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  1. Well I figure the peak should be pretty accurate. I am gonna see if I can pull this off in the next little bit.
  2. So Im toying with the idea right now to screw around just a bit more with what I have before retiring/selling it. Im thinking of bring the current 6th order bandbass into the back seat right upto the B-pillar and building a wall around it, and sealing it off from the rest of the car as best I can. Not only will this allow me to tinker with the car and figure out how to build a wall for the next system, I feel it should also give me a good indication what frequency the car will peak at with the cabin cut down to size. Therefore reducing some research and trial and error when it comes time to
  3. Prob tune it to. 36hz or so like my current box. Although I'm not sure what to tune the box to. I don't want to waste gobs of power to reproduce low low tones.
  4. This is such a typical attitude. I don't care about religions whatsoever, and don't give a damn if you are muslim, or christian, or satanic, as long as you treat me with respect I don't give a s**t. Ground zero, as sacred as it is is blocks away from the propose mosque. That attitude oh look its gonna be nearby how disrespectful is just plain ridiculous. Using that mentality the germans should never have been able to build anything near a battle ground.
  5. Hi there. My plans for the car are as follows: 2x21" Wardens, 1 xSoundigital SD12KD, Cabling, batteries, tbd. So looks like with some rough measurements I have approximately 36 cubic feet to play with, that puts me with a box that doesn't go into the trunk at all, stops right at the rear parcel shelf, and behind the headrest in the seat position I regularly drive in. Perhaps one more inch is possible If i tilt it up more. this is behind the B Pillar as well. I used an online calculator for my cubic feet calculation. I have 58 wide, 39" Tall, 28" deep. When i calculated it out
  6. I already built a new box, and used the same equipment. Why do you ask? If you look through the other threads there should be one titled new setup..
  7. So, I think I have it figured out what I want to do for next year with the system. Hopefully I can save up about 3k this winter to get this done. I think I wanna try a wall at the B-pillar with a set of 21" IA Wardens, just a regular ported box. I watched this video here: Its possible in a neon, it damn well better be possible in a 1990 Taurus. Looking at just using a couple audio pipe a30001d amps. Saw a guy at a local show here running two of them to 4 10s and hit 145.xx db at something ridiculous like 29hz. Anybody have any design tips?
  8. Oh I am not sure what is wrong with it, I have never sent it anywhere and it just sits in the closet in brand new condition in a box. I would like to get it fixed, i would like to try running 1k rms to each set
  9. Well I am pretty sure if I upped the power I would gain. I can't get the subs to bottom out, the amp peaks and it just flattens out and does not getting any louder. I am thinking about having somebody design an enclosure to put 4 18s in a clamshell type enclosure.
  10. So, I got some testing done. The car is peaking right at 35hz.. I hit 142.59 @ 35hz with the door closed, and a guy sitting on the windshield. With the door open it was 143.xx @ 35hz. Listening to Trust by megadeth, I am pretty sure if I recall correctly I hit [email protected] Its definitely louder than it was before, but I thought I would have hit about 143. The car does need to be sealed up some, there are holes where there used to be speakers in the doors, and the winshield is not sealed. All in all, I gained 2.5 by keeping the same equipment and just changing the box. Since the car is no
  11. you are putting carpet in your garage? that is strange....
  12. It does have Cruise control, and it works. I installed new quickstruts in 2007 on the car, that was a lot of fun, lol, I think they only have about 35k on them, the front springs/struts are fairly new as well. I recall in 2007 when I did the work the front end had new Ford springs and struts, so the notorious problem of broken springs is already taken care of. I do need to replace a front strut mount. The bearing used to make all kinds of noises, now it doesn't make any, which doesn't mean its fixed lol. Also, this could be related to the strut mount, but when I turn the wheel left or rig
  13. I plan to remove the upper, you think i should remove the lower as well? The coolant has been flushed at least once when I did the heater core. I never knew the lowers were prone to leak... I've never had one leak on my 1990, and its wayyyyy over the hill. Funny thing is, the 1990 has less rust than the 2000. figures
  14. So, I started with this company in February. They sought me out, I never applied, and it was basically handed to me. I thought it was a good deal, 23.5k/year to start with potential for bonus and advancement. I do inside sales at an electrical supply distributor (omron, allen bradley, siemens or just the core electrical supplies). We have four distributors for a city of 115k. And our manufacturing is in the ******* still, navistar used to employ 2k, and they've been shut down for over a year, taking many other trades and business with them. So, our sales are pathetic. I do inside sale
  15. Whats even more interesting, my 1990 vulcan, I hit the gas, and it just makes more noise... It can rarely break traction, and I like to think I take care of it. this car, I punch it, and I can do a decent peel out and break traction. I can't wait till It has a tuneup with filters changed (fuel, air). I also want to clean the maf sensor, can I use electrical contact cleaner for that. I plan on seafoaming, and possibly removing the upper to try and clean it up very good. Oh, and it has a coolant leak. I every once in a while I can smell it but can't find it. The maze of coolant hoses than
  16. So, my ex and I split in April 2007. She had this 2000 Vulcan Taurus that I chose for her, we licensed it and put the ownership in my name so her insurance would be lower. Well after nagging her and nagging her, she had been on my insurance for the last three years I decided it was time for her to either safety this car and license it on her own in her name or whatever, it did not matter to me, enough was enough... She was lending the car to friends, and that would affect my rates if something happened. The car hasn't had any preventative maintenance, only stuff that urgently needed attenti
  17. I am getting a G4 back from my ex. The body is in close to as bad shape as my 1990. Has 80k less kilometres than mine. I am wondering if I should try and retrofit all the suspension, subframe, to my 1990, and junk the rest. Can I just swap the mounts on the struts? That seems like the biggest hang up..
  18. I'll take a picture and try and get it posted this weekend of the strip.. Oh and Robert, vids are up
  19. Two media clips per thread.. so two more.
  20. As requested in the interior light thread, here are three action shots..
  21. True... But i normally have the back seat in... Unless I can get my hands on a g3/4 back seat to see how it fits to add fold down rear seats to my car.
  22. Well, for the longest time I've despised my interior lighting as being well, useless. In the winter I would drop something and not be able to see jack. And I only seem to remember that it sucks when I need it. Well I finally figured out a plan for improving it, and wow, what a difference it made. It is not complete as the product I used was just a sample, and I need to order more of the right color. Before After Unfortunately the mats are filthy right now from random spills... However, this is about the lighting. The manufacturer is a vendor with the company I work for, who was r
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