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  1. LIGHTING!!!!!!!! LOL JK. nice car but that thing is way older then me old enough to be my grandpa
  2. i was so board today and a little mad. so just for a little smile and chuckle, i remove the cats. had it coming straight out the headers. ah good fun had a little ricer moment there. then after taking a drive around the block i put everything back on. don't want my car sounding like that. all the time lol. Here's a video
  3. my car needs a good wash, i haven't washed her in two months, i most times i wash her every week. Who knew changing the oil would be such a pain in the ass? The bolt is round at the top, someone really messed that thing up. that joint ain't coming lose. Guess got to take it to my dad's shop were i have some better tools, maybe then i can get it lose.
  4. Well its just a Duratec 30 i'm going to get it sleeved and i'll be using VVT heads i was going to try to put in a Duratec 35 but the main problem i have with that is the cost. The modified Duratec 30 with VVT heads will be much cheaper to buy and install. I'm most likely kill the transmission with the power I'll be making, but I'm looking into getting a cooler, i want to find one that can take my driving.
  5. This is laziness at its best. Only in America.
  6. I make my own backgrounds yeah I'm rocking windows 8, i hate it. yeah I'm a nerd. I'll admit it
  7. This is going to be my thread were I'll post all my projects for my 04 Taurus (aka: Gold Nightmare) instead of making a thread on each one. Project List Updated 3/20/12 Quad Projector Retrofit (Building Now) Led Tail Lights (Ready To Start Building) Custom Fog lights (Still In The Works) Custom interior (Most Parts Acquired) (building custom cluster now) Custom BodyKit (Still In The Works) Audio system overhaul (This One Ties Into Custom Interior) Engine Swap (Acquiring Parts) Turbocharging (Ready To Start When Time Comes) Custom exhaust (Ties Into Turbocharging) Suspension Overhaul (Still In The Works) Brake Upgrades (Still In The Works) Much, Much, Much, And Much More (Trust Me ) I will update this as i go along this list and as i get the parts. 3/12/2012 my main project is the retrofit witch i have started work on Left Side Headlight . I have already started cutting, this Friday i need to get another tool, then i need to do a little more cutting then i can making the brackets. will update on Friday
  8. BIGCJ

    Tax Refunds

    Well i got back $450 that was working at store, about 30 hours a week. the $450 is going into Taurus, i was going to buy another Taurus a 1995 wagon with it. but don't have time and the place to fix another car right now.
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