its a higher quality vehicle and will have less problems than any Chrysler product. All of those 4runners are imported from Japan so the build quality is much higher than USA built Toyotas. This body style with the facelift (projector headlights), like 05-09 I think. Only go for the 4.7, the 4.0 V6 just doesn't do it. Don't get me wrong I really like the F150, but I really like SUVs too. I enjoyed the 2002 Explorer a lot and I think that's why in a few years depending if Ford does things right, I'll be looking at getting a Bronco.