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  1. It dosen't look right on my phone now....
  2. $6300 might be a little high for a car with a rebuild title. most times they go for half. but that is good work i got to say. i deal with cars that have salvage titles. i don't think i would of took that one. unless the price was right. fixing something like that is not easy.
  3. well it looks better then my set up. witch is on its way out. I'm going bigger.
  4. i spend a lot of time doing body work on my bull, but i lazy and have been trying to avoid fixing my passenger side..... some day i will do it. all in my bull is in good shape.
  5. well we lets do this next year. money starting to get tight again for me.
  6. We still down for this? 4600 N 5th St Hwy Temple, PA 1956 At 7AM on 17th November.
  7. damn i would love to have the engine out of that... and them wheels i would kill my self if i let my car get that bad. my bull is spotless with show room interior.
  8. Yeah they could of found a stock photo of that color, its wrong on so many levels to use that photo. breaking copyrights too. my $.02 i think Caine is sexy in that color, in fact i want a wagon in that color.
  9. LOL i didn't read this right. it shouldn't do effect your cig lighter. the fuse for that is 25 under the dash.
  10. no if it comes with the harness that goes to the battery its fine. its not ideal but they can be ran through the OEM light sockets.
  11. Thanks. I'm going make bezel for it maybe this weekend. couldn't find any other place to put it. but it just temporary next year. I'm doing a custom GPS system install.
  12. got my bull 3 years ago. it been fun time. i still remember the first day. i was so mad because Mom didn't buy me the Jag. but after a week i fell in love with the car. ever sine then its been good.
  13. Took Gold Nightmare to dads shop to change the tires out. yeah they were gone! then i beat up a few dudes and woke up in a trunk....... had to take a photo. LOL No i had to wire my amps again. its easier to just get in the trunk to do that. Then put a new radio in today Pain in the ass. had to rewire the turn on to the amps and power to the head unit. still not done i want to add more pre-amp cables Hit limits of the stock radio so i had to go aftermarket. Mids are so much better and my bass now blends with the music. But not when I'm being dumb like in the videos. this set up is temporary for now, oh yeah that cup was full
  14. Once shes in car, shes yours no need to get closer in the car you save that for the bed!
  15. No i love the v8! lol. I never use my CD player. i just use my smartphone sine i have AUX in my car. The Bench/ middle seat? The first thing i got rid of and the column shifter is next!
  16. so are we down for a meet at 4600 N 5th St Hwy Temple, PA 1956 in reading? on the 17th of November? lol i think starbucks closed. how about Pizza Como across the street from Sunoco just in case we need gas.
  17. going through Harrisburg is the easiest and quickest way to get there but is longer in terms of miles. Reading would easiest for all of us to meet up. from there its pretty much a straight shot.
  18. sure we talking about the same Reading here? West Hazleton,PA wouldn't be that far for you. but Reading? that's a drive.
  19. how about the 17th of November? meet in reading? there is a starbucks we could meet at on 4220 North 5th Street Highway Temple, PA 19560‎ its best to go around opening. witch is around 7AM
  20. how about Reading? Reading is right on the way that way none of waste gas.
  21. was enjoying the room in the back lol removed the seat belt to the gone center seat. Fix my missfire
  22. LOL last time i went they had a nice one in white. the car was in a roll over only thing that wasn't damaged was the bumper. November or late October would be best for me. I got to get my bull ready don't want to get stuck 100 miles away without access to my tow-truck. but she should be good.
  23. Bet he has a jack on the other side......
  24. they got lots of Gen 4s and 3s a few gen 4.5s. in all colors. as far as the prices i they are pretty good. its one of the best places i found that has a lot of Fords. here's their price list http://www.wegotused.com/wp-content/uploads/9-12-Harrys-Price-List.pdf
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