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  1. Well, It's been almost six months since my 90 has moved. After I pulled the system out, I parked the car and took the insurance off her. I am really at a cross roads now as to what to do with her. I dont want to say it breaks my heart, but driving by her every day in the parking lot is kind of a downer. She sits there, wanting attention, with her flat tire idle. I take the time to go out and fire her up once a month and let her warm up. But now I am really torn what to do with her. The bad: She needs a bunch of work... Tires, suspension, (inner tie rods, drive shafts. alignment, strut
  2. Hey Grailgolf, how about that boss 3.0 build? Did you ever sort out the dilemma you had in regards to photos of the build? The ones you said you took, but later claimed didn't exist? How did you make out with the custom tune SCT did for your build? How about the headers? Did it all work out in your favor?
  3. unless they air freight them (expensive.... like $300 FEDEX likely) it will probably be six weeks...
  4. No offence Loudsho, but have you ever considered they are dicking you around? I deal with european suppliers from time to time at work. Other suppliers have to wait for parts to be manufactured and brought over from Germany, and the lead time is usally only six to eight weeks. It's not that Europe is slow, but more so that it takes time slot the product into production. I have had product manufactured and imported in shorter time frames from Germany.
  5. Hi All. I didn't think this would ever happen really to be honest. After ten years of driving nothing but a Taurus, I am now the proud owner of a 99 Escort Sport. Drives great, will likely be much better on gas (needs a tune up) But I am not sad to see the 2000 go. It has been a thorn in my side ever since the ex bought it, what with its random coolant leak (still havent found it after three years).. Anyways, I have a pic.
  6. I have the clips., I am not sure about what gasket you are talking about I will have to pull them and look. The clips are no problem... The clips I'll sell to you for the price of a small bubble mailer.. prob a $3 or so.
  7. Yes. I will part those items. The water pump is a reman that I installed last year, the p/s pump and the fuel pump should be no problem either. Where are you located ? do you want the pulley and bracket for the p/s pump as well?
  8. Hey. Is anybody lookigng for 2000 taurus parts? Gonna be parting it and scrapping. Good bumpers interior is tan. Engine is high mielage vulcan. Three year old heater core. four year old quick struts in the rear. Mach rcu.
  9. Hi. I was planning to try and have it done for the 96-07 models. I have a prototype bar in my closet still from the first attempt. i know theprototype fit an sho, but could have used some tweaking. I will look some parts up tomorrow and see what i can find. What is the bar made of again?
  10. Hi, I haven't been really active in the last couple years, sure I do post from time to time, but its nothing like the good ole' post whorin days. Question, Has anybody come through on a Strut tower brace for our cars yet? My employment has changed, and I deal with quite a few different fab shops on a regular basis now. I think I could get these done at a decent cost this time around. I know last time I was looking into this the price was out to lunch and killed the project. However I now deal with probably a good 10 fab shops or so in a month. I am confident this could be done this tim
  11. Browsing kijiji today I came across this ad. http://london.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-cars-trucks-1996-Ford-Taurus-Sedan-must-go-1000-OBO-W0QQAdIdZ247335483 Sweet photo. lol
  12. I do not think it is fair to say negative things about Barry. He was an active member of the taurus community back when he had his old station wagon. Just because you don't drive a taurus doesn't mean you can't be an active member of the club. To be honest there has been a lot of trash talking towards him. We need to keep in mind hes just doing what he's forced to do. Barry was always a great member of the TCCA. It is too bad he is an administrator now who has no say in what really goes on.
  13. If you can organize a location we can try and organize a meet. I am in closer to windsor so the sites in Toronto are unknown to me to organize something.
  14. I am saying you can either mesh with our community and find out what the TCCA used to be all about. Cars, Community and fun. Back before the days of Ads, Money etc. I am not sure where the user ranks there anymore but I can guarantee the priority is not cars and community. We are allowed by their forum guidelines to have the web address in our sigs. Read the guidelines.
  15. JW, I find it interesting that you chose to start a pissing contest here. If you are such a tcca nuthugger, by all means go back. Or, you can stop being a dick and find out what the Taurus community is all about and become an active member. If not, leave. The place was better without you, so banning you would only be progress. Some people just need to be. Are you one of them?
  16. I dont recall if it will hang that low or not, but this is a picture of what you are looking for. http://www.supermotors.net/registry/media/689145
  17. hey. so today i was drivin home from my friends place and stopped for a train. it was at this moment i was stopped and repositioned in my seat that the pedal felt odd. i notice it has play from left to right. i have never noticed this before, is this normal? im not to famimiliar with the adjustable pedals on these cars so i do not know. i looked quickly and it seems the whole assembly has play, but not the gas pedal. can anybody confirm what i am experiencing?
  18. Well It is very ironic. We get all these motivational posters from our head office. They have their sayings oh success this, do that. I have never met somebody so demotivating than our regional manager. I could land a $20k order today, and if he was to ask my about my day, that wouldn't even matter, it would be, how many phone calls did you make, did you do this? Did you ask them if they need this? Why not? Its not pleasant knowing you have no way of pleasing the boss. I've been playing two roles this week my boss is away on holidays, so I have to place orders, field incoming calls,
  19. lol, the question? or the target. i can assure you are not a target. do you have some experise in this field?
  20. So, simply put. How do I get the regional boss canned? I have access to everybody in the company's email address, from the district, to the gm, all the way up to the owner. (large company). The regional boss is an unprofessional jack ***. Does nothing but demotivate employees, and whatever it takes to make you feel little. Example. Today he calls and he is attempting to be little a fellow employee on the phone. He talks loud, and even though the conversation is six feet away I can hear both ends loud and clear. Hes giving him a hard time for not calling him last night at 4pm, when
  21. So today I had to bring my daughter to the office. She brought a few items to keep her self occupied, and wanted to watch some wubbzy (she is five). I don't have a problem with this, but I keep an eye on her because one video relates to the next and so on and so on and now you are watching a carebear get decimated etc. Well I thought this was a sure thing today, wubbzy has its own channel with like 73 wubbzy videos . So I set her up watching this, she was happy occupied and I got a bit of work done. While she had wondered off I went over to the desk and this is what I saw. http://s25.phot
  22. Another vote for a rebuild. Had mine rebuilt with high out put parts for $100 or so.
  23. Well I figure the peak should be pretty accurate. I am gonna see if I can pull this off in the next little bit.
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