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  1. BIGCJ

    Junk Yard

    You mean fill every nook and cranny!
  2. Its brings tears to my eyes every time i see it.
  3. I'm pretty sure a Honda would out run that Smart police thing.....
  4. Waxed Factroy speaker wire was driving me crazy. so installed some 14 gauge and sepratated my MIds and Highs.
  5. A thread that creeps on bulll. What happened sine I was gone. Lol
  6. Lol wow, I'm on my phone right now. But Green Dragon or Saturday market would be a good place to meet. All kinds stuff. Hopefully I can. Get a lens so I can takephotos s
  7. I like Jimmer bull. this is just ugly. this was something I'm thinking of doing. but all custom
  8. But i'm sure he AND I don't want a photo of a beer........ And way happy birthday man
  9. must of had a party in the back...
  10. happy birthday man. just left the teens but already miss them.
  11. I had fast forward almost passed out.... I'm digging black hood
  12. Wow Devin what happen to the spam filter?? Back on topic. for that you could try to find one with good floors pans in a junk yard. i don't think they have replacement pans. if you got the right stuff you could make patches your self.
  13. Oh man Y pipe was a pain. My torch wasn't getting hot enough. i had to freeze them off with some stuff from advance. you seems like you had better luck with your engine then i did. Depending on your tools and space. its not always the best to pull it out the bottom.
  14. Had some fun with my Hondas The Acura won't even turn over. the Accord needs a new muffler. someone got hacksaw happy trying to make it loud!
  15. i see dollar signs to be made if i could get a hold of some of them 200,000 personal vehicles damaged
  16. I remember when the Pontiac Aztek came out. i was a kid. frist thing to come to my mind "box on wheels" Chevy Cavalier. Mom got one for free. thing was rusted like hell and the engine died after a year. Funny thing about it. when she got it it only had 10,000 miles on it. sat for years.
  17. Damn your young! lol thought you were older. happy birthday man.
  18. Yeah i had similar fun. only thing it didn't go as planed. turned out to be a waste.
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