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  1. Hello Everyone!!, After a long absence I am back, sadly school and my jobs have kept me away from here. Anyway, Carro de Muerte has sadly passed away, see my new reintroduction thread for details. Anyway I now have the red 2001 Taurus SES that I have previously said was my fathers. Just putting in a new project log for it, haven't done anything to it yet but planning on transferring over the LEDs from Carro and the AUX input first then who knows.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm back and sadly it is again because I need guidance with respect to Carro de Muerte. Overall everything is running well, except that when I step on the brake pedal it goes down really easily (compared to how it behaved in the past) this is accompanied by a longer braking time(still stops though and pumping 2 or 3 times helps), and a hissing noise like air mattress of inflatable thing is being deflated, the reservoir is full and the fluid appears good. I did some research but I couldn't find anything exactly in line with my problem, from what I can get from them is that Carro needs a new brake booster and/or to have his brakes bled and refilled and/or there is a leak in the brake system somewhere, but if there was a leak shouldn't the reservoir be empty? Also more fun, my mom is (obviously) worried so i'm taking him in to our mechanic on weds I would just really like to have some clear idea on what (and how much) to expect. Thanks in advance for the help, Patrick P.S. I feel bad that I haven't yet posted anything helpful even though this forum has helped me so much, so look for a write up on the wiring of foot well LEDs.
  3. Do you think we could get it started by jumping it or will we need to full on charge it? Also I think you guys have (as usual) nailed it, I forgot to mention it because it slipped my mind but when I whent outside that morning his trunk was open, I don't know for how long but it must have been long enough for the trunk light to drain his battery.
  4. Hey everyone, First of all, both Carro de Muerte and I have survived sandy with no lasting damage! Now the problem is actually with my Dad's 2001 taurus, its still relatively new (to us) and was just in the shop a couple weeks ago, in fact he drove it yesterday. Today when he goes to leave he says the car will not start, after taking him my mom asks me to look at it. All the lights work, everything seems fine I turn the key and it will not turn over just makes this clunking noise and I believe the engine light flashes in time to the clunks I recorded the clunk if that helps unfortunately it starts 7 sec in though Once again thank you all for your help in advance!, -Pat
  5. Hey, So my parents are looking to junk the '97 Dodge Grand Caravan my dad has been driving, since the trans is shot to hell, and rather then randomly try salvage yards I thought I would see if anybody has any recommendations. Our Hope is to get $500 or so mainly because it has 4 tires that are barely a month old (and most of that month was spent sitting in the mechanics while he figured out what was wrong with it). Obviously a yard in Jersey is desired, and one in north or central Jersey would be preferable Thanks in advance!!, Patrick
  6. Hey, So, upon getting Cutter back from the mechanic I'm informed that my rear passanger side strut is going to need to be replaced fairly soon. Now I was thinking that if I buy the strut myself, maybe I can save some money and only have to pay my mechanic to put it in. I was wondering what the general concensus on this was as well as which strut model or make or whatever I should look for. As always thanks in advance for the help!!
  7. That explains it. Thanks for the help. If only it said that in the manual, and not something about kilometers or whatever.
  8. Hey, So after Cutter failed inspection I took him to my mechanic so he could fix the emissions(reason he failed) and get that dam check engine light to turn off (auto fail in NJ if it's on). The mechanic cleans up Cutters exhaust system tells me to drive him until the top odometer (which he reset to zero) reads 50-60 or the light comes back on. I start driving it and notice that the top odometer already reads 2 by the time I get him home. The mechanic is 3 maybe 4 blocks from my house and definitely not 2 miles, owners manual mentioned kilometers but that doesn't make sense either. My question is, Is my top odometer busted ? and if not what unit of distance does it measure? P.S. brought car back to shop yesterday(week after 1st brought it, its still there) Thank you all very much in advance for any and all help!!!! -Pat
  9. The plan is to wire a switch between my add a circuit and the the wire i wire my leds to I was thinking of working it like all the leds (i have 4 seperate strips) spliced into 1, or 2 18 gauge wires that will run to the switch and from there to the under steering column fusebox
  10. Thanks man, btw anything i should be careful about in hooking up my leds? Dont want to fry my car or me
  11. I am planning on hardwiring some leds for the footwell/underdash area, i have the add a circuit and all for the power, and i know that i need to ground the - wires and that to do that i attach them to a metal part leading to the car's frame. However, if anyone knows of any good grounding locations for a 1997 Mercury sable GS it would save me a lot of time, and perhaps keep me from hurting my back again lol. Thanks in advance
  12. I think i pulled a muscle or something in my back yesterday while checking out Carro de Muerte's interior fuse block. Found it though

  13. I found out what the thing that is missing is called, it's a grille/hood emblem i thought i uploaded the pics to my computer............not i just need to find them Edit: Found it, Its that black circle on the chrome surrounding the grille right between the turn signals. Pretty sure I'm just going to have to hit up Junkyards but anyway thought i would clarify
  14. Hey all! So, when I went out today to get something out of Deathcar/Cutter I saw again that he has no hood ornament. Sure it's a little detail especially considering he is multi-colored but it got me thinking if anyone knows how I could either find a new Mercury emblem (haven't had a chance to check JY yet) or what i could use to fill that weird hole lol. Also i was searching and some of the older Mercury emblems have i think a more upscale look than the 1997 logo so any thoughts on finding and attaching a reproduction of a classic logo to him would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!!
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