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  1. I remember back when i was around the age. i could sit on Dads motorcycle for hours. he even let me drive some of the big trucks we had. Well got the Explorer Running, It has a missfire witch i now know it is the spark plugs. Dash is mostly back to gather. Now i just got to reinstall the Alarm, replace the rear wiper arm, fix the doors. So they be can open from the Inside. Then the brakes..... I found the reason behind it not stopping. bad rotors. In between waiting for parts to come, i been working on the body. its very good shape no visible rust on the body. next week I'm going to paint
  2. yeah I know. Im not sure if I want ti raise it just yet.
  3. Thanks man I'll spending the next two days rewiring. Lol I was thinking about it. I might put some bigger tires on it.
  4. Made some good progress today. inspected the under body. checked the front brakes witch are new. So now i got to check the back. Also got the E-brake working! After finding some questionable wiring going through the doors and speaker wire hanging under the dash, i took it all apart. I'm going to redo the wiring the right way. This most def wasn't done by a professional...... Fire hazard?! GPS tracker is completely removed
  5. I found out my SUV had an code alarm installed. but something wasn't adding up. So i took the dash apart. and what i found was a black box. GPS tracker wired into the car. i'm guess who ever had it before me. was making payments on it. so the tracker was there to keep tabs on the ride. I removed it.
  6. Lmfao! Its more like Gold death trap right now. Complete with non working door handles
  7. So I got to take my Explorer out for a test drive. Ran great, but the brakes felt funny. towed it home. sine it does run kinda, we backed it off the truck, started pickup speed, hit the brakes to slow it down..... nothing! keeps on going. so now i try the E-Brake witch also doesn't work. I'm just glad nothing was in the way. got it in my shop safely. Wednesday I'm going to inspect the under body and find whats wrong with the brakes. It has a bad alternator but i found some other stuff that could also be keeping it from running right and charging
  8. too bad I'm broke..... And i enough cars, or do I. lol
  9. Man i was hopping to have my Taurus done this year. but it didn't happen. But Next year i'll be there!
  10. Things fail at the oddest of times. a lot can happen, when the engine is removed.
  11. So what in the world is this used for?! It would nice have a set up like that for my servers.
  12. Hopefully that is the case. only thing i can think of is something with the torque converter. or what Vash said.
  13. LOL i'm the one who needs a new GPU. Sine i got 2 displays 22in and a 15in. my GTX 460s be struggling. Last night i was board. So tried to Overclock a little more. I got up to 4.2GHz I think i can go higher.
  14. Wow i used to have a 650 watt, witch i blew up in epic fashion after getting a second GPU for SLI. i was going to get a GTX 470. but i was able to get GTX460 for just under $200. The next computer i build will be with more high end parts. I'll never hit 1500 watts. computers are getting more and more efficient.
  15. Oh dude! turn the computer on, and the lights dim and flicker! At my old house. I had to get a dedicated circuit put in just to run it. because it would trip fuses at turn on. The reason why i got it, was I wanted it to be future proof. Next computer i build will have more GPUs. Also i got a very good deal on it. I build this computer a few years back, to replace my toasted pentium 4 rig. depending on how it goes this year. I going to upgrade to a newer core i7
  16. Sine everyone is going nerd. Here's my rig Lapped Core i7 860 running at 4.1Ghz, gigabyte ga p55a ud4p, two Nvidia GTX 460, 4gb DDR3 OC2000Mhz, 2tb HDD, all powered by 1500 Watt PSU. pure overkill!
  17. yeah sounds like a vacuum leak. or a maybe a something with the air idle control valve.
  18. I was shocked by how well this one ran. i was planing on this one having a blown engine.
  19. Is the PATS working right? it could of lost the program. Almost try to jump it at the relay for the stater.
  20. Bought another ride. had to be a ford! for reasons unknown to me its the same color as Gold Nightmare. just a little more gold... Its kinda of runs. shuts off after minutes. its a very easy fix luckily.
  21. im going to cry. why it had to a Taurus and not a Honda? lol
  22. I smell something funny about this....
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