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  1. ANY chrysler product is a joke today. They are the most unreliable brand there is.
  2. I remember my father always had an "emergency ignition module" thing to go on the truck if/when it died. It was a little box that would get you home. Pretty cool.
  3. When I first bought my Cherokee, I tried adjusting the TV cable. It hadn't been adjusted in 11 years. First time I tried, it was a disaster. The adjuster was froze and I wasn't able to press the gas medal more than 1/3 way down. Then it'd shift crazy hard (thinking my foot was on the floor). They take a bit of work to work right.
  4. The cars are pretty much unserviceable aside from oil changes. I would, however, look into getting the automatic transmission fluid changed. Even though Ford says lifetime fill, and the newer 6F transmissions are leagues ahead of the older 4 speeds ... it is still not a bad idea
  5. Bubbling in a system like the Tauruses have is almost always a cracked head / blown head gasket.
  6. Greaseable and non-greaseable ball joints are just like greaseable and non-greaseable u joints ... they are made differently. You can "grease" a non greaesable ball joint by using a needle grease attachment and poking it through the boot (the hole is small enough it won't damage anything) but ... that won't gain you anything as the lubrication needs to happen on the inside.
  7. Correct. If you have a cable running to the throttle you do NOT have a drive by wire system. Be thankful!
  8. Good news! The 2013 Fusion is no longer the ugliest 2013 model!
  9. I have Geico $590 is my 6 month premium. Full on my 2011 Focus and liability on my 2000 Cherokee.
  10. How is your insurance so much!?!?!?!?
  11. Is there something in the picture that we should be aware of? Something out of the ordinary.
  12. It's a Chrysler product. Complete piece of unreliable garbage.
  13. It sure is ugly. But hey, good news is, you can't hurt yourself driving it. Probably won't stay running long enough to get above 60.
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