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  1. Hi all, My plans to restore the taurus have fell through. We are almost half way through the summer, and I haven't even considered what to do with it. It is becoming clearer and clearer that financial obligations are not allowing any wiggle room to pick up a part for the Taurus here and there as planned. The escort is going to need a tune up at some point in the near future, I coudn't possibly forsee doing any work on the taurus until at least next spring. Which is not going to be acceptable with the people who live where I am storing it. It is unfortunate, but I have decided to part it
  2. I much prefer working on the taurus over the escort any day... The 1990 I have is by far the easiest... I need to swap the alternator, but have yet to decide how to even start. the air filter is not simple to change, the oil filter, not simply to change. The only thing I have found that is easier, is the spark plugs and wires. THATS it.
  3. How can we tell if it is cracked? What years are interchangable?
  4. Oh s**t! I hate when that happens here.. Doing all the paperwork by hand then inputting it when the system comes back up. NOT COOL... lol no cash sales thouigh when that happens, we can't look pricing up.. guess thats a bonus lol
  5. Definitely going to be busy. Next week there is a upull em type all you can carry event. Might go and pick up some parts for the car. It is $60 all you can carry with your arms. If I load up a hood it is another $60... So theoretically, I could get different doors (if they are rust free) fenders, lights, bumper etc. They have a couple cars they do not list any damage on, which leads me to believe it could be a major component failure. The garage shown would be nice to work on the car in, but that driveway is where the majority of the work will be done, as it has been for the last few
  6. A run down of the things that need to be done. Body damage should be addressed first. Have found a place that I can get rocker panels, and doglegs. However, this does not help the rear quarter panels. May try and source a rust free 94 or 95. The wheel arches if i recall correctly, are nicer, and the panels are similar so they should transition into the quarter panels on my car nicely. As for the hood, doors and fenders, I am not too concerned, these are bolt on. One thing however that I am considering i upgrading the front end to a g2.. The frame is all the same, but I imagine it will
  7. Hi All, So I took some pictures of the 90 today. Wasn't sure if it was even gonna move... one of the back wheels locked up over the winter... got it broke free, and moved to a place where I do some work here and there. Took some pictures today. First, the sort of okay part. Now the worst part, the body damage Rust+Big bass does not go hand in hand so well. I developed this tear, that flapped along with the music, quite obnoxiously..
  8. He knew the rules while he was doing it... he deserves it.. If that is the rule of the land, and he knew about it. No sense bending the rules.
  9. What is the condition of the throttle position sensor? I dont think I have had this specific problem in my 90. But to me it seems like a fuel issue, goes from lean to having too much, or the computer is advancing spark based on some other variable it's receiving.
  10. The Gen1 has a map sensor with one vacuum line running to it, and one O2 sensor.
  11. All the shifting is controlled by the throttle valve cable. It must be for the cooling fan circuit.
  12. s**t! I remember this problem but I cannot remember what it was that caused/fixed it!!
  13. part of that could be the brake rotor moving back and forth a bit. as for the worn suspension, i would definitely have somebody look at the suspension parts while looking you are moving. i did the 6/12 test and thought it was a bad ball joint as a mechanic told me. However. i replaced the ball joints, and the play was still there. it was a very worn inner tie rod end. if the ball joints look bad replace em anyways, they very well could be original.
  14. I can't believe they got him. I never thought he would surface again. Definitely a good job on that one! But what about the radicals waiting in the wings to take over... that is extremely worrisome.
  15. LOL... Well it is possible you worded it correctly. I was at work so i did a quick read and a oh i went through this and the lighbulb lit up before i read to the end! lol
  16. If the car had been sitting for a while, it is possible the neutral safety switch could be dirty or has some corrosion built up on the contacts. This used to drive me nuts with my 90. I finally took to sliding the shifter up into park several times to work out whatever was in the way. Or try putting the car in neutral to see if it will start.
  17. I have the belt, how much for just the pulley then?
  18. We are all cheerful ! lol Good luck with the rockers. that should be fun!!!
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