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  1. That is right it'sthatcar. I built my first strut bar for my 1967 Mustang. I saw it on the TransAm series Mustangs, and so duplicated it for mine. I have one on the Focus wagon (SVT-WGN) and it does stiffen the body so the suspension can keep the wheels on the ground. Some of the Focus hatchbacks even put an equivalent bar across the rear suspension towers to stiffen up that end. That I have not done. If you take an empty beer can, it can stand a fair amount of compression. Put a small dent in it, and it collapses almost immediately. That is the thing with unibody construction, it crumples ea
  2. On my old Generation 4 wagon, I used a set of 17 inch rims with P225/55R17 tires. No rubbing, fantastic handling. When I installed this set on the 2001 Taurus sedan, there was rubbing (especially in the rear wheel well.) I have never tried 18 inch rims, but using the same math/formula, the recommended tire would be P225/45R18 for this size.
  3. It is times like these I am annoyed with living in Canada. I can stand the weather (cold and dry); I can stand the scenery (flat, flat and flat); I can stand the boredom (I won't even attempt to list these); but I am constantly frustrated when it comes to finding aftermarket speed or other performance equipment (there just ain't any and what there is, is unbelievably expensive.) If you can't fabricate it yourself, be prepared to spend money, lots of it. Oh well, will have to wait until I can make another swing through your country (and hope our dollar improves). Thank you for responding young
  4. Thanks Vash. I am going to let this deal pass (close to $200.) It also is not quite the spoiler I thought it was (looked up photos on eBay.) Will keep my eyes open for the Mach style others have used.
  5. Help. Need a quick answer. Will a 2005 Mustang Chin Splitter (Part Number 0511-7016-01) fit a generation IV Taurus? And if yes, how much is a fair price? Have a chance to buy one locally.
  6. I guess my memories are a bit dated. Last time I was in France was 1970 and 1971. My aunt and uncle thought I was very "local" when I rolled down my window, shook my fist and shouted "Sacré Parisien!" at the driver that cut me off. But yeah, this is now more a Québec patois than France. (Our Québécois are more French than the French.) The French on the other hand are copying the English. Also, I do not think I misunderstood your comment. Snow once every eight years is just not fair. This is like me commenting that our last big earthquake was magnitude 4 on the Richter scale sixteen years ago
  7. That ain't nice. In fact your gloat "The last time it snowed was 8 years ago" is just downright mean. One thing I learned from my travels is how to swear in many languages. English speakers usually swear with sex (probably some Victorian era inflence) or bodily functions of elimination. Like "F N weather." The French use religion, Tabernacle, Sacre, Crisse. Ukrainians refer to disease: холера (pronouncec kholera). And those in the Middle East curse, such as "May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits." So with that in mind, "May your transmission fall out in the middle of rush h
  8. Just back to check. Wow. You got it. Yeah, door cards, door panels, whatever they are called. The first time you remove them is a bit frightening. Perhaps go to a junkyard and ask if you can practice on a wrecked one first. There are little plastic tabs as well as a thin film of sticky stuff. If you don't want to root around in the wrecking yard, go to a auto-body shop and ask one of the young guys to remove your worst panel. He will unscrew the arm rests and then he should pull out a flat, hooked tool and quickly unsnap the panel. Once you see how that panel is removed, you can do the others
  9. Where to begin. Ah-h-h to be young again. This from an old geezer who started driving back in the 1950's. First mistake, we are all newbs, so do not put yourself down. Since I have not experienced this problem (maybe the eyesight is going too), my advice is definitely limited and should be taken with a grain of salt.. When I want to glue items together I usually use contact cement. Spread a thin layer on both sides or surfaces and allow to dry. Then carefully align edges, etc. (use a piece of paper between the two surfaces to prevent premature sticking) and then press together. Laminate on th
  10. One of the reasons I like the Taurus is that the block heater cord is permanently mounted in the lower grill. Even more important is it has a spring loaded cover when it is not in use. The only complaint is I have to "say my prayers" to plug in because the male end is mounted so low and out of the way. Newer Fords (Fusion, etc.) have the block heater mounted at a more reasonable level. The end is also covered with a built in spring door. So here is my question. Does your Taurus have a block heater, with the end hidden under the grill? Or is this a Canadian thing?
