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  1. 93 Hi Octane,,,,,,, hell never have run hi-test, so i guess its 93. I've always run cheapest fuel i can find ?? Effin oil companies are rich enough.....those dirty bastards.......lol
  2. To all out there dont buy a GF CHIP like i did ,,,,, its a piece of s**t and does nothing. SCT TUNERS has their s**t together with a hefty price, but i said the hell with it and had programed for 83 oct. and 97 oct gas. Guy said the most performance will be running high octane, which i have to reprogram car back to stock then to 97 oct. program
  3. well jw89sho it shifts like a effin race car.............lol
  4. Hell i would like to run against another vulcan that is stock to see what this flash tuner by SCT has done. I know when it shifts it puts you back into the seat. Night and Day difference on my car now................... Again sorry to piss in all of your oats today. Later
  5. Did add a SCT TUNER to my vulcan 02. Shifts are firm, runs way better, like a bat out of hell. Have'nt really checked gas mileage yet cause i cant keep my foot off the gas. DOES ANYONE think these firm shifts will hurt my tansmission ?
  6. Sorry if i offended anyone,,,,, but i say whats on my mind, and yes questions have been answered,,,,,,,,,, i think i had a bad day,,,,,,,, but you'll have days like that.
  7. LMAO............................... !!!!! Struck some nerves , huh ?...................lol
  8. Maybe its just me, buy i really dont think that all of you know what your talking about as far as the Ford Taurus, yes granted their are a few of you that do know your s**t, But it seems to me like that there are certain people who have their own little " click " in which you just bullsh*t about stupid s**t. IDK I just call it like i see it, so you can take it for what its worth......... not gonna hurt my feelings any..... I try to get a simple question answered from your so called knowlegeable members but cant get that have the time. Maybe i have had a bad day ! But ohh well !!!!!
  9. Thanks !! Worked out great for everytthing ! !
  10. What is involved in installing new rear speakers in my 02 Bull ? Haynes manual does'nt really give me much to go on !!
  11. This has happened 3x already , brake light would come on in dash , and i would have massive fluid loss on the right rear cylinder. Looking at the cylinder dead on the right side is pushing the left piston all the way out resulting in fluid loss. What do i need here. New brakes , adjustment of brakes, replacement of hardware or what ? ? ? ? I'm lost for ideas on this one. Guy at advance auto told me to disengage the abs and see what that does. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. About a week ago i lost nearly all of my brakes, saw fluid dripping out of the pass. right side rear wheel. So i commenced to pull the wheell off, and the wheel cylinder piston to the left had popped out of position. Went to Advance and put another one on, bled the brakes. Thought everything was alright till i went into town and my idiot brake light came on again. Pulled the wheel today, and again same problem , the left piston was pushed all the way out of the cylinder just like before. Now when my brakes are on the right cyl. piston is closer to the grooved piston arm whereas the left o
  13. I use a K/N filter just because it has the 1 inch installation and remove nut on the end of the filter . Plus i use Mobil 1 5w/20, running it for about 5000k miles between changes
  14. If your thinking of dumping the Dollars on this do it. Not sayin i could pour the smoke on the same car as mine , but i could give it a run for the money. I was skeptical at first, but now convinced.
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