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  1. since i don't use the radio in my center console anymore and miss having a car with a floor shifter. i converted the column shifter to a floor shifter. other than the two studs and having to find another bracket for the cable on the transmission. the swap was pretty simple. all the holes and wiring were already there.
  2. Few weeks ago i finished up my current modifications. I wasn't expecting much from the 19mm. Caught me off guard when the car went sideways for the first time. It doesn't under steer as much and the back end feels way more planted compared to when it didn't have a rear sway bar. The brakes even had me saying wow. One of my biggest concerns was screwing up the bias and, or losing braking performance. Thankfully none of that happened. It takes a little more pedal effort, but it has little more bite in the rear. Stability under braking Is also improved, Some of that due to the suspension over
  3. Sine i can't do anything else until parts arrive. I finished up the brackets and completed left side disc brake conversion. Getting the holes right for the ABS sensor was probably the hardest part. I'm going to replace the shield later. Sine i can't stand all that rust! I'm far from done but i had to put the wheel back on just to get taste.
  4. A few years in the rust belt definitely hasn't help me one bit.Thankfully I'm done breaking seized hardware free, just a waiting a game now. I love a challenge, its what keep me going. Only thing is, I'm kind of hating myself for not getting 24/26mm combo when i had the chance too. But the 19mm should be enough for now. I spray painted that grill a year ago, I'm shocked by how well it has held up. Still looks like i just painted it!
  5. Its been awhile sine i gave a update. I'm currently in the process of overhauling the suspension. I was able get my hand on a set Eibach springs, witch is the reason for the overhaul. I'm also converting the rear drums to disc brakes. As of right now i have the front end almost done. I wasn't thinking and ordered 2 left side sway bar links, So now I'm just waiting the right side link to come in. The rear on the other hand... Well i have the sway bar in. Its a 19mm. I got one of caliper on, i still need to modify brackets for ABS. Then i just got to install the emergency brake cables.
  6. Its been awhile but I'm back now! This year I'm focusing lighting, aesthetics and suspension I'm ditching the quad retrofit for something different. The car's paint has seen better days, so i will be addressing that this year. the last thing i want to get done is adding a sway bar to the rear and swapping the front sway bar out. So far i added a mach 1 chin spoiler and i have centennial headlights that i will be modifying soon. how she looks now.
  7. Its no show car, but I'm going this year! i still have a lot of things that need done on the car. but I'll be there
  8. Explorer passed the Enhanced inspection. The day i got it back, My driver door wouldn't lock. The key cylinder didn't work. So i came up with a fix, using a leftover spring from the E-brakes. As i found out its a pretty common problem. After fixing that my Airbag light came on. I don't know what happen there. But i guess i will be spending my next day off finding that problem. Everything i had to modify, repair and the parts i had to make. I'm pretty sure it runs and drives, better than it did from factory.
  9. that's a nice, to fix up car and mod. if you could get it cheaper. I would buy it if was closer to me.
  10. I finally got the parking bake shoes today! I got one installed. I hate this design with a passion. I had to take apart the differential. Witch i was trying to avoid. My goal is getting it done this week. i still got a bunch of wiring to do. before i can take it to get the enhanced inspection sine its a salvage vehicle.
  11. I found Gold's twin! i found 10 others bulls in the same color, as mine. This was the nicest of them all.
  12. I really not a big fan of police and police cars. but this interceptor is sexy.....
  13. went to the junkyard a week ago. found band new rotors for the rear and the stuff below. hopefully this will be the last time i got to take this dash apart.
  14. 114,652 I guess it doesn't count sine I'm on the second engine and trans......
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