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  1. They are not ready yet. still in testing. but my prices have been updated. i am confident they will be ready 5 months from now. I'll give more info and photos on each product after 4 months. If your interested let me know
  2. Prototype 4 is now in the car for testing. i'll let y'all be the judges on the output. If this design can hold to the in car testing. it will be the design i will use for the ones I'm going to sell.
  3. So when i get over my extreme laziness I'm going to install my LED cluster. i sine Gold is acting funny I'm going to set my plans back to leave town. so i got time to get the LED puddle done. they are extremely bright. lot more brighter then the incandescent puddle lights on ours cars. as for the quad projector retro i just been lazy.
  4. I have a s**t ton of them remotes laying around. your not going to want them anyway..... I'm ******* my keys. with that said. it should give a clear reason why i have so many.
  5. i"m making LED powered mirror lights. I'll be selling these after i test them in the car. they should been done a few months ago but Gold was down for the count for awhile. as for the bulb the OEM use it should be the same as the dome light witch is a 211-2B2
  6. vacuum related most deaf. the fact that you said you changed the spark plugs makes me think that you could of forgot to put something on or its too lose. was this happen before the work was done? with the hood open rev it bit to see if you can hear any hissing. if it is find the hiss and that should be the problem. them vac lines to get hard and crack.
  7. damn what junkyard was this?
  8. brown is means it getting too hot their could be other reasons to why its brown. i would change it and or flush it. some would say otherwise due it could be keeping things in place. you could use some "lucas transmission fix" to be safe. when oil goes pass its max operating temp it loses its lubricating and protecting properties.
  9. hope your planing on taking care of them dents/ sanding it out before painting it. just saying....
  10. Feels good working on my project list again. gives me something to do with all my new found free time. this one is making my head hurt. i don't have a lot of space i do not want to go outside the headlight. so i got to work with this little space to make a turn signal able to been seen 200 feet away in daylight. trying to follow the laws somewhat. My DRLs have been worked out. i came up with a deign for the turn signal, don't like it but it will work. i could try reworking my old one.... still in debate with myself about that.
  11. lol i got to repaint my bull. someone did a scratch N' run on the side of my car. might want to take care of that rust while its small.
  12. BIGCJ

    Hunger Games

    I really liked the second one.
  13. And i thought my garage was a mess....
  14. +1 stay quiet about this until it over.
  15. BIGCJ

    Hunger Games

    never watched the movie. but i did read all 3 of the books. didn't really get the last one.
  16. glad to hear your OK make. you should be able to win that case long as you got a good record. if its a company truck there is a very good chance that it has a data recorder in it. and GPS tracking. some even have cameras. some try to hide the fact that they have them system in the cars. to pen it on the one they hit. sine they insurance rates could go up if they are at fault. i seen it done many times before. i would talk with a lawyer about.
  17. LOL just a meeting place Not my first either, Gold use to eat rice in the late night..... lol Last part made my day. My Taurus was forced on me. could of been driver in a Jag..... but i love my bull now Anyone got any ideas
  18. NO no no no no no no! grey spoiler and mirrors. with a black hood and white car. And you know i hate multiple colored cars........ you did it to piss me off! lol i like the spoiler. i got little spoiler project in the works. but I'm staying tight lipped on it
  19. Well not much do around this time of the year. maybe a junkyard run or something. Hershey is pretty much in the middle so how the Giant on Fishburn Road, Hershey, PA?
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