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  1. Currently without power. Will leave house when I know traffic lights work. Afraid to leave when they do not have power because everyone here treats them as green lights. Yep my car went off the road for the second consecutive year in the same spot!!
  2. I was not sure... was I supposed to respond on here? I do not believe it said that anywhere!!! I did respond to the famous and handsome Mr. Nick 'town car' Myers himself. And Alexis has a friend visiting so she may be busy doing other things. I have work off so I will unfortunately be hanging around!!
  3. Car looks good! Nice touch adding the spoiler. Not many have it.
  4. There are a few Lizard's Thickets... and I do not know of any affected!! And NOOO SANDY Please come!!!
  5. There is still risk of rain and flooding again today. Too early to know what is going to be usable for us to travel on this weekend. Just so happy we are not flooded out.
  6. Nick and I are good. Yes the junk yard is under a ton of water, and a lot of areas surrounding us are bad, but we are safe, Nick's fleet and my cars are safe, and we are not under water.
  7. Too bad there is not a SC meet or anything happening anytime soon...
  8. Figured I might as well make a little thread on this one since I did for my last beater...How terrible of me to not post about my new Sable. Acquired for a measly $800, I present to you the upscale grocery getting beater. I want to keep miles off the Fusion. It's a 2005 Sable LS Premium with the platinum package. It has two tone gray leather (perforated stopped for gen 4.5), A SPOILER, the aluminum bezel, special wheels, and a painted front grille instead of chrome. Has traction control too, and all the other things an LS sable typically has... sunroof, power driver seat, EATC, Mach with CD changer, keypad, heated mirrors with puddles, autolamps, foglamps, and the 3.0L Duratec... my first DOHC bull. 139400 miles upon purchase...Newer tires, cold cold AC, responsive brakes, drives perfectly straight and suspension does not clunk like on my old beater! Now...why I got it so cheap... needs some exhaust work, a battery, and a windshield. Otherwise, needed a good cleaning inside and out to be up to my standards for a beater, although it is pristine inside! Bezel is not dinged and the leather is so perfect! Not sure how long I will keep it...The car has seen salt (was a student's car who is from Michigan) hence the rims being flaky and a bit of surface rust. But this is the first bull I have owned in a long long time that does not have any ROT! WOOO! What a feeling! Here are the initial pictures... Thanks to Bull Geek for his free storage and help! Seller Pictures: So yep.. back in a bull. I just cannot stay away. Here is the part that I ordered off rockauto. This is made for 2000-2007 OHV and DOHC cars with flexpipes that break. All 2000-2007 can take the same rear cat, but instead of replacing the whole cat, this part is designed to address this common failure. $18 for this part vs $130 for the whole catalytic converter. I also got a battery cheap at work... an Optima Red Top for less than $50 putting out 950CCA. Could not go wrong. I love ignorant customers who think their battery is 'defective' when they have cars that actually have the problems. Also did a fast headlight clean up... I will refrain from saying 'restoration' because it is far from it and not my best work. But still, it is an improvement. Yes, there are parts in the house... the girlfriend was away for the weekend. Do not tell her. So, I gave the car a thorough cleaning inside, and WOW did it clean up extremely nice. Never fails... any car I buy... the previous owner spills some kind of soda or coffee everywhere. For having 140k on the body, this thing is NICE! Yeah, yeah... wood shifter is gone.. do not worry. Before is on Left, Right is the proper color. That was after a proper scrubbing.... I spent hours on it. It does need some more work, but it is now legal... in SC. It will eventually need a radiator... stupid coolant leak. But the new flex pipe is on!! DURATEC WOO After I got it back to my place, I gave it a thorough washing outside too. This car has been sitting underneath a tree for a while (previous owner's fault) and had a ton of dirt and crap all over the place. Well here are a few before pictures. And here is a nice shape 2005 Sable LS platinum with awful wheels that are being removed very soon. The Fusion has been demoted from daily driver status... a little jealous... So yep. There you have it. Put about 300 miles on it so far!
  9. Aww, I have always liked this car. Good luck with the sale.
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