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  1. Some pictures I have taken from the past few weeks. Me pulling into the driveway and realizing how big the F150 is compared to the SHO or any normal car, or maybe its just that a normal 2.5 car garage is not designed to handle a full sized pickup. Antenna hits the bottom of the garage door when pulling in or backing out. We took a vacation to Colorado last week, had a Expedition for our rental, very impressed with the fuel economy of the EB in this SUV, cruising at 80mph it was pulling 20mpg with ease and at 8000 feet to boot. Overall a very impressive vehicle, gobs of power, smooth as hell driving down the road, and the SWB variant we had is super easy to manage in tight spaces. You didn't have to baby this thing near as much to get the good fuel numbers like you have to with the F150. This vehicle is on the top of my list if and when I am ever in the market for a family hauler. I'm just shy of 6' tall, and look at the third row leg room, my thighs are flat on the seat cushion. 85 Octane gas at 10,000 feet. I opted for the more expensive 87 for the Ecoboost.
  2. How many guys does it take to inspect a car, that has gotta be one of the most inefficient shops I have ever seen. Pretty good material though.
  3. I got the SHO unwrapped this weekend. Fired right up no effort with that V8 roar. Took it for a quick spin to get it warmed up, everything seemed to be good. That bright red sure looks good sitting next to the dark metallic blue F150. The SHO V8 is like the exact opposite of the Ecoboost so it was a interesting driving experience. Although both vehicles have the same issue...its hard to keep your foot out of them. Not looking at any numbers or figures it sure feels like that 6000lb truck could out run the 3300lb SHO with ease, the Ecoboost never feels like it runs out of power it just keeps pulling. Its gotta be around 7 seconds 0-60, and I know the SHO isn't that fast.
  4. Not saying this is your problem but one of my friends had family that had a Ford 500 that had a similar issue. The whole firewall was just bad and leaked water in everywhere. Probably some seam opened up somewhere on your firewall and is letting water slip in.
  5. I took the hard tonneau cover off the truck so I can actually haul stuff around which I actually did immediately following that. The cover retailed for over $800 new so I am hoping to get a few hundred from it at some point. Most likely should cover the cost of a new soft roll up cover. I will probably ditch the drop in plastic bed liner at some point too, get it sprayed with LineX instead.
  6. Well the big revel, the new vehicle. I didn't hold back on this one. 2013 F150 Lariat Crew Cab 4x4, 3.5L EB. 38,000 miles. Lariat plus package Chrome Package "Eyeball" HIDs Max trailer tow with 3.55 electronic locking rear axle 36 gallon gas tank Sony premium sound, navigation, etc. About as loaded as a Lariat can get. In Blue Jeans Metallic with Pale Adobe two tone and a black interior. The truck is in amazing shape, only 1 blemish on the tailgate. Interior is in perfect condition, already has front and rear weather tech mats. Previous owner converted everything over to LED, the tail lights are ok but I think they are going to go and I'll switch back to the incandescent bulbs. I really like the billet grill insert and will keep that in place. The hard tonneau cover is going to go though, its useless to me. It rides like a truck but honestly its like driving a luxury vehicle, its super quiet and smooth, and the ecoboost just pulls like a freight train. Its a lot of truck but I plan on keeping it a long time and it will be the right choice. The truck can haul just about anything, and with that massive interior it will make a good family vehicle in the future. I figured I better buy what I want now before I do have other commitments and can't afford it. Everyone else with other cars hangs around here so I won't wander too far away, this is a good tight knit forum and I will continue to share, plus I still have the SHO machine.
  7. I sold the Subaru earlier this evening. For more than I paid for it so I did pretty good. Big update to follow at the end of the week...stay tuned. Hints in signature.
  8. It's not your fault Nick, it was just older hardware, 21 years of use is bound to have some effect.
  9. I think it all started for Ford with the 6.7L PSD, whats cool there is it has a independent cooling system that runs colder than the engine coolant. I would assume most of the new EB engines use a water to air charged air cooler, except for a few models. I would have to believe the Focus RS is a normal air to air intercooler based on the massive cooler you can see in the lower part of the grill.
  10. Intercooler is water to air on the 1.5L, so its not so simple. You can see it pretty easy when you pop the hood, it basically is the intake manifold, kind silver looking with 2 coolant hoses going to it. It fits right onto the engine block so I doubt it would be an easy swap or cheap for aftermarket. Silver is all intercooler. The 2 blue "stoppers" are sealing off the coolant in and out lines. Follow the pressure air intake going right to it.
  11. I'd run Mobil 1 Full Syn of whatever grade Ford says to use. I have never heard anyone say anything bad about Mobil 1 ever and that full synthetic should be up to the job. Like any modern engine with VCT or VVT or DIVCT or whatever use what grade of oil the manufacturer says since those systems all run off the oil pressure. I wouldn't worry much about heat, I think the 1.5 EB has a water/oil cooler mounted to the front of the block. Like any turbo car too, (I don't care if someone disagrees with this or not) after a drive where you are pushing the car harder do not just shut the car off right away, let that engine idle for a minute to cool that turbo down. Those things suck up alot of heat to actually work and it can take a while for it to dissipate, keep the air/oil/coolant moving though it for a minute or so if you were just pushing it hard. I know its not seeing the temperature of a diesel engine but I've seen guys let turbo diesels idle for 5 minutes to get their EGTs down after running it hard.
  12. I'm not saying the tune alone will lead to problems, but ones tendency to drive the car much harder with almost 50 more hp will. Those tunes advance the timing on the engine big time as well. If it were my car I probably would tune it simply due to all the other advantage the tune offers, its just making sure you don't start sacrificing engine life on a 4 door family sedan for performance. I wouldn't mess with much else, leave it all stock. Enjoy the fact that you know that your common sedan is a step above the other ones you are likely going to run into on the road.
  13. I'm quite happy with the Mach RCU and the Infinity Reference speakers. Actually the car needs new tweeters since the current ones (assuming they are JBL as well and you didn't just swap the grills) are all crackly and what not. That old JBL hardware was just worn out and needed to be replaced.
  14. I'd go for the 87 tune for sure for the improved shifting but its $599, that's not chump change.
  15. Some items I have and would like to clear out. Seeing if anyone is interested I have a working power antenna motor/assembly without the cord. It will likely will need a new mast but the current mast does still work and is not bent. The Wisconsin winters were not kind to it and it froze too many times and I was sick of it. The other item is a JBL RCU from the SHO, I believe the RCU had some sort of internal failure as the sound output was very weak and intermittent from various speakers before I removed and swapped for a Mach RCU from a 2003 car. I also still have the JBL sub but it is still in place in the SHO and I'm not digging it out until the car is back on the road for spring. PM me if interested.