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  1. Hey, First chance I have had to post in a few days, sorry. They place the mic at the top right of the windshield. From what I understand it is more common to have it 12" over an six" up on the bottom right, but it would not have made a difference. Last year I actually hit [email protected] before I went to the competition. This year with a ported box it was 140.1. I am not gonna bother flipping the box around, I am just going to build a new one. I really liked how a grandam that was at the competition sounded with this style box. It'll be front facing, and I'll be sealing it off from the
  2. So sometime the end of august you'll be back towards toronto area?
  3. Oh hi. So the competition was this weekend. And what do I have to say about it? Pathetic. Absolutely. This year, with the new box, upgraded wiring, alternator, I hit lower than last year, at only [email protected] I was hoping to hit at least 143 with the new box. I must have some issues that I can't visually see. The box in my sig is what is in the car now. It didn't seem to make a difference what settings I had the amp at, back seat in or out, I couldn't make it to 141.. Ideas?
  4. Well, I know this isn't going to attract a large audience, but anybody want to have a meet or get together this summer?
  5. Well last year on a termlap I hit [email protected], that seemed to be the loudest, 25hz, 55hz 45hz were considerably lower.
  6. Well $120 or so for a set of new fenders... doesnt look like hoods are there anymore.. s**t.
  7. We have a company in canada called Cross Canada that stocks new fenders and hoods for the taurus still. http://ecat.crosscanadaparts.com/php2/cross/base/dropdowns.php?last0=FORD&last1=TAUR&make=FORD&model=TAUR&year=1990 they have a location just over the border in windsor.
  8. So there is a sound competition coming up at a local car show. Its a no frills, not so many rules type event, just moreso see who is loudest. Its basically divided up into cone area divisions. I just built a new box ported to 32hz. Last year sealed, I hit [email protected] So, is this the tone I should use this year? Also, since last year, I have upgraded the big three to 1/0, a 200A alternator. I have the option available to me right now to get some 4/0, prob enough to do one run of postive and negative. if not, I could take the 2 #4 power cables i have right now, use them as grounds, and run
  9. I like the idea of taurusowner and sableowner.com!!
  10. LOL.. I was confused, I was like a comment? wtf. Im not that international, save that for the randoms from russia and such!

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