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  1. I got to go up to the junkyard too. i like to go to the one in West Hazleton.
  2. if its the tec the 8th digit should be "S" the Vulcan is "U" and flex is "2"
  3. like Vash said i love working on the tec it can be a sometimes sine its tightly packed. i remember working on a few Vulcans back in my dads shop..
  4. well what I'm try to say is more like what Shady said. but the top end of the Vulcan is smaller then the Tec. sine it uses push rods and is not over head cams like the Tec
  5. lol the most power i saw on one of these car was 220hp at the wheels when you count power lost through the drive train thats around 250 or so. But this guy had a LOT of work done. exhaust. some porting and tuning
  6. that's the one thing i love about the Vulcan its simple and small witch makes it very easy to work on. unlike the Tec witch is bigger.
  7. its bullet proof almost. my car has the duratec in it. its has more power then Vulcan
  8. i can tell he really not to good with cars. motor mounts on a tec easy?? them things are a pain to get too and I'm putting that in a extremely nice word format..... its going to be a b***h when you see the bill if you got to pay someone to put them in. Damn 50HP off a K&N wounder what kind of tune he got. 10000K HID? that's too much. HIDs are OK in are housings but anything above 6000K is too much. i could rack on this guy all day but I'm going to cut it at that.
  9. That thing must be a rocket...........
  10. Damn moving the food chain. two cars and one a Porsche. when are you going to buy that Lambo?
  11. I did a swap in my 04 just a few months ago here the link maybe it will help you out a bit. gotta love these cars. mine took about 2 to 3 weeks to do. i had a lot of unexpected things happen that took a lot of time to get around. like trying to get a connecting rod out the side of the block. and trying to get a pulley off that seemed like it was welded in.... http://www.taurusown...etail-overkill/ feel free to ask for help. when in doubt....
  12. This is what i got done on the driver side so far. all i got is mount the E55 and install it. that's about 5 hours of work.
  13. Damn Devin can we get some photo resizing here?. lol they look new
  14. same it dose look like coolant. but i do see oil. check around the radiator hose to see if its leaking.
  15. puddle lights still work. Cleaned out the hole and put my new table in. Got 2 spoilers for free! the small one will go on the roof. the big I'm going to use to make the bottom part of my spoiler in my design Quad projector headlights coming soon....
  16. strip it out and put one of them 3.5 turbo and you'll have a kick ass race car.
  17. they are much brighter in person.i love them its been about 100 hours. right i'm working on deign for the diffuser. I'm going to try to get the driver side headlight done this month and ready for molding.
  18. I'll pass someone must of been sleeping in math class....
  19. it took like almost 4 weeks after the fact for me to get that....lol welcome to the blood club.
  20. What has been seen can't be unseen....... LOL i filled my tank up today with a full load in the back.... talk about SAS. it was like a low rider
  21. Both sides done now. </h6><h6 data-ft="{" type":1,"tn":"k"}"="" class="uiStreamMessage userContentWrapper"> Story to what i addressed in prototype 4. "Some modification required.... this is the passenger mirror. The last prototype failed after to 1 hour due to overheating. So I spent hours thinking of different ways to keep it cool. Completely getting rid puddle lamp housing was the most cost effective way of doing. It took days for me to think of a way to control voltage. In my lab my voltage is stable at 13 volts. But in the car it’s a different story. When it’s on voltage is not stable. it could be anywhere from 12.9 to 14.3 with spikes up to 14.8. Anything above 14 would smoke the LEDs without any protection. So were a driver would be good to keep the LEDs at a safe 12.5 volts when the car is on or off. But it’s not cost effective. So with back to the drawing board. I found resistors be a good way of controlling the voltage and keeping cost down." <h6 class="uiStreamMessage userContentWrapper" data-ft="{"type":1,"tn":"K"}"></h6>
  22. Whata Trying Say?!?!!! You sir are an Asshole.....
  23. +1 if you can find one. as for the tec you could use a standlone ECU most likely it won't play nice with a ATX.
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