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  1. It was originally supposed to be tuned to 37, but its actually around 39hz because I boo booed on the opening but 1/2" during construction. I have a crazy Idea for my car.. I am not sure if i will ever be able to afford it, but its definitely worth thinking about!
  2. Thanks! I need to update my sig, so the old box isn't in it anymore! I am still using the same JBL's, and the same Fusion NV2500 amp. This box is definitely a MAJOR improvement over anything I have had previously... With the ported the lows weren't loud enough, and it was just meh. this one here, the lows are just wow... Its not painful in the chest like the 6K grandam I sat in, but I am definitely in the right direction!
  3. So today I pulled the seat as far forward as I could and still close the doors (3" maybe?) And all I have to say is WOW!! It is much much better than my previous setup!
  4. I just bypassed my factory cooler all together, and have a large cooler installed. No bypass, and have not had any problems..
  5. I didn' t have to cut the bracing, it broke due to vibrations... Is that the major hang up ?
  6. I might as well play too. 75AH Deep Cycle battery, a 38"x33" box, and a couple amps... I guess if I need to, I might be able to transport a 2L bottle of pop... (or soda for you americans )
  7. If you have a random leak that doesn't seem to have a source, check into the transmission vent valve/tube. I did a write up on the subject when I discovered it back in the day on TCCA. I have never copied it over to here, but if anybody wants to have it here, you are more than welcome to bring it here.
  8. That sucks. Looking for a way to put a fold down seat in my car. Did the 1996's have the third shoulder belt?
  9. Well I enjoy it, so, I guess I believe it to be necessary. What kind of amp is that? it almost looks like a late 80s VCR
  10. What year did they start offering fold down seats in the taurus?
  11. Well I built my first six order bandpass enclosure last week and did some taping today to seal it off from the rest of the trunk. The biggest benefit so far has been the fact the trunk rattle has been reduced to basically zero. Once the windshield is re-sealed I would imagine there will be very little rattle period. I didn't design this box, Its far from perfect, but this is my first attempt at this design. It was built in two pieces and joined after installed.
  12. wtf is a terrorits and why was he lucky to be shot by a sniper?
  13. I can't access this on my car since i have the new box in and its too big. Can somebody measure between their strut towers on their g1-g2 cars?
  14. Did you try swapping the TPS yet? Also, does it slip at all when you first start off? If you punch it from a stop, does it rev up before it engages?
  15. I believe on the G1 Taurus it was only the 3 speed atx that had this problem. I am quite sure it was only on the four banger models that they used this transmission. I've had the axles out of my transmission and did not encounter the spline gear falling into the transmission.
  16. its the piece in the middle under the upper intake in that picture, right in the center of all those components
  17. I am looking for the lower intake manifold, its bolted between the heads, it is aluminum. are we talking about the same thing? Your upper intake bolts on to it..
  18. The speedo cable could just be seated incorrectly, I wouldn't be too concerned about that yet. Did you try pulling any error codes?
  19. My car has a TV cable for controlling the shifting. Yours is all computer controlled. What is the condition of the VSS? Also, did you install this transmission cooler that you picked up, if so, you installed it on the correct line?
  20. what generation were these for?
  21. Oil pan gasket, check it out to see what kind of condition it is, Every single bull I have owned has leaked from the oil pan gasket..
  22. Hey, I have had the subframe off a couple of times on my car. Has your car had the rear subframe recall done on it? Since it is a safety recall, I dont believe it expires. If it has not had the job done yet, get the car to the dealer, they will install new bolts, and they will install the kit. This involves cutting a 2 1/2" hole in the floor pan to get at the top "nuts" that the bolts drive into, and then when you remove the subframe you only have the front bolts to worry about. One of my old cars had deteriorated bushings, after I replaced them I could not believe how much the ride was
  23. Well I am hoping the body of the car won't sound as angry! haha
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