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  1. I used the same paint on my intake manifold. The base coat that I applied looked awesome, almost like a new aluminum look! I painted it the metallic blue and it looked awesome... however I would see if there is some sort of hi temp clear coat that you can apply to it. When I cleaned my engine with super clean it cleaned some of it off
  2. I hope everything works out and the problem isn't life threatening. Best wishes.
  3. Hi! Thank you for the very informative post. It will be extremely useful for people with interest in the vulcan going forward. Do you have any specifics on your valve spring set up, as in what they needed to do to make it work?
  4. Definitely curious to see how you make out!! good luck!
  5. I am not sure why you did not put this information in your original post. We have no way of knowing that you have frankensteined the electrical in your car. And fwiw, you are not going to fry any batteries or burn out your electronics. You still have a regulator that is monitoring the electrical system. If the regulator fails, the alternator will stop charging. The external regulators are better in a way as they are out of the way mounted to the frame away from the engine. Heat kills. One thing you should consider though, is the fact you actually downgraded your charging system from w
  6. I am quite sure the spiking voltage is due to a bad diode. I was having a similar problem a few years back, I would be cranking the system up, and then the voltage would spike and shut the amps in my car off. After swapping the alternator out, no more issues. That is a pretty sweet alternator, it does look like it is a bit bigger in diameter. Is that the problem with the fit?
  7. Very nice. Is it a custom 3g style case, or is it a Ford case? That would fit in my Escort. lol Not that I need something that big at the moment. "What did that set you back if you do not mind me asking?
  8. LOL Well, now people can read what you have said. FYI, your car has a built in regulator. It is the grey module attached to the side of your alternator. How you would hook this up incorrectly is beyond me, it plugs in one way and one way only. And to be honest, I have never had a regulator fail, typically it is the diodes in the alternator that fail. In this case, you are not in an over current situation, the alternator simply stops charging. And FWIW, you have a 92, I have a 90, and the original poster has an 05. All utilize a regulator.
  9. I am not sure how much spark control we have really. We can advance the timing, but the computer can still advance or retard timing. At least on my 1990 that has a knock sensor. In later years I know they were deleted for a period of time. The only way to to the engine properly on the older cars is pay a huge amount of money for a custom one off tune. Megasquirt would be the way to go, but the learning curve would be quite significant.
  10. ? O rly? The alternator's voltage is regulated, regardless of how fast that alternator is spinning it should not put out any more than the regulator allows. The alternator generates based on the conditions of the electrical system. You are not going OMG DESTROYZ TEH ELECTRONiCZ AND FRY ZE BATTERY! People with large audio systems require large alternators with small pulleys. Unless he went with a 16-18V alternator, nothing is going to be destroyed and blown up. Please research what you are saying before trying to instill fear of destruction. Guys with 6 300A alternators do not fry an
  11. take a piece of string and follow the path of the accessories. Use the exact same path the belt would take, and then measure the string
  12. About Bryan, how about you stop posting in this thread? We could argue that this should have been a pm too! And if you knew the meaning of "taken aback" then why would you call me out about being surprised? That it would be less manly to be surprised? Where is the logic in that?
  13. Bryan, I could really give two s**ts wtf you have to say. I was referring to ashleys comment, not yours! But that's how you role, thinking its all about you. And modifications to your cars? Who the f**k cares, seriously. I bet your mods are right on par with the guy who used to use to list tissue holder as a mod. And fyi, taken aback means surprised, not heart broken or disjointed.
  14. What happened withthe old build? You should do a write up so people don't spend money on a project that doesn't work out.
  15. Make your taurus 300HP lol.. HP problem solved!
  16. The comparison, keeping the taurus for another five years and it'll be worth nothing is not worth considering. The cadillac is going to be worth little after five years and another 50k miles either. Unless you do not winter drive it and keep it immaculate. They are nice cars, but they aren't rare by any means. Definitely not as common as a taurus. Why not do something to the taurus to make it exciting again?
  17. My intent was not to start a war here, and yes Ash could have easily added that it would be her opinion to move on because the rust is not worth fixing. It would have only taken a few more key strokes to do so. I was a little taken aback, but like I said it's not worth arguing about. Bryan, you've been a member on the TCCA for a good chunk of time. I Think i can count on both hands the number of posts of yours that were actually helpful. Sometimes interesting, rarely entertaining. What baffles me, is that after being a member on these forums for so many years, that you still do not get wh
  18. True enough but I didn't want to get into an argument. When lil red bomb first made her appearance eight or nine years ago (really has it been that long?? I guess we are all getting old?) She was not much better off than the 90.
  19. The rot is not incredibly bad. No holes in the floor, just the usual suspects, above the rear wheel wells. Needs new rocker panels. and some sheet metal behind them in the wheel well. Everything else, is bolt on (hood, front fenders, doors) I have a place I can do the work, thats not an issue. And actually referring back to your p/s pump thread, I do have the inner tie rods covered, have a brand new set that are attached to that steering rack.
  20. What the heck is that doing in this thread, it was late and I meant to put that in the donation thread in the news section. The swap to the 93+ accessories would not be very hard, and installing a 93+ alternator just requires a little bit of wire splicing. All and all I would give it a five out of ten for difficulty.But with the 93+ alt you would have a 130A charging system with OEM parts. Why do you need the car up so high to replace the rack? Technically I believe you are supposed to be able to do it without dropping the subframe. It will come out on the drivers side IIRC. I have a bra
  21. The dashboards really start to look hideous in these cars when they crack. Mine is super bad, definitely needs to be replaced or covered
  22. First week of may or so I'll be sending something your way.
  23. Unfortunately with our G1s we can't use an off the shelf UDP. We need to swap all the accessories to the 93+ which utilize a single serpentine belt.
  24. Did you complete this ? You need to drill the hole in the passenger compartment to put in the new mount. Following the instructions provided with the kit. I would replace both sides, and if possible use new bushings left right and top and bottom. It made a huge difference in the handling of my old 90 that they failed on.
  25. Damnit. Thats why it doesn't pay to be a lurker! All I remember was all the suspension mods, is it on this site or TCCA?
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