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  1. I have always set the parking brake, even with an automatic. My first car was a 1965 Corvair Monza with that miserable two-speed Powerglide transmission. As if crappy range weren't enough, the transmission had no Park range. No parking pawl. One set the parking brake to keep the car from rolling. Ever since, I have set the brake.
  2. Put NOS taillight lenses on the wagon, to replace those with the hairline splits and cracks in them. Funny how something that basic can make the back end of the car look so much better ~ (Thanks, Nick!)
  3. Looks OK, it IS a SHO right? I tend to go the undertatement route too. One of the many rats I owned in high school/college just for the fun of having it was a 1965 Ford Custom (the bare-bones Galaxie base level)which was SO base it didn't even have the Galaxie rounded-rectangle taillight lenses new for that year....just extruded aluminum trim surrounding plain round taillights. It didn't even have a radio or an automatic transmission, just a four-speed mated up to a 427 with dual quad carbs. Gas mileage was abysmal but gas was 28¢ per gallon, no big deal. Good thing tires were cheap, too. I
  4. Wow. Thanks! I love what you've been doing with the '87, and thought you were the expert. I appreciate your opinion, man.
  5. Despite my slowly-recovering, hurting back, I couldn't go another day without getting my replacement rear bumper mounted. I took advantage of my son's afternoon visit today to finally get things fixed. The old one was plain black, and cracked/broken beyond repair thanks to the parking-lot A-holes. This looks a bit better! :D
  6. Ahhh....the Tempo. We've owned four of those, three four-bangers and a V6. Every one of them needed a coolant pump when we bought them. Probably because the engine needed to be unmounted and jacked up just to get the clearance to change the damned things - or, more accurately, just to get the wrist room to find the mounting brackets by Braille and remount them the same way. The six was the worst. Never could stop that stupid return line from leaking even with double O-rings and an extra bracket to hold the pipe in place. That design looked like a grade-school project.
  7. Removed the alternator belt and serp belt to isolate the rumbling noise I've had developing on the front of the engine. Been keeping my fingers crossed it was "only" the coolant pump bearings, and not the camshaft having spun a bearing. Never thought I'd be so happy to find so much play in the pump shaft!
  8. Really?? Never would have guessed about that. I will have to look for a set. I assume they are interchangeable....anything to reduce the wind noise over the driver's window frame....
  9. Mine's not exactly what I'd call high mileage but I come from a Nash/Rambler/Volvo/Saab family and Dad almost always had at least one car over 200,000 miles. My Taurus was bought with 74,000 miles on it in December 1997....has 185,000 miles on it now....it still runs well with the original drivetrain and exhaust system. Transmission was rebuilt, DAACO-style, six years ago at 168,000 miles; otherwise all is as it was when it left the factory. BullGeek can testify for its roadworthiness - I just drove up to Blythewood last month to pick up some parts from him. It's a real honey of a highway crui
  10. Only problem with the Gen1 seats was that the foam started to sink into the spring-wire grid. There was a plastic coating of some sort on the bottom of the foam where it sat on the grid, but it didn't/doesn't stand up to extended ownership. Disassembling my original driver's seat tipped me off to the problem, and I not only used several thicknesses of plastic between the foam and grid on my new power seat but when I rebuilt the manual seat I did the same for it. The difference is amazing. These seats are great. They just needed some more reinforcement....but, then again I doubt anyone at Ford
  11. Oh yeah, this is what I did to my wagon a few months ago. Be prepared for envious questions from all and sundry.
  12. I would just put new heads on the short block. You get new heads and a short block dealer-maintained. Hard to beat that.
  13. FINALLY finished the rear bumper for the wagon, to replace the disintegrating original. I hope to install it tomorrow. Took a few photos for my project diary, hope some of you might like seeing a Gen1 wagon rear bumper in one piece at all - let alone refurbished. It's not perfect, but I'm tired of doing stupid things when I'm 99% there so I will live with how it came out! I was surprised at how easily the step pad was able to be pushed into the mounting holes in the top of the bumper, but then again I put the pad out on the driveway in our 85° mid-day heat for a few hours to soften up the exp
  14. Don't worry about that. Most Orientals on the West Coast ARE horrid drivers. A friend of mine on the Snohomish County Sheriff's Dept. told me years ago that Asians caused 70% of the accidents in the county and could show me the stats to prove it. I used to work on Capitol Hill in Seattle (E. John St.) and my boss had an expression he used every time we heard a collision (two or three times DAILY) - DWO - Driving While Oriental. He wasn't the only one.
  15. I remember Ike and Mamie, and admire her for being the last First Lady content to not have a cause or an axe to grind and be in the limelight all the time. I don't vote for First Ladies and resent all of the money that they have come to spend doing little to nothing of any import.
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