  11. Okay the clues: 1. Bought a "car". That eliminates trucks, vans, SUV's, motorcycles from the mix. 2. Has overhead cams. Okay, sure, most engines today are overhead cam. Only helps eliminate the Corvette. 3. Produced on the North American Continent. Not a great clue, as many of the Japanese and European manufacturers have assembly plants here. It does eliminate BMW because their only product is the SUV X series. That still leaves Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, and Honda. 4. Unwritten hint. By posting here, it would imply a Ford. Considering the number of anti-Toyota, etc. "signatures" you woul
  12. I am not clear exactly what you are looking for with this request. However, even though like Sergeant Schultz in Hogan's Heroes, "I know nothing" I will still offer my two cents. Back in the early 1990's, I attached an external antenna to an analogue bag cell phone (motorola). I used a magnetic mount and placed it dead centre on the roof of the Aerostar and later the Taurus wagon. The ground plane of the roof gave me fantastic reception. This was back in the day when there were only two cell towers between home and the big city. I ran the cord to the B pillar, behind the driver seat and to t
  13. Still comparatively little snow around here. Clear and cold, minimal wind. Temperature is near - 40°C (which coincidentally is also - 40°F. I took the Taurus out for a short drive in order to warm up the engine and transmission. With the hoar frost still around (no wind and cold since Christmas) I snapped a few photos with the old phone. These two elevators represent the old and the new grain delivery points. The old one is the Burton Lake elevator (located, obviously, on Burton Lake). The new concrete Richardson Pioneer one is located on Annie Lake (frozen over.) The above photo is to
  14. Christmas morning. Clear and cold. Note the amount of snow (very little). The past week the temperature was at or near freezing, and dead calm, so the high humidity sublimed out as hoar frost. The Taurus wagon (SHO-WGN vanity plate) is a little dirty, but will have to wait before I wash it (and have everything freeze up solid.)
  15. Thanks Spridget for the link. I like the result (yah'all thunk) as I have dropped sizeable, obvious hints as to how I lean. But with him selling (or trying to) I am with Thub. You want it, you pay. Most people do not want a wagon, so will pass. In other words, how much are you willing to pay for what you want? Brian_05_SEL was right on with "people really need to learn that the cost of work put into one of these one-off projects can't be expected to be paid back when selling it." My answer just weakly seconds that motion, not that much. Sorry. For what it is worth, here is my other ride (and
  16. Click the photo to find out if you are a Ricer or a Tuner (thanks to Car Throttle for the video.)
  17. Happy birthday to both of you. Actually Jeff is just into middle age (that crisis time when the urge to buy a little red sports car rears its head). Only one, the one, Chart is at 75. And a happy birthday to DerbyDave (36). Statistically, in any group of 23 or larger the probability two people share a birthday is better than 50:50 - just 70 are needed for the probability to be 99.9% if you are interested.
  18. Damn Ford. They keep changing things. Looking at your Continental strut bar and it appears different compared to mine. Do any of them swap and fit on a Taurus Generation 4? If yes, which ones? Strange happenings elsewhere as well. Being close to the holidays, my son reminded me of the practical joke I pulled on him ten or so years ago. I had just purchased the red Taurus wagon. I emailed the son and told him I was in midlife crisis and splurged to buy a little red car for myself. I gave him some of the particulars:four wheel independent suspension, four-wheel disk brakes and DOHC (four valves
  19. Time to add some new videos. АВТО ВИДЕО (Auto Video) This is a the second anniversary collection of close calls. Having driven in Russia, it is not quite as bad as the video makes out. If you had sound as well as video, the guys going through the red lights would be heard with their characteristic police "bee-bah" horn (rich guys install these horns and then drive as if they were the police.)
  20. Rebuilt status. Sometimes good deal, especially if you intend to drive it forever. A poor deal if you ever want to upgrade (i.e. trade it in). CarFax (or equivalent) could be your friend. Another thing, up here, some rebuilders have taken two write-off units and welded the front half of one to the rear of the other. A body integrity check fails (at least in Saskatchewan). Check, double check and then test drive. There is always a reason someone is selling (and it ain't because he luv's ya.)
  21. TaurusKev, let me suggest an alternative. When you are ready to build/buy a home, please feel free to ask and pick my brain for ideas. Some thirty-three years ago, when my father and I built our house, from scratch, we incorporated a number of energy conserving ideas. Double wall construction, airtight vapour barrier, and a few other details means my annual heating bill is under $400 - that is not a misprint, $400 for the whole year. More importantly, if the power should ever go out, I know we will not freeze. My youngest son, almost twenty years ago, thought the house was too warm near the e
  22. Oops, old age strikes again. I was going to ask how much the yard was asking for that 1971 Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia. Then got side-tracked (so easy to do on this forum) by the weather. The bet? A cup of coffee next trip down your way.
  23. First of all, relax guys. It will be warmer this winter. This cold snap (up here we call it a polar vortex; before that it was called an Omega block) is caused directly by the hurricane (Typhoon Nuri) near Japan going a little further north. The odds of another Typhoon ending up there this winter are slim. Willing to bet November temperatures will be the coldest we get this winter. In fact, Buffalo and the eastern seaboard seems to be getting the brunt of the crap weather. Michelin X-Ice snow tires and traction control on the Taurus wagon are making me too cocky for my own good. Just pulled
  24. TaurusKev. I like your comment. I wish car manufacturers listened to their customers, even obliquely (through monitoring forums like this one.) Some ideas are good, some not so much. Even with the constraints of the bottom line, improvements could be made. For example when we had the Aerostar (four boys and a mother-in-law made it necessary) two of my complaints about that vehicle were replacing headlights and changing tires. I had installed Cibie headlights and was using 80/100 watt bulbs. Great lighting, superior in every way to the stock sealed beam system, except the bulbs burned out on a
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